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Mardi Gras Week Countdown...Going to Disney!!!!!

Discussion in 'Countdowns and Live Reports' started by ftwildernessEASTER08, Aug 23, 2012.


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  1. ftwildernessEASTER08

    ftwildernessEASTER08 MGM Forever


    If you are from Southeast Louisiana and your schools have Mardi Gras off, and you go to Disney and dress in Purple Green and Gold...Let's countdown together:)
    172 days until Fat Tuesday (so about 170 days until we hit the parks)
    Mardi Gras Week Countdown...Going to Disney!!!!!
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  3. SharingDisney

    SharingDisney New Member

    I have been during Mardi Gras. I am from New Orleans.
  4. SiennaMadchen

    SiennaMadchen New Member

    We are also going this Mardi Gras -- it will be our kids first time going to Disney world. They have been to Disneyland already, but I have been planning for a couple of years for a big DW vacation and now that my youngest is potty trained, I think it is a great time to go! :joker:
  5. Sweet Pea Reed

    Sweet Pea Reed New Member

    I'll be there with DH February 8-16, staying at Caribbean Beach Resort. First visit in 20 years!!!:banana:
  6. Urugami

    Urugami DISdad #690

    We just booked on Saturday with the Play/Stay/Dine thing.
    I've been much more likely to be going TO New Orleans for Mardi Gras rather than LEAVING it, but that's the way life's turning this year.
    We'll be at Port Orleans Riverside (where else for Mardi Gras?) from 10-16 Feb.

    Does Disney, or even any Yat guests, do anything to honor the day, or is Orlando too far outside the sphere?
  7. shell8558

    shell8558 Active Member

    Count southwest Louisiana in!! We will be there for Mardi Gras- just got a free dining pin !!
  8. RussTKD

    RussTKD New Member

    We're in.

    I think we're planning to wear mardi gras shirts and maybe let my DD give beads to the princesses on Mardi Gras day.
  9. GraceMonica

    GraceMonica New Member

    Im not from Louisiana...but ill be in Louisiana for mardi gras!...and now im trying to convince my boyfriend to drive to disney for a valentines day....so we can spend the first part of the week in nola for mardi gras and the second part in disney for valentines day!

    He'll probably say no, but a girl can dream, can't she?!
  10. jodeeee4

    jodeeee4 New Member

    We're from Louisiana and we'll be leaving the Mardi Gras craziness behind for a little Disney magic instead! We'll be staying at POFQ so we'll get a bit of NOLA on Mardi Gras! ;)

  11. Ls32004

    Ls32004 New Member

    We're in! Feb 9-15 at PORS. This will be my almost four year old's first time
  12. jodeeee4

    jodeeee4 New Member

    We'll be there at the same time. I hope you guys have fun! I noticed you are from "a tad bit north of New Orleans" - so are we. I've never been to WDW at any other time than Summer, so I'm really excited!
  13. ErinsMommy

    ErinsMommy New Member

    We're in -- February 8-16th at Contemporary TPV. Only a few more days until we're in double digits!!
  14. N2DISNEY8003

    N2DISNEY8003 New Member

    We are from New Orleans and we will at Disney for Mardi Gras.. from Feb 9-16th at POFQ..we have chartered a Grey Hound bus with 50 people on it...cannot wait got the free dining pin dining reservations made and we are good to go. Cannot wait to see all of the new things in Fantasy Land!! :cheer2:
  15. jodeeee4

    jodeeee4 New Member

    We are staying at POFQ too! Looks like it'll be a lot of us Louisiana people there!
  16. Ls32004

    Ls32004 New Member

    Hi from Covington. We are super excited and hoping for some great weather. I have only been once about 8 years ago during spring break.
  17. jodeeee4

    jodeeee4 New Member

    We're from Hammond. I know what you mean about the weather!
  18. Urugami

    Urugami DISdad #690

    We're under 100 days, y'all!!!
    And for some strange reason, my 6yo son has started humming/singing/modifying 'It's a Small World' :thumbsup2 DW says, does he know we're not going until February? Me: yeah, but it's either he sings that, or I start with Zip a Dee Do Dah... take your pick. :rotfl2: Oh, and major bummer... I just saw that Splash Mountain is scheduled to be down from 02 Jan to 19 Mar :sad:
    And DW just found out that her OTHER BFF will be going to WDW for Mardi Gras week, staying at "our" resort, Caribbean Beach (we're staying at "theirs", Port Orleans Riverside). We already knew the first BFF was going, but staying off-site with the school band group... they booked about the same time we did. Even so, I don't know of anything for certain, but I'm wondering if there could be trouble if/when these three get together over there... I'm sure there'll be some collusion/coordination between now and then, ya think? :stir: ::yes:: :duck:
    But that's why we go... the more the merrier party:
  19. teheber


    Bummed about splash mountain,, mardi gras, BCR, 3 nights, and trying to decide between BLT or WL VILLA
  20. jodeeee4

    jodeeee4 New Member

    Yeah, we were bummed about Splash Mountain, too. But excited about the new Fantasyland expansion! Plus, test track was closed last time we were there and that will be open again.

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  21. PrincessShanShan

    PrincessShanShan New Member

    Add us to excaping Mardi Gras madness, although we won't be going until the end of Mardi Gras week. We'll be staying at BLT for the first time!

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