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Hulu Plus discussion

Discussion in 'The DIS Unplugged Podcast' started by DSNY4ever, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. DSNY4ever

    DSNY4ever <font color=darkorchid>I am going to keep hunting

    I just finally listened to the show where they discussed this and while I agree with most that was said about 6 months ago we dropped cable completely and just got an antenna w/ Hulu Plus and Netflix and we are saving a TON of money. I was hesitant at first, but now I love it. I don't think I will ever go back to paying the high cable prices.

    I totally understand how there is no point if you already have regular cable though- but for those that are willing to take the plunge, it is a super savings!
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  3. PinkBudgie

    PinkBudgie <font color=deeppink>Expert Disneyland Snowball Ma

    I agree, Hulu is a good choice if you don't get tv. We got rid of cable and dish several years ago. We just have Netflix now (dvd and instant). That gives us plenty of show and movies to watch with no commercials. We also have Amazon Prime. We talked about Hulu Plus and can see the benefit of it, but for now we have too much to watch anyway. We do use regular Hulu to keep up on some of our current favorites, like Revenge. For Downton Abbey, we watch on PBS.org. We have lots of choices for little extra money and lot less commercials.
  4. wgeo

    wgeo That's the kind of day where you can't open your m

    I agree, I believe everyone talking about it on the podcast was coming from the perspective of Hulu Plus as an addition to cable. That doesn't make much sense. However, everyone that I know (ourselves includes) that have Hulu Plus, have it because we have cut out cable tv to save money, so Hulu Plus is a pretty cheap way to get a lot of access to entire seasons of many shows. Since we don't have cable and hence no DVR anymore, having entire seasons of current shows to watch is great.
  5. dawnhaze

    dawnhaze New Member

    I have Hulu Plus and regular cable... My DVR is unreliable and has small storage space. Also, Hulu Plus allows me to watch on my mobile devices, which my cable company doesn't have an app to do.
  6. jennbunn

    jennbunn New Member

    I have cable and netflix but will be adding hulu plus later this month to watch the relaunch of all my children and one life to live. I tend to watch more tv on my tablet lately and this will be a good option for me.
  7. wdwfreeksince88

    wdwfreeksince88 Only An Hour From The House Of Mouse

    I understand using these services for tv and movies. But what about live events? Such as ball games and races?
  8. PinkBudgie

    PinkBudgie <font color=deeppink>Expert Disneyland Snowball Ma

    As part of going without cable or dish, DH had to give up watching games on tv. We live in a valley and get no tv out of the air whatsoever. If there is one in particular he wants to watch we go to my parents' house watch on their tv. (Superbowl or World Series) Or he listens to it on the radio the old fashioned way. He decided missing games was worth the savings.
  9. DSNY4ever

    DSNY4ever <font color=darkorchid>I am going to keep hunting

    I am lucky in that my husband only watches European soccer so he can buy an online subscription to Fox Soccer (and he can get it on the TV) so that he can still watch it when he wants and it is still a huge savings over cable.

    I am sorry I don't know how it would work for things like football or baseball since we don't watch those. We have an antenna though so since those are usually on the basic cable channels I would assume you could still watch the big games...?
  10. GAN

    GAN Active Member

    I must admit with the way cable is gong through the roof, we're casually looking at options. Right now we have Netflix, TiVo, Apple TV, to go along with cable -to add $8 for Hulu Plus wouldn't be a stretch especially if we cut the cord. Has anyone checked this out:


    They just won a court case and plan on expanding -covers local over-the-air channels with DVR capability. I believe they're getting $8/month ....that number comes up a lot.
  11. Spaceace5150

    Spaceace5150 New Member

    Sounds like this is the latest of many legal battles for Aereo.

    That would be a great product for me. I am a cord cutter and the only thing I miss is being able to DVR live sports and watch them later. Aereo would allow for that (as long as it was on a free over the air network). Right now Aereo is only available for NY City residents. It would be perfect for this weekend's golf tournament!

    I also recently canceled Hulu Plus. There wasn't anything there I couldn't get for free by hooking my laptop up to the tv. And I had to pay for ads. The only thing that was nice was having it available on the Roku.
  12. WaltD4Me

    WaltD4Me <font color=royalblue>PS...I tried asking for wate

    I really want to get rid of my cable. It's just me. I have one TV and my cable just went up again. $100 a month to watch TV is just ridiculous and I don't have any extras like HBO or anything. I was thinking about just getting the very basic local channels, but I would REALLY miss CNN and HGTV, those are the two big channels I watch outside of the regular ABC, NBC and CBS. Could I still watch CNN and HGTV with Hulu or some of the other things people are using here?

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