Just returned from extended split stay... ASMovies and CBR!

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Rosanne, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. Rosanne

    Rosanne DIS Veteran

    Jan 3, 2009
    Wow, do I feel lucky! We were originally not going to Disney this Christmas at all but then I thought, okay, three days at CBR with the fall discount and sharing the room with my sis would not be that expensive. I had tickets for myself and DD8 already so I only needed tickets for DD3 (I bought a six day MYW from UT and then upgrade to a six day NE at the parks since she only used three days).

    Anyway, then DD3 was missing her ASMovies so I thought I'd drive the four hours and stay at my brother's in Atlanta Friday night and drive on to ASMovies for one night so she could visit her movies... still with the discount.

    Then... a horrible ice/snow storm was coming our way so I packed like a maniac Thursday night and as soon as the announcement came at 6 a.m. that school would be closed (I'm a teacher) we took off for Florida. The sleet had started at around 5 a.m.. We barely made it out before the roads were unpassable in our area (we live on a mountain in WNC). As soon as it hit 7 a.m. I called Disney and they were able to put us in our room a day earlier at ASMovies. Yay! We had a lot of snow to drive through initially and then rain most of the rest of the way but we finally made it to ASMovies around 8p.m. It would have been an hour earlier but unfortunately my DD3 stepped in a doggie deposit at the FL welcome center.

    We didn't get the Toy Story room we'd requested but were in a backside room of Fantasia. The girls still thought the rose right outside our room was pretty and it was quiet. We just hung out that first day around the values and at Downtown Disney. It was great. Meanwhile at home, my house was without power and would be for three days. Also, my ex said the generator cord broke and he couldn't get back down the mountain so he stayed at my house and kept my 17 year old cat alive. Yay! Our Fantasia room was plenty clean. We are kind of tired of the food choices but we had a great Montague sandwich at the Earl of Sandwich in DD. We also love the little round chocolate cake at Movies.

    The second morning we got up early and loaded our stuff to the CBR for our piratey room. I checked in and got our keys. The CM showed where the building where our room would be but didn't know the number yet. She said they'd leave a message when it was ready.

    We went off to DHS and had a great time. Loved the Osbourne light show and the American Idol Experience but my DD8 got run over a lot by strollers and wheelchairs. I felt really bad for her but it's hard to avoid in such a crowd in the dark.

    When we got back to CBR we walked around looking for our room and found out we'd been upgraded to waterview. Cool!

    We looooooooved our piratey room. I especially loved having a fridge. We ate breakfast in the room all the mornings we were in Disney. I thought CBR was great. It was a really long walk to Old Port Royale for food but we had a car. I will say when we went to DHS and MK the bus situation was not great. We were the last stop coming and going both times. When we went to Epcot we just drove. Smooth as silk. Did I mention I loved having a fridge? So nice not to have to deal with ice to keep the milk cold.

    I didn't find the parks to be particularly dirty. Maybe a bathroom or two for a brief time before the next round of cleaning but I think that was more because of some messy guests. We came across a couple of real grouches for no good reason but later we made inside jokes about it and that helped us from getting down.

    I liked the food at CBR... the five veggie plate and the black bean burger and the chicken fettucini were delicious. Unfortunately there were only two of the counter service locations open at lunch and the girls couldn't even get grilled cheese. Not much choice at lunch.

    I thought CBR was lovely. We enjoyed the piratey pool too. The girls loved the little beach area in Trinidad South. BTW, if anyone finds an orange Ponyville My Little Pony hidden in the sand my daughter had it with her when she was building her sand castle and it got covered and we couldn't find it again. If you find it... PM me!!! :)

    I booked a BB for June and August though I will probably only be able to keep one. I booked for CBR both times but my DD3 still prefers Movies or Music so we will probably do a split stay again :scared1: :laughing: :)

    I got up beastly early Thursday morning and we left around 5 a.m. When I got back home it took about 30 tries to get up the mountain from the ice still here but we finally made it. Boy, was I lucky to get out of Dodge! My sister from Boston wasn't so lucky. She was delayed meeting us so she only got two nights at CBR :sad1:

    Thumbs up all around :thumbsup2
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  3. Rosanne

    Rosanne DIS Veteran

    Jan 3, 2009
    Oh, and I forgot...

    I also added another day at the end since ex said you couldn't get up the hill yet anyway. We still made it home for Christmas eve.
  4. kamikazecat

    kamikazecat DIS Veteran

    Jan 5, 2009
    Sounds like you had a great trip. Glad you made it out of there in time too. We are staying at CBR in June for the first time and would love to see any pictures that you have. :goodvibes

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