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I want to tell the world about WISH -- or at least NC

Discussion in 'Events/Competition' started by getnthinr, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. getnthinr

    getnthinr Mouseketeer

    There's a very cool event going on in Raleigh called Ignite Raleigh. The premise is you have 5 minutes and 20 slides to enlighten the world on any topic, but the only way you get to speak is if you are voted in.

    I want to talk about WISH and how the Web enabled me to go from fat-and-frightened to Marathon finisher. I need for you to vote for my presentation. It doesn't cost anything -- and there's no money in it for me, either -- but your vote is the only way I can speak. (I hate popularity contests.)

    So please, if you can make the time, go to:

    http://vot ing.igniteraleigh.com and vote for the title "Everything I Know about Web 2.0, I Learned From the Disney Marathon." It's probably on page 2 -- it was ranked 25th the last time I looked. I almost forgot -- you can "spend" up to 3 votes on me.

    If you vote, I get to brag on all of you! :yay::banana::yay::banana::yay::banana:
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  3. ksoehrlein

    ksoehrlein Once (and Future?) CM

    How cool! Just gave you some votes. Best of luck!
  4. WDWFAN9

    WDWFAN9 Mouseketeer

    What an awesome idea. I voted!
  5. momoftwogirls

    momoftwogirls Member

    Good Luck Wendy! I gave you all the votes I could.

    Your story is one that inspired me to do many of my races. You really are amazing!
  6. Sarah_Rose

    Sarah_Rose Mouseketeer

    Ok, this is entirely a nitpick (and I voted for you anyway!) but your title is a bit misleading. Web forums such as the DIS are NOT Web 2.0, in a technical sense. Web 2.0 refers to more dynamic content that can be manipulated by individual users (like dragging your route in Google Maps, or editing a Wikipedia article, or clicking "likes this" on Facebook), whereas forums (even pretty and high-functioning ones such as the DIS) rely on more primitive internet technology that has been around for decades.

    Total nitpick. Sorry! :lmao:

  7. getnthinr

    getnthinr Mouseketeer

    You are entirely correct, Sarah -- Web 2.0 is not really about forums, but certainly it includes podcasts and blogging, both of which are offered on the DIS. I also thought I might talk about how my own marathon timeline was related to the progression of the "Internet community" -- I started on a listserv, then moved to forums, then facebook and twitter (because web 2.0 is about collaboration) -- and so forth.

    I think the primary emphasis though at Ignite Raleigh is edutainment -- teach a little, make 'em laugh, inspire 'em.

    But good for you that you are so web 2.0 savvy! You are the techno-girl!!!
  8. syko

    syko Mouseketeer

    I just voted for you.
  9. Sarah_Rose

    Sarah_Rose Mouseketeer

    :cheer2: I should probably read more than you 50 word blurb before I go and spout off about web technologies, eh? I work at a museum that is trying to harness the 2.0, but just fails every once in awhile, so I've become way too sensitive to the issues that get argued at least twice a month in two hour meetings! :lmao:

    It is an awesome topic, though, and I hope you get the chance to speak!

  10. MouseDogMom

    MouseDogMom Mouseketeer

    3 more votes submitted! I want to come if you get to speak!

  11. ghoulishgirl

    ghoulishgirl I love Halloween and am afraid of butterflies

    Another 3!
  12. goofyinohio

    goofyinohio Mouseketeer

    Put me down for 6. 3 from here and 3 from my iphone. We'll just count them as my wife voting and me voting. :thumbsup2
  13. Kirsty-Leigh

    Kirsty-Leigh Member

    3 from me! good luck Wendy :) you were second when I left :)
  14. syko

    syko Mouseketeer

    Wendy Your number 1 :woohoo::cheer2:

    Lets see if we can keep you there!!!!!!
  15. jbucci

    jbucci Mouseketeer

    3 more from me, you were in 1st by one vote when I left :thumbsup2
  16. dsnyfan21

    dsnyfan21 I'd rather be on Main Street in WDW!

    Wendy I put my 3 votes in from my laptop and that put you #1!!! I will put more from each computer I can get to!!!

  17. amykab

    amykab <font color=royalblue>Congrats to ALL the losers t

    3 from me so far..I will try for some more tomorrow!
  18. Duanerice

    Duanerice Mouseketeer

    You got my 3 votes.

  19. kareneast

    kareneast Mouseketeer

    Very cool Wendy! I just gave you my 3 votes.....your still in 1st place and now have 233 votes.
  20. ultramickeymouse

    ultramickeymouse Mouseketeer

    Wendy: I voted 6 times for you!

    BTW: How I did this was voting 3 votes on IE browser and 3 votes using Firefox.

    You are #1 now!
  21. amykab

    amykab <font color=royalblue>Congrats to ALL the losers t

    Another 3 from me!!

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