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May 26 - June 2, 2012 From Reality to Fantasy

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Trip Reports' started by Dawncala, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. linco711

    linco711 Mouseketeer

    I second that suggestion for 7 mile beach. One of my favorite beaches! Even DH who is not fond of beaches enjoyed our day there.:goodvibes
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  3. steph5377

    steph5377 Disney Fanatic from NYC

    I also did the 7 Mile Beach Break excursion, and I recommend it as well. When you get to the beach, a lot of people tend to stay in the same area, but you can spread out. The only people in our area were the people on the excursion so the beach was not crowded at all. Lounge chairs and water are provided and we spent about 3 or 4 hours on the beach. There is also a small restaurant/bar at the beach. They made excellent fruit smoothies and margaritas. Wish I was there right now!
  4. Shannon84

    Shannon84 Mouseketeer

    Just found your trip report, going back now and catching up and really enjoying it!! :thumbsup2
  5. STLEdge

    STLEdge Member

    Last fall on the Dream we did the Detective Agency game on boarding day (before the lifeboat drills) - it wasn't very crowded and we found that it was a great way to "learn" our way around the ship. Since it was our first cruise of any kind, it was nice to learn where the elevators and stairs were and what the general layout of the ship was. Plus, there were only one or two times where we had to wait at all to get access to a piece of art!
  6. zimaaaaah

    zimaaaaah Member

    Just now reading and loving your report! We decided to book a Fantasy cruise for next July, and your report is just what I need to keep reminding myself it WILL get here eventually.
  7. Dawncala

    Dawncala Collector of magical memories and pixie dust

    Hello Erin,

    Yes, when you purchase the CD all the photos are on it. The exceptions are the photos that face recognition doesn't catch like the Aquaduck and pre-cruise terminal character photos. I bet you can ask the Shutters staff to put them on there though if you find them early enough in the cruise.

    Yes, with the 10 photo option you pay roughly $15 per photo to own each high resolution digital photo. Then you can print them at home, or with any service, in any size you want and as many times as you want. (at your own expense of course) To buy one physical 8x10 print onboard costs $20.

    I did a little research and found the other package prices. 20 photos is $249 and the "all-photo" package is $349. With each package the cost per photo gets cheaper. ($249/20 = $12.45) With the $349 all-photo package it would depend on how many photos you have. Everyone is different. We had 44 photos on our disc, but many were virtually repeats. If we did get the $349 package it would have made each photo $7.93. We never would have printed every one of them so that didn't make sense for us.

    Definitely check into having all the photos from both cabins go into the same account so they are on the same disc.

    Have a wonderful cruise!
  8. Dawncala

    Dawncala Collector of magical memories and pixie dust

    Thank you for adding this additional info. I completely forgot that you could come and go from the game as often as you want, and I actually didn't know that you could play the same game card again.

    Taking a photo of the door & call board is an awesome idea. DH is going to kick himself when I tell him that tip. He and DS just ran back and forth. :rotfl2:
  9. Dawncala

    Dawncala Collector of magical memories and pixie dust

    BINGO (Not!)

    DD’s one big request when we cruise is that she would like to play Bingo. Lots and lots of Bingo. DH and I have one condition. We told her that we’d pay for one time and then we’d play again if she won enough to pay for it. Since DS had run off to the Edge we agreed to take DD to play. (DS is not a bingo fan)

    Note: You have to be 18 to purchase the Bingo cards and children must be accompanied by an adult to play, but it is fine for a child to call out Bingo and take credit for the win. The winnings go on the adult’s room card though.

    Before the games got started I stepped away to get something from the cabin. When I got back I was surprised to find DH up on the stage. He had just won a random raffle drawing. It was a bag filled with DVC logo items and an Aulani inspired print. (We ended up having the same Aulani print show up in our room as a DVC member perk later in the cruise).

    DH brings back his surprise winnings.

