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HPRP Revival Part 3: A Dysfunctional Family

Discussion in 'Teen Disney' started by Fairywings, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Fairywings

    Fairywings <font color=purple>"Besides, the world isn't split


    It's December and Christmas is right around the corner. I'm going to regulary edit the recap to keep up. I believe the manor is prertty much decorated now.


    Crystal rested for a few more moments on the hill over looking the seaside city. It was quite beautiful, and Crys could have almost forgotten her troubles staring out into the seas if it weren't for the horrible condition her ankle was in. Now that the thought of it had surfaced in her mind, she realized she wouldn't be able to forget it, and so she sighed and dared to examine it. The burn was black in some parts and a deep red in other parts. She had lost quite a lot of blood, that was obvious. Though the spell she had put on it enabled her to walk without feeling pain, it had not stopped the bleeding. It was an ugly wound, and she knew it had to be treated. But first she had to do what she knew she had to do. She had to go home, back to Hogwarts or London or Ireland, whichever home she decided to go to. She reached into her pack and found a large gauze-like bandage. She wrapped it around her injured ankle, the entire time thinking about how Jackson would kill her if he knew about this. She loved him, but she didn't think he was really understanding about injuries. He didn't like to see her hurt, and Crystal didn't blame him for that, but sometimes things happened and she got injured. And when she was injured, he seemed angry to her, whether she had done it to herself on purpose or not. She finished and stood, a little wary. She turned to John, who was with her. "We're going back to Ireland." Yes, Ireland was best. Hogwarts wasn't a good place to be, and neither was London. John couldn't really speak, but then, he made not gesture or facial expression to object.

    Crystal led the way down the hill and the two travelers made their way into town. She knew they got a few stares, but Crystal ignored them. She needed to know when the next boat to Ireland was going. She walked to the docks and questioned someone working there.

    "We don't do trips across the ocean. However, we can get you on a boat to New York, where you can take a boat to England then there you can go to Ireland by boat or train."

    Crystal stood on the deck of the ship that would take her to New York several minutes later. The wind blew her brown locks softly as she stared out at the world around her. He hair had grown a little, it no longer hung so it barely touched her shoulders, the ends reached a little bit farther than her shoulders. Normally when it grew long she had it trimmed, but now she didn't really care. Perhaps she would let it grow. Not too long, of course.

    John was sitting on a bench closer to the middle of the ship. He didn't want to stand on the edge and contemplate the world like Crystal did. That was fine by her, it was a good moment to be alone. She wondered what Katelyn and Carly and the others would say when they saw her. She left them without saying good bye to their faces. Crys remembered she had fought with Carly, but she didn't remember about what, and she assumed it was a stupid misunderstanding. She hoped it wouldn't be awkward, and for a moment she wondered if going back was such a good idea. But then the ship embarked on the journey, and Crystal didn't have the ability to doubt her decision now.


    Fiona lay in the ditch they trio was hiding in. For the moment, they were alone. But Fiona wasn't naive enough to even think of believing there were no more enemies. They were around, there was no doubt about it. The only question in Fiona's mind was when the next wave was coming. These would be the reinforcements, the ones she had met before would not be there, she had already killed them. A lot of wizards and witches had died at Fiona's hands, but she didn't feel guilty about any of them yet. Everyone that had lost their lives had been a Death Eater. The Death Eaters were bad people, and moreover the enemy, and this was war. Perhaps if she had killed a member of the Order of the Phoenix she would feel remorse, but not for the Death Eaters. They shouldn't even be considered human.

    Suddenly, Fiona heard a sound. She froze, listening hard. Jackson looked as if he was about to say something, but Fiona held up a hand quickly, stopping him from saying whatever he was about to say. She heard it again, the unmistakable sound of someone trying to put their feet down quietly and failing miserably. Trying not to be scornful, she silently flipped from lying against the wall on her back to lying on her stomach. She inched forward silently, doing a much better job than whoever was attempting to sneak up on them, because Fiona was the master of unseen and silent movement. She peered over the top onto ground level. Yep, it was Death Eaters. Four or five of them. The odds were all right as long as Jackson and the girl stayed hidden, even with her broken arm. They were trying to surprise hrer, but really she was the one with the element of surprise on her side.

