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Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls tonigth .......

Discussion in 'Disney Discount Codes and Rates' started by danny25, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. danny25

    danny25 I love Disney and I´m friend of STICH

    My friends i¨m happy to invite all of you tonigth if you want to know the next Disneyworld Offer for late Summer, confirmed like always of course, you Know that Danny25 never ever will disapoint you, I wait You today tonigth, here at Disboards :wizard:

    Ok I see a lot of interest here and I see that some people can´t work correctly thinking in this, so

    FD will be offered for the Usa market the details are release Date May9

    yoiu can book from May 9, 2013 to September 15, 2013

    Travel Dates (Arrivals):
    September 2, 2013 - September 25, 2013

    minimun stay 3 nigths maximun 14

    these selected resorts are included

    Disney Value Resorts

    Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort
    Disney’s All-Star Music Resort
    Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort
    Disney’s Pop Century Resort
    Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

    all of them will get Quick service Dining plan

    Disney Moderate Resorts
    Disney’s Carribean Beach Resort
    Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort
    Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter
    Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside

    Disney Deluxe Resorts

    Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge
    Disney’s Beach Club Resort
    Disney’s BoardWalk Inn
    Disney’s Contemporary Resort
    Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa
    Disney’s Polynesian Resort
    Disney’s Wilderness Lodge
    Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

    Disney Deluxe Villa Resorts

    Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort
    Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas
    Disney’s Beach Club Villas
    Disney’s BoardWalk Villas
    Disney’s Old Key West Resort
    Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa
    The Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge
    Disney Campground and Cabins
    Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground

    all of them will get regular Dining plan

    you must buy 2 days tickets

    hope that this will make happy a lot of people
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  3. jennyjinx3

    jennyjinx3 Well-Known Member

    Not going late summer, but I will check in just because!!!:3dglasses
  4. Joceyposse

    Joceyposse Well-Known Member

    can't wait!
  5. junderwood99

    junderwood99 Well-Known Member

    Disneyland only????
  6. figmentswife

    figmentswife One little spark will light your fancy

    You are going to be the talk of the town tonight!!!!
  7. junderwood99

    junderwood99 Well-Known Member

    Omg - read wrong!!! Yipppeeeeee!!!!!
  8. Haunted_Mansion_Mom

    Haunted_Mansion_Mom Active Member

    I'll be here! I've been waiting for this announcement forever it seems :banana: Thanks Danny25!!! You're the best!!!!!
  9. smitch425

    smitch425 Well-Known Member

    Yay! One discount closer to my own dates being discounted. :rotfl:
  10. GaBelle

    GaBelle Well-Known Member

    Holy Moly! U have made my day! Eeeek!
  11. gwynne

    gwynne Well-Known Member

    Thanks Danny! Looking forward to hearing about the new offer!!:yay:
  12. HappyWife05

    HappyWife05 Member

    You can't tell us now?!? You're killing me here!!! LOL
  13. figmentswife

    figmentswife One little spark will light your fancy

    Right there with you Smitch. Waiting for November Discounts
  14. black562

    black562 Dept of Redundancy Dept

    Well the South American and European free dining will be announced on May 9 and cover September 2-25 with quick service for values and regular dining for mods and deluxe.
  15. FigmentChick

    FigmentChick Well-Known Member

    And I already have a discounted room, but I am waiting for the sake of you guys. :D We decided to pay OOP for meals and such (I think it's just better that way.....not tied down with reservations), but I still like to see the discounts and know they're coming for my friends. :goodvibes
  16. Fivemuggles

    Fivemuggles Well-Known Member

    Wahahahhahahaa!!! dang how am I supposed to get anything at all done today now?!?!
  17. junderwood99

    junderwood99 Well-Known Member

    What about US??? Lol
  18. jacksgirl

    jacksgirl Well-Known Member

    Oh, I'm hoping and praying that our offer will end a couple of days later - coming in on the 27th currently, but could back it up to the 26th.
  19. black562

    black562 Dept of Redundancy Dept

    Our offer may fall in line with theirs. I'm looking into it now.
  20. Blessedwith3boys

    Blessedwith3boys Well-Known Member

    UGGGGG.......Not sure I can wait until tonight! I believe he enjoys torturing us!:rotfl:
  21. squirrel4569

    squirrel4569 Well-Known Member

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