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  1. Steph2527

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    Dec 9, 2009
    So heres the deal, any and all imput is appreciated!!
    DP and i would like to have our wedding (well, in disney terms, commitment ceremony) at WDW. We would LIKE to keep in under the 20 so that we can do the escape package, but i don't think thats going to happen, which i know automatically bumps it up to a wishes. We aren't sure about location, but we DO know we don't want it at the WP, just not our taste. It'll probably be around 30ish people, including kids (around 8 kids or so, ages 3-13). Any suggestions on a restaurant for the dinner? We aren't really interested in a formal reception. Do we know if Raglan Road does these sort of things? We don't need a "rented" out place, just a nice casual dinner with family and friends. Then we would like a illuminations dessert party. would all of this count towards the $12,000 (more in 2014 im assuming) that we have to meet? All of this is a little overwhelming, and I dont know where to start really! Any imput would be helpful!
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    The dessert party would count as long as it is on your wedding day. A casual dinner at a restaurant would not. For your meal, it would have to be a catered event through DFTW for it to count.

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