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LAX Hotels

Discussion in 'Australia' started by WanderlustNZ, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. WanderlustNZ

    WanderlustNZ New Member

    My family and I need to stay overnight in an LAX hotel on our way to Orlando. On the way home we're looking for a dayroom to spend about 6 hours.
    I'm keen to sort all accommodation out, so I've been keeping an eye on LAX hotel prices. But they seem really expensive for a place just to lay our heads.

    So I'm really keen to hear about people's experiences with these hotels. Are there any you'd recommend? What sort or prices are considered reasonable?

    Musts for us: Clean, safe, a pool, close to the airport, and a casual place in or around the hotel to eat a meal.
    Preferences: 3 star or higher, free shuttle, free wifi.

    Thanks for any advice you can give. :-)
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  3. ColinA

    ColinA New Member

    We have stayed at the Hoilday Inn many times, much cheaper and better than the Sheraton up the road, you would need to check on day rate, they might want to charge for two nights.

    In reality you pay for what you get, some places like the Westin only have the bed to sit on.

    Holiday Inn Los Angeles-Intl Airport 9901 S La Cienega Boulevard Los Angeles , California 90045 United States
    Book online or call:1 800 972 2576

    Been a couple of years since we stayed there but had free internet and bus from the airport.
  4. gogo65

    gogo65 Cheering for Disney

    The travelodge lax does day rooms from 9am-8pm, have a look, they have a pool, free wifi and free airport transfers.
    It gets ok reviews on tripadvisor.
    We have stayed at a few of the hotels at lax, they all seem similar, I just pick on price. (Hilton, marriott) Our upcoming trip we are staying at the renaissance on the way over, ($160 including buffett breakfast) however on the way home, the prices had all increased by about $80-100. As we planned to go to universal on our last day, it worked out better for us to stay at the Hilton universal and pay for transfers.

    What dates are you looking at?
  5. becpee

    becpee I see sock puppets

    Hey WanderlustNZ (loved your blog btw :goodvibes)
    I booked accom on lastminutetravel.com and got Marriott Los Angeles Airport and paid about $100 a night.
    Very comfortable hotel, has a shuttle to and from the terminal, very clean, no faults whatsoever (that I noticed anyway).
    We tried the room service also and it was great quality.
    Try that website, so much cheaper than a lot of others...

    I just priced that hotel for overnight 17 Sep on hotel.com vs Lastminutetravel.com and LMT was cheaper by $119 for the same hotel...
  6. Jade+3

    Jade+3 New Member

    The Ocean Express is a shuttle that runs from LAX hotels to Manhattan Beach, if you are looking for something to do. Manhattan Village is a nice little shopping centre and there are some restaurants there (California Pizza Kitchen, Olive Garden, Chilli's, Coco's). I have never taken the shuttle, we rent a car. This is what we always seem to end up doing on our last day in LA.


    I have been looking at LAX hotel prices too. They are so much more expensive on weekdays than weekends.
  7. gogo65

    gogo65 Cheering for Disney

    I agree Jade,
    Lax hotels are much more expensive during the week, must remember that next time.
    Our first night at LAX is a Friday night, great rate, on our return we are staying on a Wednesday night and it goes up nearly $100:confused3
    We are planning on using the ocean express on our arrival, I think it is $5pp.
  8. WanderlustNZ

    WanderlustNZ New Member

    Thanks Colin. Will check out prices for the Holiday Inn. Loved your pics of Aulani by the way. It looks gorgeous
  9. WanderlustNZ

    WanderlustNZ New Member

    Thanks gogo65.
    I saw the travelodge and it doesn't look like it would be too bad as the dayroom option. It's close enough to shopping centres and the beach that we could go out for a few hours. It doesn't seem that you can book it online which is a bit of a pain. Will keep an eye out and may end up ringing them.

    Looking at 17 Sep for overnight and 9th Oct for dayroom.

    For some reason I thought LAX hotels would be around US$100 a night, so was surprised to see that most were closer to $200.
  10. WanderlustNZ

    WanderlustNZ New Member

    Firstly, thanks for the blog compliment :goodvibes

    That website does seem really cheap. So in your opinion is the website completely legit? I've never heard of it until now.
  11. WanderlustNZ

    WanderlustNZ New Member

    Thanks for the tip.

