Looking for anyone who has stayed at AOA in the LM rooms

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by greendazy5, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. lightmoonstone

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    Aug 1, 2012
    I stayed there for two weeks in November and loved it.
    I was in the Triton building, on the side facing the parking lot and I loved that I could see the fireworks at night from the outside hall.
    Yes, the walk to the main hall is long after a day at the parks, but everything is so brightly lit and eye-catching that it wasn't that much of a bother. Getting to see the different sections is very worth while as they are all lovely and well lit(I went alone with my mom, so for two ladies, we really felt safe there).
    They played movies outside the Lion King building too, which I thought was good for families with small kids.
    The food fare is definitely healthier than that of the other value resorts and, while I heard some people complaining about the cutlery situation, we were okay with anything that is going to be better for the environment in the long run.
    One thing that I loved(though it scared me the first time I heard it) was a CM going for his break and yelling "Shark Bait!" and the other CMs responding with a chorus of "Ooh ha ha!"
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  3. greendazy5

    greendazy5 Earning My Ears

    Apr 13, 2013
    Thanks everyone for all your advice ...I actually called to see if I could rent 2 LM rooms that are adjoining so we could have the extra bed for our 14 year old adult size son and then our daughter could also have a bed and not have to sleep on the floor. The difference between two LM rooms and a suite at AOA was about 1,000 difference so it would be worth renting two. The only thing I was told was I may not be able to get both rooms together...which I don't understand if I rent two rooms under the same name and ask for adjoining would they not get we are a family and need to have our rooms together. I would rent the rooms with my husband and son in one and myself and daughter in the other. I am hoping this may solve our problem and not break the budget. I am still looking for any advice and must see areas at the parks. This is our kids first visit ..my husband and I went with our older children back in the 90's many things have changed.
  4. Jeanieblue114

    Jeanieblue114 DIS Veteran

    Aug 6, 2009
    From what I understand, they have to do connecting rooms if you have minor children in the other room. Just make sure it's noted on the reservation and when you check in, double check and if it isn't, just ask that they do it.
    Usually they do all they can. But i would make note of minor children in the other room to prioritized connecting.

    For the record, I've done camping cots at lots of disney rooms including value rooms.
    We did it at Pop.
    just pushed the table and chairs over to the window and put the cot along the wall where the table and chairs were.
    not a problem.
    My friend has also stayed in value room with 3 adults and one teenager total and Disney gave them a cot for the teenager and it was a value room (that was about 8 years ago though dunno the current policy).

    But getting two rooms can be for the best just for having 2 bathrooms and more wiggle room as long as it's in the budget.
    You aren't in the room very much, so a place to crash, even a sleeping bag might be all you need.
  5. dansdad

    dansdad DIS Veteran

    Sep 21, 2011
    I just want to clear something up for you. In Disneyspeak adjoining rooms are rooms that are next to or real close to one another. Connecting rooms are next to one another AND have an interior door that you connects the two rooms together. So you can go between the 2 rooms without going outside. I just want you to have your terms right so you can correctly request what you actually want.:thumbsup2

    Yes, the get the fact that you are a family and would like to be together but they just do not guarantee that. It is only a request. They will do everything they can to make sure you get your adjoining or connecting rooms. But it still is only a request.
  6. TDC Nala

    TDC Nala <font color=red>1937, what a year that was<br><fon Moderator

    Jun 22, 2001
    You can't put a cot in a value resort room. I can't imagine where you would put one. If you need a bed for an infant under 3 you can ask for a pack and play, but you won't be able to get a cot for a 13 year old.

    Yes, you need to ask for connecting rooms, not adjoining rooms. But you should also remember that connecting rooms are not guaranteed, even for families, although they will try their best to get them for you if you request them.

    If your kids can't sleep in the same bed and you are looking at two rooms then maybe consider a family suite if you really want to stay at AoA.

    I've stayed at AoA/Little Mermaid once. From now on I will stay at Pop Century and just walk across to visit AoA if I am in the mood to see that resort or visit the food court (they had gelato so it'll probably get a visit.) This is not because I didn't like the place. A lot of people complain about the walk to the main building but it didn't bother me. What does bother me is that they charge more to stay there than they do to stay at the other value resorts. It's in demand, so it makes sense for them to do it, but I don't need to pay it.
  7. greendazy5

    greendazy5 Earning My Ears

    Apr 13, 2013
    Thank everyone for letting me know the difference between adjoining and connecting rooms. What I am hoping for is that they may run a special on the suites so we may upgrade to a suite. They never have specials on LM rooms because they are "value" rooms. This is what I am told. I was also looking at Fort wilderness cabins even though the decor is so opposite of AOA the bed issue would not be a problem and there is a full kitchen which we would love since we are not doing the food plan. But it also seems by photos to be so far away from everything...sometimes I get so confused on what to do ...having to accommodate everyone's needs as wants is exhausting . Since we are going to be there during Christmas checking in on the 22nd hopefully....I want it to be a room that is magical especially for my DD. and she loves all the rooms at AOA. I keep going back and forth..taking a chance on getting 2 connecting LM rooms...going to a suite...which now I hear has a Weight limit on the Murphy beds...or trying the cabins. Have not heard many people comment on the cabins...mostly on POR . Thanks again everyone for all your help it is very appreciated. Back to being confused. :confused3
  8. mom2rtk

    mom2rtk DIS Veteran

    Aug 23, 2008
    Actually it's not about them being "value" rooms, as they run specials on the standard value rooms at Pop and the All-Stars all the time. It's really just about the fact that those rooms sell out right now without discounts. You won't see them added to discount offers until they stop selling out at full price.

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