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July 26, 2011 – 7 Night Alaska ~ Bears, Whales, Eagles and Ducks. Oh My!

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Meets' started by pjpoohbear, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. pjpoohbear

    pjpoohbear <font color=blue>Back in DVC point Debt!<br><font

    We'll get a better thread name soon I promise, send in your ideas!.

    I have a request in with DU for a cat 11. Sailing with old Friends, can't wait. To pass the time, I have been playing, need to have something in my signature, lol.

    I have cancelled this cruise, but will keep up this post until someone who is sailing volunteers to edit a different post on this page to include all this information, but will keep adding to the roll call as long as it is needed. I will also keep the website up until told it is no longer needed and will continue to add to it, as I have many friends sailing and it will be fun to plan along side them, and vicarious sail with you all.

    Vancouver FAQ thread

    Tip for overnighting in Seattle before the Am Amtrak train to YVR

    Excursion tips

    Vancouver with Kids



    FACEBOOK GROUP (Jhalkias creator, Thank You John)

    DIS_DCL_ALASKA_07_26_11 Website Ladies and Gents, this site will be a place to collect research for the upcoming cruise, easier then searching the thread.

    (if you would like to be included in the roll call, please PM the OP for which ever thread you join us.)

    John (OMG will be 51 at this time)
    Amy (I'm not telling)
    Sophia (will be 11 on 2/17/11) a millennial baby
    Rm 7122

    Mike [43]
    Lisa [44]
    William [12] 11/14/98
    Kaitlyn [10] 9/4/00
    Rm 5022

    Penny aka Pj (36)

    Mike (DH - 46)
    Robin (Me - 29+)
    Matthew (DS - 16)

    Lynnise (36)
    Diann (57)
    Valecia (34)

    Bob (DH) 54
    Nancy (DW) 49
    Shawn (DS1) 21
    Robert (DS2) 20

    Brian (my husband)
    Susan (me)
    Brianna (16 at time of cruise)
    Brandon (13 at time of cruise)

    myself- Sarah (34 at time of cruise)
    Mikayla (8 as of June 2011)
    Megan (3 will be turning 4 August 2011)
    My parents:
    Herb and Ruth (who would probably not be so pleased if I said there age)

    friend of tinkerbell
    DH Lester 51
    DW Michaela 39+
    DS Noah 11

    Annette (DW)
    cruising with
    Brack III (DS)
    Jennifer (DDiL)

    w/husband (Fred)

    MrsMork and Dr. Hugs

    Ben (DH - 49)
    Jenny (DW - 48)
    Lily (DD - 7, but 8 on the cruise)
    Dorothy (83 - going to Dubai to visit my nephew over Thanksgiving and Christmas!)

    DD (12)
    RM. 5628
    Deck 7

    Lori (44)
    DH - Denis (41)
    10th anniversary

    Robin<- me (40)
    DS 10
    DD 7

    Randall -dh
    Aidan (10) -ds
    2nd seating
    Cat 7, deck 7
    Celebrating Kate's Birthday

    3princessMommy & bigAWL
    Joann & Aaron
    Daughters Aged 9, 7, & 4
    Room: 6024/6026 (only one FE for both rooms)
    Restrictions: None
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  3. Bella2000

    Bella2000 <font color=blue>60 minutes feels like 5 on the DI

    I have always wanted to go to Alaska. DH is meh but that's not unusual. My daughter wanted to know why I would be discussing something that is SO far away. I said because I need the motivation early to save my money towards the cruise. So thanks for the thread to keep me motivated.
  4. pjpoohbear

    pjpoohbear <font color=blue>Back in DVC point Debt!<br><font

    Saving is good, looking at HAL, RCC and Princess cruise excursions, we will need too. I've already found several offered by multiple cruise lines that look very cool.

