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Discussion in 'The DIS Unplugged Podcast' started by mjtm610, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. mjtm610

    mjtm610 Mouseketeer

    Sep 11, 2004
    Ok....now I'm really angry!
    Last week I tried to get through for the Fantasy preview. Site crashed.
    Yesterday, I tried to get through for the preview....site crashed. Then I went on the site Kathy gave out....only to have my annual pass declined. My annual passes, which I renewed last June, paid for in full last June are not eligible for the preview because they have not been "activated"
    Having thought about this earlier, I had spoken with 3 different CM's, one from DVC, one from Passholder's hotline, and one from somewhere I got transfered to. They all told me 'Don't worry....you're fine"
    Now today when I called to give "feedback" I wait online for 32 minutes only to get a lousy connection and a snotty sounding woman who said "sorry, that's out of my control here's another number to call"
    I would like to vent further.....so I wonder who to vent to? I am tired of Disney catering to everyone BUT their loyal customers.
    I think I'm turning into a Pete!
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  3. baby1disney

    baby1disney DIS Veteran

    May 1, 2007
    I'm sorry you're experiencing this, but have you tried guest relations or something to that affect?? Maybe try again today to see if you get in and see what happens or call the number on your AP and see what they can tell you,,if you already haven't.
  4. disney david

    disney david DIS Veteran

    Apr 7, 2010
    I am sure you got the email from Disney apologizing and saying they will come up with more preview days and open up another chance next week to sign up.

    This was the email hope this help and gives you the chance to go to see it.

    We are aware that you may have experienced challenges while trying to sign up for a New Fantasyland preview earlier this week. We understand how precious your time is and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.

    The demand for New Fantasyland has exceeded even our expectations and we are working quickly to create additional preview opportunities. We expect to be able to provide more details by the middle of next week via email, as well as at www.disneyworld.com/passholder and on our Disney World Passholders Facebook page.

    We value the special relationship we have with you as a Passholder and want to assure you that we are committed to making every experience you have with us the best it can possibly be.

    Debbie Bellavia-Hart
    Director, Guest Experience Services
  5. *NikkiBell*

    *NikkiBell* The WDW Merchandise Walking Bible Moderator

    Jun 27, 2005
    Here's how to contact Guest Relations:

    Walt Disney World Guest Communications
    P.O. Box 10,040
    Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-0040

    Disney Guest Relations - 407-824-4321

  6. mjtm610

    mjtm610 Mouseketeer

    Sep 11, 2004
    I forgot to Thank you for the info.....haven't heard anything as of yet. I'm sure they're busy.
    Disney is such a huge corporation.....I can't believe how poor their website/email are

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