    On past sailings we have purchased the more expensive Bingo package with the electronic Bingo console. I have to say it is a pretty cool device because it comes with a lot of cards and it monitors and marks them all for you. You just have to watch the screen and scream Bingo at the right time. It’s a very convenient way for children, who are too young to use the punch cards, to be involved. We decided to keep the cost down, and go the old school route this time, so we only bought a pack of regular paper punch cards. Then we ordered smoothies and settled in for the four scheduled Bingo games. Unfortunately we did not win. But we had fun with DD so that is what counts.

    DD keeping a close look at her cards.
  10. Dawncala

    Dawncala Collector of magical memories and pixie dust

    The Family Friendly Magic Dave

    I really wish we could take photos at the shows so I could remember more about them. Sadly I can’t remember very much about this show. I know that Dave kept it family friendly and that the kids really loved him. He definitely played to them.

    I also vaguely remember one skit where he asked for a parent and child to help him on stage. DS tried so hard to get Dave to notice him and DH, but we were sitting kind of far back. Dave ended up picking one of the boys DS was friends with in the Edge and his dad. It turns out DH dodged a bullet here, or more accurately, a whipped cream pie. The skit ended with the boy’s dad getting one right on the kisser. DS was in stitches.
  11. Dawncala

    Dawncala Collector of magical memories and pixie dust

    Crushing on Crush: Dinner in Animator’s Palate (part 1)

    Animator’s Palate is the restaurant I was most thrilled about dining in. I think it has the most creative theming and it’s here where I feel the biggest Disney vibe. It just has a great energy. I tried to take photos of as much as possible on the way to the table, but to really see everything I would need to come back another time and just walk the perimeter of the room without all the diners in there. Every wall had shelves and posters and drawings, and every shelf was filled with books and maquettes and other mementos from favorite movies.


    Artistic compass on the floor outside the restaurant.


    Sketches on the walls in the restaruant lobby.


    Items from some favorite Pixar movies.

    A view of one small section of the dining room fully lit.

    Stylish Mickey inspired dining chairs.

    Note: First night in Animator’s Palate is the Crush interactive show. The second night is the new Animation show. I’m not sure what they do in there for families with a third seating.
  12. Dclnut143

    Dclnut143 Earning My Ears

    Third night is usually pirate night and there are pirate pics on the wall:)
  13. linco711

    linco711 Mouseketeer

    Do you remember the cost of Bingo? I was wondering if it would be in our budget. Thanks in advance:goodvibes
  14. DisneyDoc5

    DisneyDoc5 Disney, Dogs, Chocolate

    thanks for the photo info. I think we will opt for the 10 picture package, and then I am going to buy the new camera I want!!!

    We can't wait for the Animators Palette! I have only heard very positive reviews, it seems so Disney in there to me!

    Have a great weekend, nice and cool here in MI, around 70! Erin
  15. Uncleromulus

    Uncleromulus <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/index.

    Enjoying this very much!!!
  16. SerendipityDoDa

    SerendipityDoDa Earning My Ears

    THANK YOU so much for this trip report! I stayed up so late last night reading this and the first thing I did when waking was hop on the computer to continue. I am soooo excited! We sail out in just 20 days! squeeee!! Keep posting! Keep posting! Loving every little detail you post!
  17. twinkster

    twinkster Earning My Ears

    Great trip report. Can't wait for more!
  18. DisneyRhondaKay

    DisneyRhondaKay Earning My Ears

    I sail next week and I'm sad I won't get to finish this trip report before I go. :confused::confused::confused:Eagerly awaiting more!:rolleyes1:rolleyes1
  19. UO Duck 91

    UO Duck 91 Earning My Ears

    We mailed down a box (zappos) filled with Fish Extender gifts in advance and it was waiting in the cabin.

    Can you tell me how you went about mailing the box? That's a great idea!

    Really enjoying the report!
  20. MellieluvsDisney

    MellieluvsDisney I love Orlando

    I just read your entire trip report. Thank you for all the tips provided. We are leaving for our Fantasy cruise in a week. I cannot wait.

    And judging by the few comments I read, I am glad we booked the 7 mile beach break in Grand Cayman.
  21. Sereina

    Sereina Member

    I just went through and read your whole TP so far. I'm from WA as well! :goodvibes Loving all the pictures. It looks like you and your family had a awesome trip! Oh, and the Fantasy looks beautiful!

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