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Katie & Mike TR - SBP/Bluezoo/Morocco - Dessert Party (8/5)

Discussion in 'Planning our Happily Ever After' started by PrincessShea, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. adisneygal

    adisneygal Mouseketeer

    This made me :rotfl: as did the pic of your DH erupting...:rotfl2:

    I don't get why they just don't start charging a fee/surcharge for brides using outside photography in the park. This way they are still making money for photography and brides can actually choose a style they want. No vow renewal for us until this is changed.

    I requested opened roses multiple times. I HATE closed roses! The hidden Mickey on my DH's bout was a joke as well. I guess they were emphasizing the hidden part cause it was behind/under the flowers....ugh:rolleyes:

    And, I really, really, really recommend Patricia LeJeune too.:thumbsup2
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  3. PrincessShea

    PrincessShea Always planning...

    Thank you! I think these boards make people psycho though. All the information you get here is a great thing; but at the same time you learn to obsess about 2348735387654 things you probably never would have cared about :rolleyes:

    Thanks! She is great.

    Hahahaha. Amen. I don't think I've ever seen closed rose bouquets...or valentine's arrangements...or funeral splays...or anything really outside of Disney :confused3

    I agree with the fee. Some people say Disney does it [doesn't allow outside photogs] to "protect their image" but I don't buy it...it's about money. The image thing makes no sense. Anyone could easily go into the parks and grab a quick snapshot of them doing obscene things in Disney that do a lot more damage to Disney's reputation than an outside photographer would. I mean really; would an outside photographer do anything to damage their reputation? Again, this smilie fits :confused3

    And I will talk about it more when I get to the DP in this TR...but I have learned to love my DP pictures. In making my blurb album, I think it worked out pretty good. I recant!

    Oh...just wait until you see Michael's hidden Mickey in his boutonniere. Seriously people, don't waste your money. I think the hidden Mickey in Carrie's DH's boutonniere was a one in a million :rotfl: That's the only reason I did it, and ugh...just wait.

    EDIT: By the way adisneygal...what up fellow Chicagoan! And also, where da TR at?! ;) Your pictures look so great, you need to do one.
  4. figment fan21

    figment fan21 Can't wait to be a Disney Bride!

    Your pictuers are beautiful and yout TR is giving me alot of tips on what to request, say, ask, anything as far as my wedding planning is concerned! SO thanks so much!
  5. polynesianbride

    polynesianbride Mouseketeer

    :lmao::rotfl::lmao::rotfl:OMG soooo many of your comments make me laugh sooooo hard- I can't even mention them all bc there's so many- you crack me up:laughing:. I am glad your pics are back so we can hear about the rest of your trip- your Studio 22 pics are gorgeous... sorry about the DPS ones but atleast it makes for funny captions for your TR! Can't wait to hear morepopcorn::
  6. MainStMandy

    MainStMandy DIS Veteran

    Ohhh you look beautiful!! The pictures are wonderful too! Can't wait to read more!
  7. Boardwalk_bride

    Boardwalk_bride Married in WDW :)

    yay! More updates!!

    I have already booked Beaute Speciale but I think I am going to try and go with Patricia now. I was worried cause a lot of people seem to have a really natural look, which I cannot have because I wear makeup everyday, so I will look less than special I guess....but she put the perfect amount on you. I seriously think I may print out your hair and makeup pics, and ask for her to re-create it....you just absolutely gorgeous! I would be happy if she could me me look half as good :goodvibes
  8. PrincessShea

    PrincessShea Always planning...

    Thanks. The only reason I am doing this is in the hopes it helps someone else since these boards helped me so much with my planning.

    Thanks :goodvibes

    Thanks :goodvibes

    Thanks! :goodvibes I'm gonna post some more getting ready pics right now for ya!
  9. PrincessShea

    PrincessShea Always planning...

    Some details I forgot

    So when I was getting ready and telling Patricia what I wanted with my hair, I just kept emphasizing that I didn't want a tight little bun on the top of my head...I didn't want two single curls on either side of my face spiraling down...I didn't want the curls too tight...I didn't want to look like I was at prom.


