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Info on who fits/who does not - for FJ - post here if you've been

Discussion in 'Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure Forums' started by Selket, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. Selket

    Selket <font color=blue>Yes I AM being whiney about not g

    I went through some of the threads here and compiled info on who said they fit and who didn't for FJ. I hope it is ok to try to paste the info in this first thread. It would be helpful if the thread isn't used for debate but just to post info on whether you attempted to ride (especially if you are bigger/taller) and if you were allowed or turned away!:thumbsup2

    Here are the reports I compiled from other threads:

    I attempted to ride it tonight. I am 5'9", 230 and carry most of my weight in the upper half of my body. I was not able to get my third click in the seat and then escorted out what I called the "fat people door."

    Now since I've been on it (twice) I'm only 5'10" 140lb... and *I* felt cramped in that seat.
    New here but I just wanted to add my opinion since I have actually dealt with the Forbidden seats. Chest and stomach size can be roughly 48-49 inches. Anything above will NOT fit. This is only if you are proportionately overweight. If you have a large chest or stomach that sticks out then you may not fit even at that size. A large rear can also cause a problem since the harness fits snugly against your thighs.

    I went again yesterday. My weigh in before going was 258 pounds. My height again, is 6'3. Waist size 38 with a size XL upper. I still felt hunched forward in the seat, and this time I noticed the harness pressing more on my upper pectorals, with still plenty of room around my stomach. I was turned away again.
    Just wanted to add our info: Greg was able to ride and he's 6'1" and around 260 lbs. They pulled him out of line to be tested every time and he easily got the 3 clicks.
    6 Feet exactly here, and under 300 pounds. I did not get 3 clicks.

    me and my buddy that went are both around 6'2", i think he may be close to 6'4" and we got on with no questions. My height is in my torso, his are in the legs, so I think that as long as your not Shaq your good

    I just wanted to post - I got to ride Forbidden Journey on Saturday.

    So for all you ladies of the, ahem, bustier variety, who are somewhere around 5'6" and roughly 227lbs - there's hope! (also, sorry for the tmi, but I'm about a 40DD - and, in my opinion, that makes a big difference in how the harness will fit you).

    DH is 5'7" and around 230 lbs, but yep, they caught him around the shoulders and chest. He tried 2 separate days, different attendants, and they couldn't push the harness down far enough to hear 3 clicks.

    We rode the Forbidden Journey a couple of times each morning. The largest people in our group were men. One was 6'3" and weighs 230 lbs. The other is 6'1" and weighs 210 lbs. We also had another man that was 5'10" and weighs at least 230. All men were able to ride this ride without any problems.

    i'm 5'9" 240 lbs. let me add that they did pull me out of line to sit in the test seat, they were very nice about it and had my whole family "tested". 2nd time in line, they pulled me out again, but i told them that i rode it once already and got the 3 clicks.

    I am one person who couldn't fit. I am 5ft 6in and o nly 225 lbs. But weight is in belly and butt. DH has belly and no butt. He fit fine and is 5ft 7in.

    I am 6'0 and 250lbs. Not a very muscular chest, but a fat belly. I'm a FATTIE. I said the word fattie...report me! Whiners. Anyway, I'm a fattie and I rode it just fine. It goes on your chest. Bigger than 52 inches and you won't be able to ride. Now if you're like my ex-wife and your belly goes into your chest...that could be a problem.

    My son is 6'3", weighs 245 lbs and he rode FJ last Saturday with no problems. My daughter & I are both size 16 and we had no problems.

    I was lucky, and knowing of the issues of size in this ride, made a beeline for the test seats outside the line. No dice. It really is body dimensions, not weight. I was traveling with my friend and my DH. DH is the same height as me (6'0")and outweighs me, but is a slim build with a long torso. He barely made it and had to shimmy around to keep his shoulders from preventing the bar from fully coming down. My friend wears the same size as me, but is 5'2" and had no trouble whatsoever. I couldn't fit. My friend and I have traded shirts and pants (she hemmed them up first, lol) with no issues.

    I was able to ride Sunday! I am 5'1" and 235. I tried the test seats outisde of the ride on Saturday and did not get a green light. DH and I waited in line with my mom on Sunday and I decided to try the test seats inside. Worst thing they could say is that I didn't fit, which I already knew. I got the harness down one click myself and the TM asked if I minded if she pushed on the harness. Of course I said I didn't and she got it to click three times.

    Today they were not pressing on the harness at all. They had 5 people within 2 minutes of me that all wanted to see a manager/lead because they waited 45 minutes to find out they couldn't ride. These were all individuals from different parties. A few days ago I got three clicks and now I got 1. Still on a strict diet and I didn't gain any weight since then. I've gone from 50 inch chest and stomach to 48 inches. So now it depends how much they want to push on the harness.
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  3. Albytaps

    Albytaps Mickey's Biggest Fan

    I'm wondering if I will fit in the FJ ride so hopefully we can get a streamlined report thread going here.

    No arguing in this thread please.

    I feel like I'm borderline to fit onto the FJ ride, my dimensions are:

    6'2" - 265lbs
    waist - 42
    chest - 50"
    gut - 50"
    thighs - should not be an issue with me

    I will have my first attempt at FJ next Thursday July 2nd and will report back soon after.
  4. damo

    damo <font color=red>Proud Redhead<br><marquee behavior

  5. Albytaps

    Albytaps Mickey's Biggest Fan

    Hmm, thanks Damo. It seems like the only topics that stick around are the controversial ones.
  6. Metro West

    Metro West <font color=red>Proud Redhead<br><font color=blue> Moderator

    I went ahead and merged the two threads since they are similar. :)
  7. bubba's mom

    bubba's mom <font color=red>Proud Redhead<br><font color=darko

    woohoo.....you rock!

