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    We are staying at CBR and have a 8:05am breakfast ADR at 1900 Park Fare (GF). We are doing a "down day" at resort this day and DS5 wants to do CBR Pirate adventure cruise which starts at 9:30am. To help with transportation time we will drive our car over to breakfast. They open at 8:00am ---do you think it's possible we can eat (since it's buffet) and make it back to CBR for 9:30am pirate? ( I am aware that there is one that leaves GF at 9:30 too, but we were hoping to do one at CBR so DH and I can just relax at our resort. We aren't wanting to go to parks this day, so we'd have to kill 2+/- hrs at GF or just "riding monorail" if we did the GF one).
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    It'll be difficult. You may want to tell your server, since it's a buffet, that you'll pay early.

    Be aware that the self parking at the GF is terrible. It's across the street from the resort and there isn't a lot of room. Lots of times guests end up cruising around looking for parking. This may not be the case in the AM though when guests have gone to the parks.

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