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  1. ToonTagTrolleyDollie

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    Sep 3, 2010
    Me and my family are going on the magic med. cruise this august and so i was wondering what currency they take on the ship. Off the ship will probably be euros but i have no idea what it will be on.

    Okay...2 questions :rolleyes1

    It's my parents silver wedding aniversary a few days after we get back from our cuise so I really want to do something special for them! Any suggestions?

    Thanks a bunch :love:
  2. Scillycruisers

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    Jan 21, 2011
    1. You don't need currency onboard, everything is charged to your onboard account through your key card. Obviously the account has to be paid. We just use our CC that we set up during on-line check in, then we don't have to do anything as regards paying except check our account printout that is put in our stateroom.

    2. A meal at Palo or a bottle of champagne in their stateroom on boarding?

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