    Thanks! :goodvibes
  8. Slacking

    Slacking Secretly has the hots for Bloody Mary

    From the locked thread:

    My waist is 42 inches, chest is less than 50. I'm 6 feet, and at the time was 275 pounds (270 now, yay). I did not fit.
  9. Clifton

    Clifton Earning My Wizardhat

    I'm 5'9", 230-35 with a max 47" chest, same with gut (unless I suck it up lol) and 40" waist. And I just rode FJ :thumbsup2

    They didn't even get me on the test seats as we all slid by. I actually find the seats more comfy then the coaster seats (Hulk/DC). Maybe I went where the TMs weren't by the book or it was luck.
  10. ilovefh

    ilovefh Is it Disney time yet?

    This is me! Just for a little added info...I am fairly large chested, but it was my thighs that the harness got stuck on. And because of this we didn't buy the picture...the harness squished my thighs and made them look like huge pancakes!:rotfl::rotfl:
  11. phamton

    phamton <font color=red>Proud Redhead<br><font color=teal> Moderator

    Remember that this thread is not for debating but for listing if you could ride or not and your size. Any posts that bring up arguments will be deleted and infractions given for "restarting a closed thread." The last thread debating this was closed so please do not add any arguments into this one.

    Now on to my husband's experience. He is 6'1" and 275 lbs. His pants size is 44" waist. He was able to ride.
  12. kytiam

    kytiam New Member

    I had serious doubts whether I would be able to ride while planning this trip and while standing in line, but I got to ride!!!! :cool1:
    I'm female, shaped a little like the dancing smilie guy at the end of the previous sentence. 5'4" 220 pounds. Size 18W to 20W depending on the brand. Mostly belly and butt--not much bust that isn't fat. The first day I rode, I was wearing lightweight cotton shorts and fit fine. The second day I wore bluejean short with embellished pockets, etc. and it was a bit tighter.
    Also, DH who is 5'7" got to ride. He won't tell me what he weighs, but he recently purchased size 42" shorts and 18" neck shirts.
  13. CLPClarinet

    CLPClarinet My heart belongs to Severus Snape

    I could ride:

    Height: 5'5"
    Biggest part of chest: 42"
    Waist: 37"
    Biggest part around hips/stomach/butt: 47"

    the tightest part was around my thighs, but my upper body had plenty of room.
  14. phamton

    phamton <font color=red>Proud Redhead<br><font color=teal> Moderator

    Yay!!! :)
  15. bubba's mom

    bubba's mom <font color=red>Proud Redhead<br><font color=darko

    At least you DID get to ride! :thumbsup2

    I never thought of the difference between denim shorts & jersey shorts.... :scratchin
  16. MadeToLove

    MadeToLove The Ultimate Potterholic

    Just got back today.

    I rode FJ 4 times. I'm not the biggest person who got to ride it, but I do have rather large thighs.

    Day one, rides 1 & 2, Got the harness down three clicks on my own, no problems

    Day two, ride 3 Harness stopped at two clicks but they asked if it was okay to click the third, no problem, no pain. I think my problem that day was a). my thighs were on the outer edge (I was thinking they's get caught if closer to middle) and I had things in my pockets. But I got to ride

    Day three, ride 4 Same problem as day before, two clicks. They didn't force it down though, and didn't say anything as it wasn't jiggling when they tugged so I was ok.

    So my suggestion for big thighs.... Keep them closer to the center where the harness is a bit roomier for the thigh area and take everything out of thigh area pockets.

    (Sorry, I'm not willing to give you guys my dimentions at this time.... a girl has to have some secrets):rotfl2:
  17. TaylorsDad

    TaylorsDad New Member

    Hey Made,
    How about a full trip report?
  18. MadeToLove

    MadeToLove The Ultimate Potterholic

    I'll get to it, got to catch up on threads first, but I had an awesome time (minus the heat exhaustion) and will share, promise.
  19. orlandoinside

    orlandoinside New Member

    I rode it without even expecting to! I went through the que line just to take pictures. I had a large camera sack around my waist like a fanny bag. I figured once I got to the ride they would tell me I could not because of my bag and I'll be shown the exit.

    But they did not. So I hopped in the seat and they slammed the harness right down on my camera bag, ouch! :scared1:

    I'm 5 foot 11, 170 lbs. I fit easy, but my shoulders did not touch the top of the harness because the camera bag was holding it up a bit, like not enough clicks down.

    So, if you have a waist bag and it's on the front of your waist, it's going to get smashed down by the harness thing. I don't think you have enough room to turn it so it's on the side of your hip. :rolleyes:
  20. Disney Padawan

    Disney Padawan Imagining Imagineering. RCT3 Coaster Designe

    Hi, so are you saying you got to ride on day 3 with only 2 clicks? If so, then that's great that they're finally doing this!!! That can only mean that more people will get to ride!!! :woohoo:
  21. MadeToLove

    MadeToLove The Ultimate Potterholic

    Yes, but I wouldn't get too excited about it. I think the oversite may have been lazy TM syndrome. They tugged, it didn't move, they didn't care. but the TM the day before pushed in a bit. Every TM is going to have a different tolerance level.

    I would say that I'm overweight, maybe even obese technically, but I don't look that big compared to some because my weight is evenly distributed. I was never pulled out of line to try the seats, and I would have been fine if I didn't have all that stuff in my cargo pants pockets and had sqeezed my thighs closer to the center. I'm only saying this because I don't want someone getting their hopes up that they've loosened up the standards.

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