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Just finished my phone interview!

Discussion in 'The College Board' started by SBailey09, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. SBailey09

    SBailey09 Member

    Hey guys, I'm Scott. Hope to be doing the fall program. I had my phone interview and I have to say I'm a little worried. My phone call was only 11 minutes, I got all my questions answered and everything and feel like I did a really good job at explaining but I'm worried at how short my interview was. I also wasn't asked about a specific role really at all except lifeguard which was my 3rd choice. Should I be worried? Has anyone else made it in that felt their interview was short/the interviewer didn't ask you about specific role questions? Thanks in advance! I'll keep you updated on if I'm accepted or not!
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  3. jobro912

    jobro912 Well-Known Member

    Hey, Scott...my son's interview was about the same length and he was accepted...so the length of interview definitely isn't an issue.
  4. SBailey09

    SBailey09 Member

    Okay good that makes me feel a little better, thank you! Will he be doing fall of this year?
  5. jobro912

    jobro912 Well-Known Member

    Yeah...he is doing Fall Custodial...auditioning for Character March 23. I was kind of wondering about his interview length the day of...Was scheduled for 4:15 and texted me that it was over about 15 minutes later.
  6. jordanri

    jordanri Well-Known Member

    my first interview was only 12/13 minutes so i wouldn't worry too much about length. so long as you answered the questions to the best of your ability and did it in a friendly manner you should be all set. i got in my first program to my second choice role. now, if you put lifeguard down CHANCES are you will be a lifegaurd. disney pools and water parks need A LOT of staffing. i was children's activities and yacht and beach's pool took 13 guards to run in two shifts.

    my second interview my questions were all geard towards my experience with children and working at summer camp, i ended up in a role geared towards that
  7. pnt

    pnt New Member

    Mine only lasted for 19 minutes.. Is that a very bad thing??
  8. prk

    prk Member

    Its normal, my interview was only 15 mins lol

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