    Fiona turned slightly and motioned for him to not move and stay silent. He looked about to protest, but Fiona brought one of her fingers to her neck and slit her throat. Now he seemed to get it, and looked worried. She rolled her eyes at him in annoyance and focused on the Death Eaters. She could take them. She was injured, but Fiona wasn't afraid to die. If death was her future here, then she better die fighting with dignity and honor. Her parents may bring no honor to the family, but Fiona and Crystal always could.

    She was ready. She launched herself at the Death Eaters. They were surprised, and failed hopelessly to make up for it and get out their wands quick enough. Two died immediately, Fiona wasn't afraid to use the Killing Curse. Three remained, and they stared at her warily as the four people circled each other. Fiona imagined they were trying to figure her out, trying to guess what she might do. But Fiona was unpredictable. She made a move to dash off to the left, to higher ground, but instead she dashed straight down the middle. The knife literally pulled from her sleeve brought a bloody death to the man in the center, while her wand sent the man on her left flying into a tree. She fought the man that had been on her right hand to hand. He actually had some skill, it took her some time to finish him off. It was a few seconds after he was dead that she heard it: The sound of a gunshot. She turned to see the third death eater on the ground in front of her, the life gone from his eyes. She heard a second gun shot. Silence followed, and she looked down. Her shirt was black, but a dark spot could still be seen forming on her side. She had been shot.

    Fiona stared at it. She was invincible. She was perfect. How could she be shot? Maybe the Underground Movement really did send her on a death mission. She heard Jackson scrambling up the side, then saw him looking at her in dismay. She heard him say something, but he seemed so far away, and she couldn't make out what he was saying. In fact, everything around her seemed to be fading away.............

    Hours later, she woke up, feeling much different than she had the last time she was concious. She saw bright lights and a white ceiling, and at first she wasn't sure where she was. Then she heard Jackson's voice, saying, "Oh thank goodness!" and a lightly teasing voice saying, "Welcome back to the land of the living, glad you could join us," that made Fiona feel instantly at ease. She shifted and pushed herself into a sitting position. Tom and Jackson sat on either side of her bed in the infirmirary. Jackson was looking obviously relieved, and despite his joking voice, Tom's face was ashen. She reached out a hand to Tom, and her grabbed it tightly. "See? I've always told you I was the best agent there ever was. Now I've got proof." Tom gave her a small smile, he was still a little scared for her. "I'm just glad you're okay. You are fine, right?"

    Fiona smiled at him. "Of course I am." She tried to get out of bed, but a new voice said, "Oh, I'm sure you feel fine, but let's take it easy." Fiona frowned. The voice was familiar, but she dared not to hope. She glanced to where the new voice was coming from, and her heart soared.

    There stood Crystal, healthy and glowing and smiling at her. Jemima stood behind her, and while she didn't always like Jemima, she was glad to see her now. "Crystal! What's new?"

    Crystal grinned at her. "Besides the fact that my little sister is an agent? Oh, not much. Our parents are dead. Murdered, probably. I think it's time we went back to the Gray name, all things considered."

    Fiona gaped at her. There was a lot to catch up on, that much was certain.

    And Begin!
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  3. Fairywings

    Fairywings <font color=purple>"Besides, the world isn't split

    Johanna: *goes inside* *shouts* I'm here guys, just need to see something! I'm on the verge, need to know if it's all true!

    OOC: Copying this from old thread.
  4. niallsprincess

    niallsprincess "Lets never lose sight of one thing; It all starte

    OOC: yay! It's all new and fresh!

    Carly: *hears her, but barely* Jo, we're just in the front yard, what do you need!?
  5. Fairywings

    Fairywings <font color=purple>"Besides, the world isn't split

    IC: Now.......

    Fiona: *riding in the UM car* I still don't see why I have to do this. I belong in the fight!

    Crystal: *sitting on one side of her* I know you're feeling better, but you need to heal from that wound. You don't want to go fight and then find you're still weak and get an infection.

    Tom: *sitting beside Fiona* Besides, I get to go on vacation with you guys! Don't you want to spend time with me?

