**March quiz -the results (almost!)

Discussion in 'UK Community Board' started by Latte Lover, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Latte Lover

    Latte Lover <font color=green> in charge of the credit cards a

    Sep 2, 2003
    Well, despite my extra-long final question, we still have a four-way tie for first place!

    Congratulations to Mandymouse, A Small World, Catherine and Florida Sun for getting 34 points out of 34!

    Now, as my prizes are difficult to split up evenly into 4, I have a tie-breaker question for the four winners. Prizes will be allocated in order of who gets closest to the correct answer. Hopefully my question won't generate 4 identical answers!

    So, Mandymouse, A small World, Catherine and Florida Sun, please send me your answer to the following question by pm and post on the thread when you have done so.

    In 1975, on my first visit to Walt Disney World, my mum bought my grandad a personalised glass (photo below). How much, in dollars, including tax, did she pay for it? (You may be wondering how on earth we could possibly remember this after 38 years - well, like me, my Dad is a memorabilia hoarder and still has the receipt!)

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  3. mandymouse

    mandymouse <font color=red>If It's Not A Bahama Mama Then I'm Moderator

    Mar 8, 2003
    LOL, a pure guess is on its way :)
  4. catherine

    catherine <font color=red>Hey not fair, you guys already hav

    Aug 27, 2000
    No idea, so complete guess! :goodvibes
    PM sent
  5. florida sun

    florida sun Mrs Christopher Eccleston wannabe! Moderator

    May 2, 2004
    Not a clue:rotfl:, so a very wild guess sent, thanks T :goodvibes
  6. A Small World

    A Small World <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/509

    Feb 22, 2007
    Another wild guess about to be sent :rotfl:

    This was the hardest question - :rotfl2:

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