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just back CR Poly split stay...tix issues

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by wdwfun!, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. wdwfun!

    wdwfun! Active Member

    Just back from a fantastic split stay starting at the Poly and then moving to the CR. We had some issues with getting our tix early. Everything started off great with a quick ME trip and the Poly being the first stop. At check-in, we were showered with pixie dust and got an upgrade from standard view to CL in Hawaii longhouse. We had an aggressive touring plan for our arrival day heading over to AK for EE and then to HS for Fantasmic at 6:30 then back to Poly for Wishes at 8 PM and then to MK for a late night. So we decided to pick up our tix at Guest Services outside of AK. The CM was very unsure of the process. We booked 2 day base tix that we needed to upgrade to 6 day hoppers. It took a long time for the CM to figure out how to get our tix off the package and then she gave us 2 day base tix. I politely requested to upgrade to at least hoppers given our plan. She said we could not upgrade our tix until our package started. I finally gave up and took the tix and went into AK. We rode EE 3 times and ate at Flame tree BBQ and grabbed the bus for HS. We went to Guest Services there and upgraded the tix no problem. We were able to complete our plan for the night. I thought my troubles were over. However, when we went to check in at the CR to start our package our check in took forever and the CM went in to the "back room" several times before another CM came out and said our ressie was "corrupted" and needed to be rebooked. The CM told us to get some lunch and they would comp it and then come back. When we returned from lunch the ressie was fixed and our room was ready but our requests were not met. At this point I didn't care. We had a TPV room and they all have a nice view. Now for sure I thought everything was fine with our tix. A few days later, we decided to add one more day to our tix and went to upgrade at the CR. This went fine and the CM gave me a printout for each KTTW of what tix were on each one. Keep in mind that we picked up tix early and they were paper tix stripped from the KTTW. I noticed on our last day that two of the KTTW still had 2 day base tix listed. I stopped at the front desk on our last morning and the CM confirmed that 2 day tix were on 2 of the KTTW that were picked up early. I told them that we got our tix early and there should not be any tix on them. But the CM (who did not speak English well) just did not understand what I was telling her and insisted they were ours and would be good on our next trip. So off to ME I went with KTTW in hand. So my recommendation would be if you are doing a split stay and picking up tix early...be prepared for anything!
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  3. gabyta

    gabyta Active Member

    So you have 2 extra 2 days tix? :)
  4. wdwfun!

    wdwfun! Active Member

    Yes. It seems as though they put the base tix back on the KTTW even though we took them early.
  5. mickeynut1

    mickeynut1 DIS Veteran

    We requested early ticket pick up on our December 2010 trip and while we got exactly what we paid for, we did get a little surprise when we went to DHS after checking in for our package. When we tried entering DHS, we were denied entry due to our tickets being "upgraded". We were confused by this as we never upgraded anything, so we went to guest services and after about 10 minutes of the CM looking into it, he realized our "early" tickets were deactivated once we checked in for our package and our tickets were actually on our new KTTW cards. I guess once we checked in for our package, that voided the early tickets somehow. After finding this out, we entered DHS with no trouble and the rest of our trip was fine as well. Reading about your experience, it looks like there are still some things that need to be worked out with early ticket pickup and the computers.
  6. wdwfun!

    wdwfun! Active Member

    It is very odd that it takes so long for the CMs to figure out what is on your tix and then you leave not sure they are right. I did double check all my charges on our account and everything looks right but I came home with extra tix.
  7. mickeynut1

    mickeynut1 DIS Veteran

    I agree, some CMs know exactly what to do and others take a long time to figure things out and still aren't sure. I would consider the extra tickets a bonus, especially since you did bring it to the CM's attention and told her you already had your tickets and those shouldn't be on there. But with that said, I would be prepared when you go to use them that there is a possibility they aren't there, just in case the CM was confused and you really don't have the tickets. But if they are valid, enjoy them :).
  8. wdwfun!

    wdwfun! Active Member

    Yes, I agree. I don't have 100% confidence that the CM is correct about the tix being on there but then I also have the print out that the previous CM gave me when I added a day to the tix showing 2 day base tix being unused. All of our tix that we were using had been upgraded by that point.

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