How to make a special day for a unique duo

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by Tiggerish, May 11, 2013.

  1. Tiggerish

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    Aug 17, 1999
    We will be in Disney World for ten days with a larger group. However, there is one day it will be me (a 59 year old ECV user) and a sixteen year old girl (my niece). The rest of them have something else they need to do, so i get exclusive custody of her for a day. We are staying at the Beach Club.

    I would like to make this a really good day. She is an early riser! Consequently, we could do park opening somewhere. I am leaning towards HS, since we could get there easily. However, I don't think there is enough for the whole day. We will have park hoppers, but were thinking about a meal outside of the park.

    I like Big River Grille or Beaches and Cream. If we had time for a second park, Epcot is the closest. But I love the Lion King Show at Animal Kingdom! The last time I saw it four days in a row :confused3

    We are completely open to anything, we want to consider all possibilities as we are not often alone together in the parks and want a different experience from our normal party.

    For example, I would have done the Wild Trek at AK, but... Walking is a challenge :teacher: (remember... ECV does not do swinging bridge)

    So looking for a plan with that kind of WOW, but that is actually doable.
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    This may not be the WOW you were looking for but this is kind of what my alone day was with my 11 YO DGD>

    We opened MK and spent the morning in the new Fantasy Land. It is a lovely area, and was new to us so we had plenty of time to stroll, talk and shop. We had lunch in BOG, which was fun. Now here is where I went wrong. I wish that I had skipped lunch and had stopped for pastry and coffee. Then we could have headed over to teh Grand Floridian for afternoon tea.

    I know that your DGD is older than Kady, but the premise is the same, special time alone with a special girl princess:

    So I would tweak the plan I had, go to MK and check out the sights rather than the attractions. Stop for treats that the group normally does not stop for. All of this gives the two of you time to talk, and I have found that my DGD is a chatterbox if we are alone. And I would have that tea. I regret that we did not.
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    Have you asked your niece what she wants to do?

    I know you said you love Festival of the Lion King but I would look at this day as a once in a lifetime experience with your niece. So put aside what you want and open your eyes to new possibilities.

    Your niece is an early riser so the Studios is a great idea. Get there at rope drop and send her off to get FastPasses for Toy Story Mania, the premiere attraction. You follow along and meet up. Then, go to something more mundane like Muppets or the Backlot Tour. After your Toy Story Mania ride, get a FastPass for Star Tours or something more exciting (I'm not sure about your limitations). Do whatever you can/want. Then, go back to the Epcot resort area, have your lunch and then tour Epcot. If your niece is like my granddaughter, she might like to just window shop around World Showcase. Or maybe do a few things in Future World.

    The thing is - you might never get this day with your niece ever again. Enjoy whatever it is you do and don't think about one show at Animal Kingdom. It's a full day you won't ever be able to repeat. The Festival of the Lion King doesn't change. Your niece will.

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