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How to Make DCL Drink Carrier

Discussion in 'Arts and Crafts' started by gerberdaisy1234, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. gerberdaisy1234

    gerberdaisy1234 Mouseketeer

    For those that have asked how I made the drink holders using a cardboard drink carrier from Chick-fil-a and duct tape- THIS IS FOR YOU pixiedust:This is my first tutorial so anyone with more experience in crafting tutorials- please- don't hesitate jump in an help.:worship:

    (P.S. My DD is going to "fix" this for me to make it more user friendly but in the mean time...)

    Here goes-:mic:

    How to Make a Cruise Ship Drink Holder​


    Supplies: Red, white, black, and gold duct tape, white duct tape sheet, a drink holder (I used one from Chick-fil-a), exacto knife, a one inch circle (for stencil), a surface for cutting and scissors. Optional- ruler and pencil


    Step One: Starting where the cardboard overlaps, make a row of red duct tape across the bottom of the holder.


    Flip over and continue across back.


    Flip back over and overlap the beginning to match the crease in the box. Score with the exacto knife and tear.


    Step Two: (Optional- Use a ruler to draw a line across top from corner to corner.) It is pretty easy to keep duct tape straight and the shiny surface makes it easy to lift and restick duct tape if necessary. So the line is optional Repeat step one with gold duct tape across top of bottom portion of holder. (Tape, flip, tape, flip, tape, score and tear.)


    Step Three: (Once again using ruler is optional. You can draw a line about an inch up from bottom across the red duct tape.) Repeat step one with black duct tape about an inch from the bottom. (Tape, flip, tape, flip, tape, score and tear.)


    Then do a second row of black duct tape about ½ inch below top of gold strip. (You can draw a line if it helps)


    Step Four: Score and remove this little flap.


    Step Five: (Once again if you want use a ruler to draw a line just above the hole) For this step tear off piece of red tape about 9 inches long. Place across top.


    Then flip over holder and fold tape down on opposite side.


    Step Six: Tear off a piece of white duct tape about 18 inches long. Place at top of gold strip.


    Step Seven: Tear off a piece of white duct tape about 9 inches long. Place about ½ from top of red. (Once again drawing a line may help)


    Step Eight: Rub edges well so you can see where to trim using an exacto knife.


    Step Nine: This step can be the most challenging. You are going to use the exacto knife to cut through the tape on the lines needed to open holder.


    To make this easier- rub lines well, have a second holder to make sure how far lines go, and once you start let the exacto knife just slide gently along the line.


    At this point you might want to open up. Make sure all the cuts have been completed. And crease it into shape. Then fold flat again for next step.


    Step Ten: The punch does not work well with the duct tape sheet. So I used a 1 inch punch to make a stencil. Trace 10- 1 inch circles on the paper side of the duct tape sheet. Cut our circles.


    Step Eleven: Starting at the corner where duct tape strips end, peel paper off the back and place circles. Using the line where the two black strips overlap as your guide, place circles so that line is in the middle. Leave about ½ inch gap between circles. These are easy to lift and restick if needed.


    Optional: Print the name of your ship. Laminate and attach with glue dots so you can change in case you use again for a different ship.


    Drink holder folds flat. Great for packing in your luggage :)
    Another optional step is bring the extra of the duct tape sheet (or a roll) and reinforce the bottom to protect from spill. Then just remove the tape from the bottom before you pack to come home

    Enjoy! You will be the envy of every parent trying to balance 4 cups and a plate of goodies to carry back to the stateroom :)
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  3. mom2val

    mom2val Can't wait to go back

  4. gerberdaisy1234

    gerberdaisy1234 Mouseketeer

    You would be amazed at how easy it is to make and how fun duct tape can be. It is good therapy. This is a good project for first time duct tape crafters because it is easy to lift and restick from the carrier due to its shiny coating.

    I had so much fun I made more than I planned for FE gifts. I made the 2 cup carrier size for couples. Chick-fil-a never had a problem giving me a couple carriers in each size when I asked. However the one I went to before making the tutorial only had the 4 cup size. The 2 cup steps are only slightly different.