  5. wdhinn89

    wdhinn89 Mouseketeer

    Hoping the price is right for a cat 6 on this date :thumbsup2

  6. MrsMork

    MrsMork Proud Old Geezer

    I will be up early tomorrow to try and get a CAT 11 for DrHug and I. :yay::dance3: I think tomorrow will be crazy. I will be on line and on the phone. :surfweb:
  7. MrsMork

    MrsMork Proud Old Geezer

    PJ, we are not THAT old!! :laughing::rotfl::rotfl2:
  8. pjpoohbear

    pjpoohbear <font color=blue>Back in DVC point Debt!<br><font

    Notice the old was lower case the Friends was upper case, :hug:

  9. MrsMork

    MrsMork Proud Old Geezer

  10. MrsMork

    MrsMork Proud Old Geezer

    We are onboard! :woohoo: Cat 11C GTY. We will be spending time in the new area on deck 10 it seems. :thumbsup2 BRING ON THE BEAUTY!!! :yay:
  11. TnRobin

    TnRobin <font color=red>My body may be back in Nashville, Moderator

    Looks like we will be joining you.

    We have a SPH room. I was shocked when they were still available at noon. The CM says that there are 3 more left if anyone wants a window but doesn't want to pay for one.
  12. pjpoohbear

    pjpoohbear <font color=blue>Back in DVC point Debt!<br><font

    I have a sideways Cat 11b on deck 6, 6521, it is right near the elevator, but that could only be an issue on the first afternoon and last morning, I can handle that, np.

  13. "Got Disney"

    "Got Disney" <font color=blue>They’re like Lays chips...just ca

    wow a GTY already for a cat 11C .......that was fast.
    We are planning to book by monday for the same date. WE are going back and forth between this cruise and the Dream. Sure widh they had also put out the Dreams itenerary.

    We have wanted to do Alaska with Disney for a long time now. But we want to be on the new ship also. But Alaska on DCL...how much more fun could that be:cool1:

    We are looking at booking either 1 cat 5B and 1 11c across the hall or 2 adjoining cabins Cat 5C. Our boys at the time we sail will be 14 and 17. DH will be 56 and I will be 53.

    WE may be bringing one of their friends who will be 18. He is like our 3rd child. :hug:

    So who here has children and what are their ages????
  14. pjpoohbear

    pjpoohbear <font color=blue>Back in DVC point Debt!<br><font

    I bet once the PC is big enough one of the new ship will head west for at least a visit.

  15. MrsMork

    MrsMork Proud Old Geezer

    Welcome, Robin. :banana: We have children, but they are all grown up adults......no wait they are adults, not sure about the all grown up. They may wind up like us and never grow up! :lmao: We are thinking, just thinking at this point about bringing one of our grandsons with us. Aaron knows several of the kids sailing and would LOVE it. We have not mentioned it to him yet and won't for probably a year until we get back from the TA cruise and see how the $$ settles out. :rolleyes1
  16. pjpoohbear

    pjpoohbear <font color=blue>Back in DVC point Debt!<br><font

    Angie that is 5 girls who adore him and one little Aaron, is that really fair,;)

  17. MrsMork

    MrsMork Proud Old Geezer

    Well, since he adores them also I think he would be fine with it. We will see. Don't tell the girls yet either, don't want any disappointments if it doesn't work out. :cool2:
  18. Jhalkias

    Jhalkias <font color=darkgreen>DIS Geek<br><font color=indi

    Checking in PJ with my Geek buddies!

    We are on. Cat 7a, 7122 in the aft of the ship.

    There will be no shortage of 11 year old girls - my daughter Sophia and and least two others that I know of who have not checked in yet. Also some slightly younger ones.

    Our party-
    John (OMG will be 51 at this time)
    Amy (I'm not telling)
    Sophia (will be 11 on 2/17/11) a millennial baby

    Our son will be starting his medical residency on 7/1/11, he will be 24 at the time but will not be able to join us, and we do not even know where he will be doing said residency at that time.

    This should be a GREAT cruise, with WONDERFUL friends for us!
  19. MrsMork

    MrsMork Proud Old Geezer

    Oh, forgot the geezer ages....DrHug will be.....trying to do that much math....
    66 and I will be 61. Just 8 months shy of being able to collect those social security checks to pay for this stuff!! Aaron, should he get to go with us, will also be 11 along with all those cute:cutie: girls!princess: :lovestruc
  20. Jhalkias

    Jhalkias <font color=darkgreen>DIS Geek<br><font color=indi

    PJ - borrowed your graphic.


  21. "Got Disney"

    "Got Disney" <font color=blue>They’re like Lays chips...just ca

    PJ these are really cute, and many a time I have added lions and tiger and bears Oh my to a sentence that it applied to so this couldn't be more perfect :lmao:I may just have to be sure to go on this cruise just because of theses:rotfl:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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