    I don't want to look like I'm at prom. I don't want to look like I'm at prom. I don't want to look like I'm at prom. I don't want to look like I'm at prom. This was my mantra. She laughed and told me I must have been traumatized. :rotfl: Sadly, yes.




    I think it turned out very unprom like! And to end here is another picture of my bouquet where you can see more detail. I wish I had a "before" picture where the roses were all tight. You can kind of see how the edges of some petals are ripped because I was opening them. By later in the day due to the unbearable heat though they did start to open more.

  10. teddygurl28

    teddygurl28 Mouseketeer

    i have to say i can just see you trying to open all the flowers the morning of :rotfl2: everyone else is trying to get make up done and hair done and get dressed and there you are opening roses......
    ....thats so something i would do lol
  11. MegKate

    MegKate 2010 UMaine Graduate... now unemployed. What to do

    I completely agree with both of you! Roses should be open!!! I'm going to add that to the list of things to talk to the florist about! :thumbsup2

    That installment of the TR was awesome!!You looked gorgeous! Now I can reference my makeup by what she did for you - "Give me the Katie!" Seriously - beautiful!! :cutie:

    And let me say I'm glad that I'm not the only one who is going to kick people out when I get into that dress!! I don't care if I have to have a bunch of people standing in the hallway, but I'll get it on and then they can all come back in!! :rotfl:
  12. Bridie1996

    Bridie1996 Member

    Are those purple anemones? I love anemones and were thinking about asking for a few of them in my bouquet since they also bloom in winter!
  13. PrincessShea

    PrincessShea Always planning...

    Aww thanks Meg :goodvibes And I agree with you 100% on kicking people out :thumbsup2

    hahaha, OCD weirdos unite!

    They are delphiniums :thumbsup2
  14. disneygal922

    disneygal922 Mouseketeer

    Hey Katie! You look so beautiful in all your pics! I can't wait to read more about your very special day! :goodvibes Can I ask how many hair and make-ups did Patricia do for you and how long did it take? :confused3
  15. PrincessShea

    PrincessShea Always planning...

    Thanks :goodvibes She did 3 hair and 3 makeup. She arrived at 10:30 and finished around 1:15-1:30ish.

    Oh and here is another picture that shows my eye makeup better for people interested in that.

  16. figment fan21

    figment fan21 Can't wait to be a Disney Bride!

    Seeing the pictures of yout hair i think i might need to use you as inspiration.... I totally know what bad prom hair can do to a girl... i look back at my prom pictures and cringe :scared:

    So i'll have to make sure i dont let that happen! I really really love your hair though... its so pretty and elegant!:goodvibes
  17. PrincessShea

    PrincessShea Always planning...

    Thanks :goodvibes I know what you mean about prom. I look back at mine too and it's like "wow. Did I actually think I looked good!?" :sad2:
  18. adisneygal

    adisneygal Mouseketeer

    I swear I posted earlier but can't find it. :confused3

    I'm confused by this too. I am also confused by the great floral that we had compared to the not so great floral by Disney. :confused3

    Protecting their image is a crock! Like you said, their image can get damaged by tourist with cameras so why not ban all cameras. It is just a way for Disney to corner brides into using DPS. No Disney vow renewal for dh & I until this changes!

    Started my TR...:goodvibes
  19. SleepingBeautyOH

    SleepingBeautyOH Earning My Ears

    If you wanted open flowers, then open flowers should you get! (even if it means doing it yourself:rotfl2:) Your make-up looked amazing! I am a fan of the natural look. Congratulations on a beautiful day!
  20. LLLBelle

    LLLBelle Mouseketeer

    Your hair and make up is gorgeous! The pictures look great.

    I did talk to Becka, she is a total sweetheart.
  21. KSchwagg86

    KSchwagg86 Mouseketeer

    LOVE the hair and make-up...did the hair stay all day?

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