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  5. violetmonarch

    violetmonarch Member

    Gerberdaisy1234....GENIUS! I am going to attempt this for my next cruise!! :thumbsup2
  6. gerberdaisy1234

    gerberdaisy1234 Mouseketeer

    -blushes- thank you :)

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  7. violetmonarch

    violetmonarch Member

    Well, I love duct tape as of recently....I made my FE out of it and I love it. My DD and I will work on this soon, thanks! ;)
  8. gerberdaisy1234

    gerberdaisy1234 Mouseketeer

    I love duct tape too! I so wish I would have taken pictures of all my creations. Many have been gifts. I also made our FE out of a reusable Disney World shopping bag (it was an awkward size) and duct tape.

    I am excited to share this duct tape creation and hope to see many more if these on our next cruise. They are very durable, so they can be used for many cruises.

    I carried a couple rolls of duct tape onboard with me and some Mickey jewel stickers. I made a cute little holder for the wave phone that I attached to the wristlet key chain that I made from a Castaway Cay lanyard. (I tell how to make the key chains in a different thread :) Too much fun!!!

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  9. violetmonarch

    violetmonarch Member

    I took duct tape too on my cruise! I bet those projects look great and I am so interested in that phone holder!:thumbsup2
  10. graysonsmom

    graysonsmom Earning My Ears

    Can you share the wave phone holder? I love this... Planning on making tomorrow for our cruise Friday! Thanks!
  11. tictoc

    tictoc Member

    I want it too! I have not been able to get my daughter excited about helping with FE gifts but she loves duct tape. She is working on the drink holders right now.:love:

    By the way today I went through Chick Fila and asked for ten holders they gave them to me without so much as a blink!:rotfl2::rotfl2:
  12. gerberdaisy1234

    gerberdaisy1234 Mouseketeer

    I will look for where I put wave phone holder. I know I removed the Mickey jewel stickers since they remove easily from the duct tape and I wanted to put them on a frame I got for ikea. :)

    I used a clip like the one that holds the plastic card holder on lanyard to attach the holder to the wristlet (made from a lanyard). Just make sure the area that the clip goes through has extra layers to resist tearing.

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  13. dznystar

    dznystar Mouseketeer

    do you know anywhere else to get the drink carriers?

    and I would love to see the wave holder too! i've pinned several ideas on etsy, but since i don't want to carry around a purse on the ship, would love to see what you came up with. :cheer2:
  14. KPetty725

    KPetty725 Mouseketeer

    Super cute!! Thanks for the instructions!! :-)

    We're getting our drink carriers from Sonic. They seem to be about the same and the CFA ones, only brown cardboard.
  15. gerberdaisy1234

    gerberdaisy1234 Mouseketeer

    Sorry I did not see your post earlier. I am not sure which fast food places use this type of carrier but based on next post it looks like Sonic has this type.

    I am not sure where I put the wave phone holder. Maybe I will make another. Just make sure where it is attached to wristlet key fob that it is EXTRA strong.

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  16. gerberdaisy1234

    gerberdaisy1234 Mouseketeer

    Awesome! They may even be better because CFA curve where the C is at on the carrier. Let us know if it is straighter please


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  17. labdogs42

    labdogs42 <font color=darkorchid>I managed to wrestle a play

    Hmmm...maybe have to get DH to score some CFA drink carriers since there's a drive thru right near his work. I like this idea...
  18. mjaclyn

    mjaclyn Currently in Wonderland

    Does anyone know of anywhere else to get these drink holders? Unfortunately there are no Chic-Fil-A's in my area. :-(
  19. cruisecrasher

    cruisecrasher Mouseketeer

    I know that someone sells plain drink carriers under the craft supply section of etsy
  20. pixiedixie862

    pixiedixie862 Earning My Ears

  21. KatMeows

    KatMeows Earning My Ears

    I did an experiment with both CFA and Sonic carriers. The CFA carriers were MUCH sturdier and could handle more weight. The Sonic ones were also MUCH bigger and the DCL cups would swim in the compartments and spill more.

    Any one want to suggest other companies and I'll compare those for you in case there is no CFA in your area, let me know!

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