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June 2013 pin code watch !

Discussion in 'Disney Discount Codes and Rates' started by sydneysmom, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. woolf5150

    woolf5150 Earning My Ears

    I called and got the promo even on a non Disney Visa card. Saved $1200 on BC GV. I am glad I got this early since it appears there is a lot of action on the latest promo.
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  3. Harters2WDW

    Harters2WDW Member

    UGH. I just went to apply mine, the CM put me on hold for almost 15 minutes and then came back to say the systems couldn't access my reservation and to call back in 30 minutes. She rushed me off the phone (not even a "Have a Magical Day") and was gone. Ugh. Guess I'll try again tonight.
  4. sunsetbeachgal

    sunsetbeachgal Active Member

    This offer was no savings, actually more expensive, for us as we had previously booked At POFQ under Orbitz 20% spring sale..Also priced POR but same as what we paid with the discount...think part of the problem is that they say there are no standard rooms available...
  5. bluezy

    bluezy Active Member

    Got the e-mail from my TA at 8:00 this morning that she rebooked us with the deal!! Saved us about $500 at AoA. Had to switch to a Cars room instead of Nemo but she said some Nemo rooms might open when the discount is available to the general public. Hoping to get back to Nemo, but I'm willing to move to Cars for the discount!
  6. Ness2289

    Ness2289 <font color=red>I'm a little lost on this one...<b

    Hi, bluezy! Hope you were able to get your Nemo room back this morning. I called back and was able to get the standard room that I couldn't get when the Visa Discount window opened last week. I'm at POFQ so overall I only saved $114, but hey...that's $114 extra dollars to go toward my ADR's! I'm where I want to be and happy.

    During my conversation, the CM asked if I needed her to transfer me to dining. I told her I already had several ADR's made "just in case" I received a dining pin, but that didn't look like it was going to happen. She said don't give up hope, you never know what could happen. No, I didn't get excited about the comment because I honestly believe IT would have happened by now. I would be completely floored if some pin popped up in my inbox or mailbox. My final payment is due May 3. I can't imagine getting a pin THIS late in the game, and I've found it interesting that not one person has come to this thread saying they've received a pin.:sad2:

    Anyway, as I said before, I am happy and can't wait to get this party started!:woohoo:
  7. Irin997

    Irin997 Active Member

    I can't believe they haven't released any pins. It totally figures, the one time we are actually going and no pin. Oh well! I called with the new promo and saved $450 at POR for 7 nights. Can't wait!
  8. albrst

    albrst Member

    Nemo is not being included in this discount at all. I had to move to Lion King this morning but to save $500 it was worth it.


  9. bluezy

    bluezy Active Member

    My TA didn't think they would include Nemo rooms in the discount since they're always sold out. I haven't heard anything from her yet today so I'm sure there wasn't anything available at this point. I'm ok with Cars. I can always try to change at check-in if something is available.
  10. albrst

    albrst Member

    It was the TA that told me that Nemo wasn't being included when she checked today. :(

    It's okay, we aren't going for Nemo and $500 is a lot of money.


  11. tripinbrums

    tripinbrums 6 Minnie Ears!!

    They did offer Nemo suites. I had an existing ressie for Nemo but wanted the discount. I called at 6 on the dot(ct) and got through. CM applied discount and we saved $270. We are going 6-29. It could be that they ran out of those discounts for Nemo before you called. I would have switched for discount too.
  12. albrst

    albrst Member

    Well that's interesting, because when I got online and tried to book one at 6 am ET, it wouldn't let me. My TA called at 8 ET and said nope they were telling them they weren't included at all. I wonder if you just lucked out. I don't mind switching really. My kids aren't into any of the themes for this resort. We just needed a family resort because there are 6 of us and it was the best option. So I am happy to have saved almost $500 today.

  13. wdwmaw

    wdwmaw planin' next trip

    Just wanted to chime in here that I did receive a PIN code yesterday with pretty much the same promo offer as the summer offer and I am getting all the suites at AOA with availability for several dates in June and July that I just ran dates for. I am getting NEMO to pull up for more July dates than June dates so assume they really are sold out. Call back, you never know and don't give up hope.

  14. albrst

    albrst Member

    There are rooms available for the dates we are going just not for the discount. I got the same code you received with the same offer going on and when I put in my dates and select Nemo the price goes up. So who knows, lol.

    I am fine with the room we are in. We really aren't going for the theme of the room but for disney and for $500 less I can live with Simba versus Nemo, lol.

  15. gcoolie

    gcoolie I do believe in fairies!

    I received a 9 digit pin code by email yesterday. I priced out the same stay using the summer discount and the pin code. Staying in an AKL room, savannah view, 5-day MYW with park hopper from June 20-27... the savings with the pin code is $900 less than the summer discount. The pin code is good on stays from 4/28-8/14, but the summer one doesn't start until 6/15. Going deluxe, the discount is good. However, no monorail resorts came up.
  16. Ness2289

    Ness2289 <font color=red>I'm a little lost on this one...<b

    :banana:That's great! So glad to hear folks are receiving pin codes! I guess I can keep hope alive until May 3 (my balance due date)!!
  17. meliss8599

    meliss8599 Active Member

    Are people finding they're getting the better deal with the most recent PIN code or with the summer offer?
  18. Ness2289

    Ness2289 <font color=red>I'm a little lost on this one...<b

    Did you receive the pin after already having a reservation or had you still not made a reservation yet? I still fear that having a reservation already takes me out of the running for a pin. Thanks!
  19. ZoeisMommy

    ZoeisMommy ºoº Earning My Ears

    Well we got no pin code and couldn't get the GP summer offer due to lack of Nemo rooms :( here's to wishing the next 70 days brings us something good :)
  20. julluvsdisney

    julluvsdisney "A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you're f

    does anyone know the details of the new pin code? Im just wondering if its better than the spring deal? TIA:goodvibes
  21. gcoolie

    gcoolie I do believe in fairies!

    We had no reservations, nor had I been online plugging in trips on their website.

    I've seen some posts that state the pin wasn't that much less than the summer discount, but pricing it out for deluxe, it was a lot less. The email gave no details, just click the link and start booking to see your savings. It was also good for room only or packages.

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