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    Apr 5, 2004
    Hi All

    Well I thought I would turn to my DIS friends since they have helped my in the past with other things. I am looking for ideas for thengs ro make and sell. (but not list on these boards not trying to sell here just get insperation)
    I am a woodworker that has a smal woodworking business onthe saide making outdoor furniture and small inside objects. Looking to combine my Disney passion been to WDW 26 times and can't wait to go back lol

    recently I have started etching glass so I can inscribe dates pictures etc onglass doors for small disply cabinets etc. so was wondering if custom pin display cabinets would sell with an event or date etced into the glass to commorate a attractionor event would sell?
    mouse ears napkin holders, thinking about a pepper mill with the hidden mickeys imbedded into it maybe a maple with walnut for pepper and walnut with maple for salt?

    What ideas can you come up with?


    Dave goofydad Dionne

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