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I have an Apple Ipod question.

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by tikilyn, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. tikilyn

    tikilyn New Member

    I'm already gathering info from my soon to be 9yr old dd for christmas. One of the items on her wish list is an Apple Ipod. She wants an itouch but I think not (at least until she's older). So I'm looking at an 8 gig nano. On the Apple site they have the refurbs for 99.00. Thats a great price:cool1:! But my question is what type of packaging will it come in (clear case or card board box)? I know stupid question but dd knows the new ones come in a clear case and it really matters to her (not to me) if it comes in the cool clear case (her words not mine) don't ask my why, either.

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  3. aprhj

    aprhj Second to the right and straight on til morning

    I don't know about the I-pods, but my refurb I-phone did not come in the I-phone box, just a generic AT&T cell phone box. Hate to say it but the I-pods probably are the same way. See if you can find out why she like the cool, clear case, I would think it would quickly find its way to the trash, unless a friend of hers has done something neat with it. If really the case is not a huge deal, although most things at 9 are, you could gift it in a really cool way like inside one of the double balloons from a florist being held by a stuffed animal with the ear buds rubberbanded to its ears.
  4. Dashzap

    Dashzap New Member

    I quickly got frustrated with 8 gig for my son. A few CDs worth of music, a movie, a couple of TV shows, and I had to start deleting to add stuff. Consider a larger amount of memory.
  5. casndan

    casndan New Member

    Make sure she really wants an iPod, I only say this because there is so much more that you can do on an iTouch, specifically download games and so forth, I understand not wanting to pay that much for a child so young but I'd make sure she really wants an iPod that can only play music.
  6. tikilyn

    tikilyn New Member

    I found the info! It's actually listed on the site. It says it comes in a new white box! I was just talking to dh about the whole clear case issue and he just looks at me and shakes his head:lmao:. Maybe I can find a clear case to put it in. Anyways, dh said the same thing about the size and I should just get the 16gig for her instead. All I could say was budget hunny, I'm working on a budget here:lmao:.
  7. The Thomas Fam

    The Thomas Fam New Member

    I just bought a refurb 2g Ipod Shuffle (2nd generation) and it works great. I got the 2g to hold more music. I didn't want the nano b/c I have no desire to watch videos. It was sent in a regular Ipod apple box.
  8. chabs

    chabs New Member

    I am also doing the Ipod debate. DD wants the Itouch but I don't want to pay that much for one. I guess I don't really "get" the difference between the two. I have her mostly talked into the Nano but I think I might go for the 16GB. It's only $50 more (refurbished) and you get twice as much memory. I guess the outside covers are new too-so the kids don't really know that they are not brand new.
  9. 3boymthr

    3boymthr New Member

    I bought the refurb 4G iPod Nano last year for DS (13) as a bribe to get him to go to summer camp (he'd get the ipod and one song for every day he went without arguing with me - he thought he was old enough to stay home alone :rolleyes1 ). Any way it came in an apple box. We've been very happy with it. He has to earn the songs so he's no where near to filling it up even though it's been a year.:thumbsup2
  10. CyndiLooWho

    CyndiLooWho New Member

    As long as you aren't doing things with the video, an 8 gig is great. It holds hundreds of songs (I only have about 4 gigs full on mine). I think the screen is too dran small to really enjoy a movie or tv show on it.
  11. pixiewings71

    pixiewings71 <marquee><font color=deeppink>Sweet!!! Totally!!!!

    I have a refurbed shuffle, I love the size but wish it held more. Anyway, it came in a standard white Ipod box.
  12. Kies99

    Kies99 I Can has Cheezburger???

    Since you've got time, keep and eye on www.woot.com. They frequently have MP3 Players out there and sometimes they have Ipod.

    Back on March 30, I got the last generation (5.5) Ipod Video for $99. It was supposedly refurbished, but you could've fooled me. It looks and works brand new. Granted, it came in a generic brown box, but it was 30gb and plays video.
  13. njsweetP

    njsweetP New Member

    Check out www.yugster.com... they have a 4GB Sandisk Sansa on sale for 29.97 & 5. shipping today only that Amazon is selling for 99. It's gotten good reviews also. I don't own it (have the touch), but thought it was a good value.
  14. runningtodisney

    runningtodisney The Running to Disney Podcast

    I used to wonder about the difference between pod and touch before I got a touch and later and iPhone. The touch is awesome. It does everything you can do on the iPhone, except the phone part. Download apps, play games, surf internet, facebook, twitter, etc etc. Potential makes it worth the added cost.
  15. Ava

    Ava New Member

    Except you can only surf the internet, check e-mail, or use the YouTube feature on the iPod Touch if you can pick up a free wireless internet signal. I love my Touch, but I rarely use the web features on it because I can never get a signal when I'm out and about. When I'm home I might as well just use my computer.
  16. Ladygator

    Ladygator New Member

    We got refurbished ipods for our 3 kids about 2 1/2 years ago for Christmas and they have worked great! The only difference is that you can't engrave it and I guess the packaging but my kids were just thrilled to get them. They never realized they were refurbished and it comes with a great warranty. We will definitely go that route again when we get another one.
  17. disneymom2003

    disneymom2003 New Member

    One more quick thing. I would hesitate to buy the Touch for a 9 year old because of the screen. My son works at Apple and says they see quite a few screens that are damaged. Not sure a 9 year old is careful enough.
  18. Kitzka

    Kitzka New Member

    I think this is a YMMV. A good friend got a touch for his 9 year old daughter as her only b-day gift (she also did not have a aprty). She got a clear screen film/protector and a case. Her screen looks loads better than my iphone screen (and i baby my phone). She has had the phone for a year and doesn't abuse it at all.

    my DD is a litle more careless so she won't be getting an upgrade from her 2nd generation nano for a while yet.

    To the OP-i know what you mean about the packaging being important to your 9year old. DD's nano came in the clear packaging and i have no idea what she does with it. she just think it looks cool. i think the itouches don't come in such cool packaging. but the refurbished are so worth the discount.

  19. kellia

    kellia New Member

    We've gotten 3 'refurbs', they all came looking like new in a new box and are still going strong. We got 2- 2g Nano's, and one 30g (huge and ugly, but it just stays in the car).
  20. chabs

    chabs New Member

    I found a great deal on buy.com. They have the 30GB classic on sale for $99 (black or white-I bought the white one for my DD). You have to pay through paypal because it's actually $149 minus $50 if you pay through paypal. I think this offer is good until 6/26. The refurbished ones from buy.com come in a brown box but they have new outside covers and come with the charger for the computer and earbuds.

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