I need help planning for a small group.

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Oathkeeper13, Jul 13, 2012.

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    Oct 2, 2011

    This is my first time planning a trip to Disney by myself, and of course I had to go the challenging route and try to work out the logistics for three people arriving from two different states, all staying in one room. So please bear with me I have a lot of questions and would greatly appreciate any help or guidance.

    I have decided to go with two of my best friends from college on a Disney Vacation/reunion. The problem we have is with logistics. We live in different states that are far enough apart that it would be a major inconvenience for us to try and take the same flight. I have heard that when you book through Disney they can help you get separate flights even if you plan on staying in the same room. I am a little concerned about this because the last few times I have flown with Disney no physical plane tickets were sent and we had to retrieve them from a kiosk in the airport, this could be a problem as the trip will most likely be placed on one credit card. Should we each book our own airfare on outside travel sites.
    Have any of you done this? How did it work out? Any tips?

    Once we get to Orlando we know we want to use Disney's Magical Express. If we book on outside travel sites can we still get the magical express?

    Now for my final question. I know that we probably won't be able to get our flights to land at the same time. How does that work. Should we hang out at the airport till the others arrive so we can take the magical express, or is it better to send someone ahead to the hotel. Would they even let us check in if only one person shows up?

    Thanks you so much for your help.
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    If it were me, I'd book my own flights (separate from the vacation package from Disney). You shouldn't have any problems with ME by doing that, provided that you are flying into MCO and staying at an onsite resort. If the arrival times of the rest of the party are not reasonably close to each other, I would probably go to the hotel individually rather than hang around the airport for hours.
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    I agree with pp, each of you should book your own flights directly with the airline of choice.

    Make the Disney hotel reservation with everyone's name on it so each person can check in solo if need be.

    When making the hotel reservation, add Magical Express for the other people; you will need their flight information. You can call later and add the info if you don't have what you need at the time. You can mail their vouchers and luggage tags for ME, or they can check in at the ME desk if they didn't receive them in time (pretty sure about that.)

    Everyone can head to WDW on their own and enjoy the pool, or wait at the airport (why???) Even if someone arrives before check-in time (4:00), they can store the luggage for you and you can enjoy the pool.

    Have a blast!
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    I never allow anyone to book my flights for me...I want control over those flights. So....have each person book each flight. If you need to be able to use one credit card, then let each person give the credit card holder the flight info...that person can then book for each person. But in all reality??? It's really best if everyone books their own flight.
    You should be able to search around and find flights that arrive at around the same time. Or, you can each just take DME to the resort when you arrive..no need to wait for everyone to arrive.
    Now....here's the issue. The DME packet (with vouchers and tags) will be sent to the person making the resort reservation. That person can then send out the vouchers and luggage tags to the others...but that can take time. DME usually gets the packet out to you about a month before travel..then it will take a few days to get to each person from that primary person.
    You do need to reserve DME ahead of time...best to do when you book your room. You can let them know flight details later on.

    So, it all depends on how much time is between the flights. There is a very nice, comfy area, right beside DME, where you can sit and relax. You can stop along the way, from your gate, and grab a drink and/or a bite to eat if you have awhile to wait. If it's less than an hour or so until everyone else arrives, I would just wait at MCO.

    As far as getting tickets ahead of time.....when you book now, you pretty much get a piece of paper that you have printed out at home. That is your boarding pass. You seldom get actual 'tickets' anymore.

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