    You could be right about weekday vs. weekend. They probably don't get as many business travellers through the weekend so have to cheapen the rooms.
  12. Travel Mum

    Travel Mum New Member

    We had a night and then a dayroom rate until 6pm at the Travelodge LAX at the end of your Orlando trip. The positives for us were that, unlike all other hotels at LAX, they have family rooms that can fit five. It has friendly staff, free transfers, free breakfast and a Denny's on site. We were able to easily catch the bus to the massive Westfield Culver City where we spent the rest of our U.S.$ shopping (taxied back though). However, it is a very basic hotel, probably a 2-star and I was pleased we only had one night there. Served its purpose though and was great to have the room up until 6pm.
  13. WanderlustNZ

    WanderlustNZ New Member

    Cheers TravelMum. I think I will opt for the Travelodge for the dayroom. Our layover allows us about 6 hours free-time before we need to check-in for the flight home. So we'll probably mainly only use the hotel as a dumping ground for our luggage while we take the bus to Manhatten Beach for a look around and lunch. Then, we'll probably just return for a short swim and shower and then head to the airport. So in all reality, we don't need anything flash.

    Have you just got back from your holiday? If so, welcome back and how was it?
  14. Travel Mum

    Travel Mum New Member

    Yes, we got back on Wednesday and we had a fantastic time thanks :banana:
  15. WanderlustNZ

    WanderlustNZ New Member

    A thanks to everyone for your advice. I think it made me realise that I had incorrectly underestimated the price of LAX hotels - particularly during the middle of the week.

    For those who are interested, I ended up booking my hotel this morning.

    I went through Hotwire and booked one of those mystery hotel deals. The great thing about those mystery deals is that it's pretty easy to work out what you're going to get. All the clues hinted at the fact that the four star deal was for the Sheraton Gateway, so I wasn't surprised when I got..... The Sheraton Gateway. It looks clean and tidy and perfectly comfortable for the short time we'll be there.

    I paid in NZ$ the equivalent of US$138 inc. tax. The cheapest deal available on the Sheraton website is US$202, so a reasonable savings.

    I noticed, for those of you not travelling with kids, that priceline has even better deals for mystery hotels. The problem with priceline is that they only price the room for 2 adults.

    I still haven't booked the dayroom yet, but will probably go with the travelodge.

    So thanks again everyone :thumbsup2
  16. becpee

    becpee I see sock puppets

    Hotwire, love it!
    I've never been disappointed using it :goodvibes
    Did you get on the betterbidding site as well?
  17. WanderlustNZ

    WanderlustNZ New Member

    No, I didn't know about the betterbidding site, but will remember it for next time. Thanks for sharing.
    I've never used hotwire until now. I'm not sure why. Once you work out the hotel, it's quite a bit cheaper than the likes of expedia.

    It was pretty easy to work out it was the Sheraton. I went into the non-mystery part of Hotwire and noted that only 2 of their airport hotels had a 4-star rating and a 4/5 for Trip Advisor Reviews. Hotwire said that the Trip Advisor rating was based on 1000+ reviews and, of the two, only the Sheraton had over 1000 reviews. So it was an easy process of elimination.

    I nearly booked their 3 1/2 star property (which I'm pretty sure is the Custom Hotel) because that was really cheap. However, after a bit of research, I was worried we might end up getting given a room with one bed (kids are free there if they share existing bedding). All 3 of us sharing a bed is not the restful way I envision beginning our holiday. Lol
  18. becpee

    becpee I see sock puppets


    Fair call :thumbsup2
  19. JessNewbs

    JessNewbs New Member

    We have chosen the Radisson after much research for our quick overnight. I hope it's ok there :blush:
  20. WanderlustNZ

    WanderlustNZ New Member

    I'm sure it'll be fine.
    I would have been quite happy booking the Radisson had the price been right for my dates.
  21. JessNewbs

    JessNewbs New Member

    Cool, glad you said that !!

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