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Magic bands

Discussion in 'Welcome to the DIS' started by holbol, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. holbol

    holbol Earning My Ears

    I used my magic bands last month and was wondering if they are reusable for future park visits?
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  3. myhouseofmouse

    myhouseofmouse Disney Dad

    yes, and if I am correct they should work for a few years. 9battery life)
  4. holbol

    holbol Earning My Ears

    Do you know if I link my future park tickets the same way to these bands ?
  5. cmwilson523

    cmwilson523 Member

    According to the MDE site, you should be able to use them for future trips. I was glad to see that - environmentality and all! :-)
  6. holbol

    holbol Earning My Ears

    Yes I am sure they want them to be re used - they even sell charms for them - I just didn't know if the bands I got as a tester were still reusable or do I need to wait until they are available to the general public
  7. NCrunner

    NCrunner Member

    Does anyone know if you buy tix not straight from Disney site if you will still be able to use magic band?
  8. brandigregory

    brandigregory Member

    Yes, you will. Link them to MDE and you will be prompted to get your Magic Bands as long as you are on property!
  9. WookieeFeet

    WookieeFeet Hunting Jedi

    Getting mine on my next trip up on Wed and Thursday to WDW. Can't wait to see how they work!
  10. markward

    markward Earning My Ears

    Do you know if I link my future park tickets the same way to these bands ?
  11. wmarin

    wmarin SIDisneyFan

    All reservations pertaining to your current stay will be linked to your magic bands. These include fastpass+, dining, park tickets, room key and a credit card linked to your account. So theoretically you'll be able to go around the world cashless.
  12. btwiceborn

    btwiceborn Earning My Ears

    I had some non-expiring park tickets attached to some "keys to the Kingdom" cards. I cant find the cards. who do I contact to try to sort it out?

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