    Fiona: Well someone's got a big sense of his own importance. *smiles and nudges him good naturedly with her elbow* Fine, I'll rest up. But don't keep me from doing the cool stuff.

    Crystal: Never!
  6. Fairywings

    Fairywings <font color=purple>"Besides, the world isn't split

    Johanna: To find out if what I think I remember is real! *starts to run upstairs* *falls again* Ow!
  7. niallsprincess

    niallsprincess "Lets never lose sight of one thing; It all starte

    Carly: *doesn't quite understand* Alright, have fun!

    OOC: Well, hailie has left, and i better too now. Finish getting ready for bed and what not. I'll be on tomorrow after school, but that might be around 4:30 or 5:00 eastern time, because I have to stay after school a little bit for Beta Club.
  8. Fairywings

    Fairywings <font color=purple>"Besides, the world isn't split

    OOC: Okay. I have rehearsals until six tomorrow, but I think I've left enough to keep you two busy until I can be there. Night!
  9. jessidoll

    jessidoll Somewhere between rebellious princess and daring f

    Katelyn:*stands up with her cat in her arms,kisses the top of Darcy's head and smiles* I guess Darcy is my kiss in the rain!*laughs*

    Ooc:Yay new thread!
  10. niallsprincess

    niallsprincess "Lets never lose sight of one thing; It all starte

    Carly: *nods and listens to the awkward silence after that statement*

    OOC: I'm here! Beta Club was cancelled today...
  11. jessidoll

    jessidoll Somewhere between rebellious princess and daring f

    Katelyn:Well I dont like silence and Darcy doesnt seem to love the rain so I'm going in.*walks back inside and sits on the couch crossing off that idea*

  12. niallsprincess

    niallsprincess "Lets never lose sight of one thing; It all starte

    Carly: *sighs* Let's go in, boys. *goes back inside and they follow her* *goes up to her room in the manor and rings out her hair*

    OOC: Hello :)
  13. jessidoll

    jessidoll Somewhere between rebellious princess and daring f

    Katelyn:*puts Darcy down and sits criss-cross**takes out her phone and looks through her photos* Wow,I have way too many photos.Why do you guys let me take your pictures!?*rolls her eyes* Wow,fifty pictures of Jason.
  14. niallsprincess

    niallsprincess "Lets never lose sight of one thing; It all starte

    Harry: *looks over at her* So you two are quite the best friends, huh?

    Carly: *puts on her bath robe and walks downstairs*
  15. jessidoll

    jessidoll Somewhere between rebellious princess and daring f

    Katelyn:Yeah,I guess we are.He's like my older brother,but sometimes hes so annoying!Like when you were gone he kept telling me to call or text you over and over.
  16. niallsprincess

    niallsprincess "Lets never lose sight of one thing; It all starte

    Harry: *nods* Yeah, I could see how that'd be annoying.

    Carly: *throws herself onto the couch and falls asleep*
  17. jessidoll

    jessidoll Somewhere between rebellious princess and daring f

    Katelyn:I suppose it was a good thing too,but saying it one hundred times is alittle annoying.*changes her wallpaper and puts her phone away**giggles at Carly*
  18. niallsprincess

    niallsprincess "Lets never lose sight of one thing; It all starte

    Niall: She hasn't slept in two days, so you can't blame her. *smiles*
  19. jessidoll

    jessidoll Somewhere between rebellious princess and daring f

    Katelyn:*smiles*I suppose not,I probably would do the same thing if I hadn't slept that long.*puts her chin in her hands* I wonder what I should get her for Christmas.

    Ooc:I look like the queen of hearts for the Halloween party!
  20. niallsprincess

    niallsprincess "Lets never lose sight of one thing; It all starte

    Niall: *shrugs and sinks a bit back into the chair*

    OOC: Oh yeah!? That's SOOOO cool! :) I bet you're looking adorable! :banana:
  21. jessidoll

    jessidoll Somewhere between rebellious princess and daring f

    Katelyn:Hmph,I hate not knowing what to get people.*bites her lip thinking*I'll need to sing at the club to afford everyones presents.

    Ooc:Meh,alittle.I think my costume and makeup came out great!

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