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June park hours

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by Donald duk, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. Donald duk

    Donald duk New Member

    I have just booked a 2 bedroom for June 14th 2010 through the 26th. Split stay, six nights at BLT and 6 nights at either Animal Kingdom Kidani Or Tree house villas depending on availability. Will book the second half on the 20th. Anyway I was just wondering if anyone has any Idea how late the parks are open on the EMH evenings that time of year.
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  3. Brer Shay

    Brer Shay compulsive Disney planner

    We were there this June 10-19. with EMH, MK was open until 2 am, Epcot until midnight, HS until midnight, and AK until 10 pm. The MK hours actually varied a little. On Friday 6/12 it was EMH and open until 1 am, and on Sunday, 6/14 it was open until 2 am.
  4. Donald duk

    Donald duk New Member

    Thanks, are there some nights when MK is open until 3am? We like to sleep late and stay late at the parks on vacation.

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