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Idea for 2014 Exchange(s) -- feedback, please?

Discussion in 'Exchanges' started by NEDisneyFans, Nov 18, 2013.

  1. NEDisneyFans

    NEDisneyFans New Member

    I'll post this in the crafting area as well, but wanted to start here, as I am enjoying the 2013 Ornament Exchange currently in progress.

    What I'm thinking of is more like a cookie exchange, where each person makes a single type of cookie (usually 6 or 12 per participant) and ends up with multiple types of cookies for their own use, the underlying idea that it is easier to make* more with a single "recipe" than one each of many different "recipes"/designs.

    This would be a hybrid of an exchange, a swap, and an FE exchange . . . maybe with several themed "rounds" such as Disney, Gingerbread, Santa, Angels, Snow (flake/men), Religious, etc.

    Upon sign-up, each participant would indicate how many ornaments they wanted to make* (say, six or 12), with size categories (mini, less than 2"; standard, 2-5"; jumbo, 5" plus), and would be sorted into groups of that many participants. Each person would receive back one of their own ornaments as well as one each made by the others in the group.

    Finally, I'd probably kick this off with sign-ups for the first round in the Summer (Christmas in July and all).

    So -- what do you think? :scratchin

    -- Ali

    *Make = hand-crafted. Participants would, of course, be free to purchase hand-crafted ornaments if desired, as long as they were all the same design for a particular group, so this would be open to the "non-crafty" as well!
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    Sent you a pm.

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