Is it really that much more $$$???

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by JealousTinkerbell, May 4, 2005.

  1. JealousTinkerbell

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    Mar 1, 2005
    Hi everyone, we (DBF and I) are looking at staying onsite in a value as opposed to offsite (Buena Vista Suites) Jan06. Is it going to be more expensive??? Also will the magical express thingie from the airport to resort and resort to airport still be running? At BVSuites we would have breakfast included but would have to pay for taxi to and from airport. both on and off have shuttle but on is more frequent....So I was thinking that not paying for the taxi to and from the airport would balance out the breakfast thing. We could get something from the grocery store for breakfast the day we arrive, after we check in or something..I don't know does anyone else do this?
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  3. kandmwedding

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    Sep 8, 2003
    Values are pretty inexpensive, especially during the value season. The most you'll be charged (rack rate) is $77 per night before tax. You can get it even cheaper than that if codes come out or if you have AAA or an AP. Barring any horrible glitches in the next 7 months, Magical Express will still be shuttling resort guests to and from the airport. As for breakfast, we always stop at a grocery store to grab food. But, ME will not stop there for you. You either need to hire a towncar service to take you to and from the airport (roughly $100 roundtrip plus tip) or take a taxi.
  4. ANTSS2001

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    Mar 1, 2005
    for the 1st time our friends are going with us on Sept and they decided to stay onsite. They always stay at the Holiday Inn maingate now Seralago and after I made inquiry for rates on Sept. They even are paying lower than Seralago since it was Value season and the equivalent of this hotel so we tried ASM and we got a price of $61 with AAA or $59 with AP discount. Which I think is cheaper since staying at Seralago they have to pay parking $8 every day for the park plus dont get the EMH unless e-tickets is still on and pay for it. Transportation will not be a problem since I have read alot of anx with the bus esp'ly since the Value resorts only have the Buses, they will be driving. But then I am not as well verse as the peopel here. It's so lil that I know and still learning :goodvibes

    PS: My sister just mentioned a $425 5 nites/ 6 days for hotel disney dining and park tickets. I have not exploited this information yet I will post anything I find about it. All I know was she was nagging me to get my vacation set by June 1st, I guess there's a deadline to use it. :confused3 Again I will get more info and will try to post it. Good luck.

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