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Iconic Restuarants that are no more.

Discussion in 'Community Board' started by aprincessatlast, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. tvguy

    tvguy Question anything the facts don't support.

    Yeah, A & Ws used to close for the winter here. Now they are year round, and the big thing now is they are Combo KFC/ A& W Restaurants.
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  3. mfd25wife

    mfd25wife New Member

    We loved King Henry's Feast. We still have one of DH's certificates. :rotfl:

    There are still a few Shoney's around, but not many and not here anymore. They dropped the Big Boy off the ones here long before they ever closed, but when we were in St. Louis, they still had a Big Boy. I remember having one of those Big Boy dolls and then by the time I worked for Shoney's, we had bears.

    We still have Hardees, Little Caesars (not the most popular, but very cheap), Burger King. We still go to Krispy Kreme stores when we are in Memphis. We can get the donuts here, but they are trucked over and there is just nothing like getting one when the sign is lit. yum!!!!!!
  4. mfd25wife

    mfd25wife New Member

    Here, it is a combo of KFC/Taco bell and A&W/Long John Silvers.
  5. aprincessatlast

    aprincessatlast New Member

    That is funny you mention that. Some of the restuarants we mentioned are still open in other parts of the country.

    Godfathers was one that we loved and they all closed down in our region. We were once traveling on a road trip and my DH saw one and turned the car around and we had to eat there. The funny thing it was no way near as good as we remembered it.:rotfl:Then again it never is!
  6. GusGus77

    GusGus77 New Member

  7. charming23

    charming23 New Member

    I miss

    Mountain Jacks
    Chi Chi's
    Big Boy

    We recently got back a Ground Round about 30 mins away, tons of Little Ceasers popped up, and we have a Houlihan's close by
  8. DisneyFan32WI

    DisneyFan32WI <font color=blue>Sometimes I just like to be plain

    Big Boy

    I wonder if it was just local to us though.
  9. Micca

    Micca <font color=darkcoral>You gotta love a great plan

    Trader Vic's was my favorite restaurant of all time. There aren't many left in the U.S. We ate at the one in Chicago a few years ago, but it wasn't quite as good as I had remembered. Still, I would jump at the chance to eat at any of their locations again just for the Menehune Juice.:)
  10. NC State

    NC State New Member

    Another vote for Steak and Ale. I loved their steaks and lobster.
  11. DisneyFan32WI

    DisneyFan32WI <font color=blue>Sometimes I just like to be plain

    Just thought of another one: Ed Debevic's (Where they dance, make fun of you, etc)
  12. Minnesota!

    Minnesota! <font color=blue>Shoeless in Minnesota<br><font co

    There is a Zantigo in DT St. Paul....we go once in a while and it is good and fresh. Are you talking about the one in WBL closing? I always thought that was in such a weird location.

    And my kids love the A&W in Little Canada....

    We were shocked to see KFC closed (we get our Xmas Eve meal there...) but it will be interesting to see how Popeye's does.

    I do not remember York Steak House. But we used to go to Mr. Steak as a "treat" and, this might have been just local, but Bali Hai was a restaurant that was pretty cool. Polynesian. Went out of business before I could legally try any pineapple drinks ;)

    Rax used to be around, and I LOVED Chi-Chi's. We would go every Friday night. I always got the Enchiladas Tampico. I loved their sweet corn cakes, too. And the chips and salsa.

    Stuart Anderson was always good for a cheap date with the coupons they sent out. And we liked Embers for cheap dates, too. Those are gone from my neck of the woods, too.

    I think they are good...better than Taco Bell, for sure. Wouldn't hurt for you to make a run by there next time you are in town.
  13. mjantz

    mjantz New Member

    Tippens. Great food & awesome pies. The one that closed here stood empty for years, taunting me.
  14. usnuzuloose

    usnuzuloose <MARQUEE BEHAVIOR=ALTERNATE><img src= http://photo

    There was an original A&W on freeport. We knew the owner. Then one day we drove by and it had burnt down. That was so sad.
  15. tvguy

    tvguy Question anything the facts don't support.

    Here Taco Bells are comboed with Pizza Hut. Never ween a Long John Silvers in a combo, always stand alone.


  16. spacemountainmom

    spacemountainmom New Member

    Yes, I was talking about the WBL one. It's on the way when I go to my mom and dad's so I was sad it was gone. I guess there is another mexican joint in there, my parents said it was pretty good. I haven't tried it yet.

    I love the Rice St. A & W too. The kids and I go there for lunch in the summer.

    I cannot wait for the Popeye's to open on Suburban. It's too dang far to go to Lake Street for lunch. We'll make a run once every six months or so on a weekend. I hope they do well. The Lake Street location is ALWAYS busy.

    York Steak House was at Maplewood Mall and Rosedale and if I remember right they closed while I was in high school so during the mid-80's. You might be too young. I remember going to Mr. Steak for dinner as a kid. The Bali-Hai was a classic east metro restaurant. My parents went there many, many times. I never had the pleasure.

    I don't even remember RAX being here, my dh does but doesn't remember where they were located. I don't think I've ever been to a Chi Chi's and cannot fathom where they were located either.

    I liked Stuart Anderson's. I think the empty building still sits there in Roseville. I loved the Emburger Royale so I miss that place too.

    It's kind of sad when you realize that so many places we went to as kids/teens/young adults are no longer there. I just thought about the Bridgeman's that used to be on Larpenteur, now it's a liquor store. My dh and I had our first date at Arnold's. Miss that place!
  17. tvguy

    tvguy Question anything the facts don't support.

    I think I sent a news crew to that fire.
  18. spacemountainmom

    spacemountainmom New Member

    We had the KFC/A&W combo, but it changed to just being a KFC. We also had a Taco Bell/Long John Silver combo, but now it's just Taco Bell
  19. Gumbo4x4

    Gumbo4x4 <font color=blue>Note to the ladies who forgot to

    TB and PH are mostly stand alone here other than at the airport.

    The few AW and LJS still left are all combos. They used to all be stand alone.
  20. Minnesota!

    Minnesota! <font color=blue>Shoeless in Minnesota<br><font co

    Ha! I was just coming back to post about Bridgeman's! I grew up going to the one on Larpenteur (and that's now where I buy my beer!!). oooh...I forgot about Arnold's in NSP - we used to love it there. And the chinese place there now stinks. There will be a Popeye's by Mplwd Mall, too. That's the one closest to us. Rax was in Sun-Ray - right by where Target is now. I think it was Baker's Square afterwards. I grew up going to a daycare on 3rd and White Bear, and she used to take us to Rax. Chi's Chi's...there was one by Maplewood Mall - it's Acupulco now, and one behind Rosedale...well, more behind Babies R Us.

    There used to be a Jerry's Fried Chicken on WB Ave and Larp, too. I had a few dates there and I worked there for a minute!
  21. spacemountainmom

    spacemountainmom New Member

    That's funny, I was just thinking about Jerry's today too as I was reading this thread. DH and I lived on English for a short time and used to go to Jerry's.

    Was Acupulco Chi Chi's after it was Esteban's?? I guess I am blanking out the Chi Chi's years.

    My mom and dad will be happy to hear that Popeyes is coming to Maplewood. That would be closer for them.

    I just can't picture Rax, but we didn't go over to Sun-Ray area too often growing up. Remember when IHOP was in the Sun-Ray parking lot? We did go there for breakfast every once in a while.

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