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MA Scrappers

Discussion in 'The Creative Community' started by aurora19, Jun 11, 2003.

  1. aurora19

    aurora19 <font color=FF66CC>The Tag Fairy apologizes sincer

    I know we have discussed this before but I can't locate the thread.

    Who runs the monthly crops out in Auburn?

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  3. paulinewdw

    paulinewdw Member

    It is a yahoo group: MassachusettsScrappers. I am not sure if there are two s's or one inbetween the words.

    I am a member.

    I just went and checked...it is the way I typed it above. Come on and join us!

  4. aurora19

    aurora19 <font color=FF66CC>The Tag Fairy apologizes sincer

    Pauline -

    FYI - there is also a Mass Scrapping group on Scrap Jazz who are based out of Right at Home LSS. I was seated with a few of them at the SDV.

    Thanks for getting back to me quickly.
  5. paulinewdw

    paulinewdw Member

    You specifically asked about the one that had Auburn crops.
    I am a member of the group from SCRAPJAZZ also, although I do not always go to all their events....there are also two other mass
    groups on YAHOO that I am a member of. I never "met" you at SDV, where did you sit? I was sitting with a combo of three of the groups which I belong to!
  6. aurora19

    aurora19 <font color=FF66CC>The Tag Fairy apologizes sincer

    I was at table 17 kind of middle of the room. I had 4 at my table who met through the Scrap Jazz group and then 4 more of us. I took 2 classes on Saturday (vellum & textures), used the Die cuts in between and cropped all evening. How about you? Where were you and what classes did you take - did you like them?

    The problem for me is that I live right outside of Boston (in Watertown) - so most of these evening crops are too far away for me to get to...

    PM me with the other groups and lets talk more.
  7. TrixyA

    TrixyA Member

    I drive 1 1/2 hours each way to the Auburn crop (MassachusettsScrappers). It's worth every minute and every mile I drive! I know a couple of the other Auburn crop regulars that drive about the same distance.

    We have so much fun!!! And the talent at these crops is unbelievable!!!

    Hi Pauline (it's me-- Tracy)
  8. paulinewdw

    paulinewdw Member

    I was at table 16. The woman who won second place in the page
    contest was at my table(she belongs to the Auburn crop group) as well as the woman who won first place(Sandy, she is a member of the scrapjazz group). I took two classes(patterned paper paranioa and metal embossing). Love the classes and the teacher. I was sitting at the end of the table, short ,chubby,bleached blonde who's a little on the crazy side(I
    stayed up the whole time!) LOL I live in Dorchester and travel to
    Auburn for almost every crop since they are a great group of ladies with awesome personalities and tons of talent. I usually pick up another girl(she is half my age) in Newton since it is on
    my way from Boston! I wish I had the opportunity to meet you.
  9. aurora19

    aurora19 <font color=FF66CC>The Tag Fairy apologizes sincer

    I was sitting next to the "Tower" with my back to your table! Tall, also chubby with long dark hair (though it got so hot I put it up for a while.) I wish that we had seen each other! (alas - I was a bit of a spazz that day!) I loved the layout that won! Quite a few of the layout entries were amazing - even if they weren't necessarily my style.

    I was there Saturday until Midnight but had to call it a night at that point.

    When are the crops in Auburn? (I thought they were Friday nights?) - I would love to join you guys.

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