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How To Lose Waldo in 10 days-The Trilogy~NEW 10/26 - Final Thoughts; Adios Amigos!

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by Disneyland_Mama, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Disneyland_Mama

    Disneyland_Mama <marquee><font color=peach>His head instantly infl

    How to lose Waldo in 10 days – The Trilogy

    Today’s the big day – we’re going to Disneyworld! The bags are packed, my toe nails are all purtied up and my Flat friend Jen is in my carry-on bag.


    I sat here this morning thinking about how this whole trip started. Honestly, the seed was planted over a year ago. Last August I met up with some wonderful DISers by the name of PrincessV, Lauralee131, Sorul82?, and DisneyJo. We had a wonderful night including a meal at Kona Café and topped the evening off with 1 or 21 Lapu’s. In fact we cleaned the Poly right out pineapples. It was a night I’ll never forget and the night a lifetime friendship was born.

    Jokingly, we suggested we make this an annual pilgrimage as Jo lives in England and the rest of spread across the US – me in California, V in Florida, and LL and Slate in North Carolina. Well shortly after our return, Jo announced she was returning in August of 2008 and convinced the rest of us to join her. Not that we needed any convincing – we all jumped at the chance to see eachother again and thus a trip was born. NOBarbraStriesand.

    Some photo’s of our DIS meet:

    Just the DIS ladies!

    Our darling kids!​

    Now we all post on the Team Focker Watch thread and came to find out some other Fockers were going to be in the world at the same time. We decided on a few small meets and then a large gathering for a meal somewhere. Where could we go? Surely not Kona Café or the Polynesian? We’d practically been 86’d from the joint last year. Some how the mention of Biergarten and Wiener Salad came in to play and we finalized that plan. So that’s the meat of this trip report. It’s another Fockerfest, this time the key ingredient is Wiener Salad! :lmao:

    Before going any further, let me introduce myself and my family.


    First there’s me – Tracy. :wave2: I’m a 30-something wife and mother to 2 delightfully charming children. I work part-time in a dermatologists office where Botox is the flavor of the day. I’m completely addicted to Disney and am constantly trying to get my DH to sign on the dotted line. For DVC, of course. ;) We live in Southern California, minutes from Disneyland. All these years I was satisfied with Disneyland until we planned our first trip to WDW in 2006. That did it, I drank the Kool-Aid and was hooked. Whilst Disneyland is cool to have in your backyard, it’s no WDW. And so I am a woman on a mission. A mission my friends, that smells of fresh ink from the signature on a DVC contract.

    Then there’s my DH – Andy. What can I say about a man whose life is his family? He’s the sweetest guy ever and sometimes that drives me crazy. I know, I shouldn’t complain, right? Anyway, he loves golfing, video games and playing with our children. He’s a good father and a wonderful husband. I am a lucky girl, even if he doesn’t like Disney as much as I do.

    And now for the kiddos.

    First we have my 6 year old daughter, Maddie. She’s a combination Pixie and Princess. She’s got a feisty ‘tude and then can be just as sweet as can be. She’s a cuddly kid and loves Disney. It’s a maternal gene, apparently.

    Maddie and TE​

    Next we have my 4 year old DS, Evan. I call him my devil’s spawn. This kid is so mischevious it about kills me. But in a moments notice he can change to the sweetest, most charming little thing ever imaginable. I think it’s best put he looks like an angel, but he’s the devil in disguise! NOElvis.

    Waldo and Evan​

    Coming along with us on this trip are my parents. My mother, aka The Enabler and my dad, aka Waldo. Dad acquired his nickname on our first trip to WDW. See my dad loves to wander and when dad wanders in a crowd, finding him is like playing the game “Where’s Waldo”, hence the nickname. :teeth: I call my mom The Enabler because she enables my lifestyle. Never take mom shopping when you’re on a budget. She has quickly caught on to all things Fuzzy; fuzzy math, fuzzy spending, and fuzzy savings. She’s taken over the infamous line that once belonged to Lauralee, “You’ve got to spend it to save it!”

    I took mom shopping one day and have you noticed that receipts from the department stores now tell you how much you’ve actually saved from shopping? Well, that line is mom’s favorite part of shopping. Anyway, last time we went shopping we spent roughly 96 dollars or so. Well that little line at the bottom of the receipt said by spending 96ish dollars, we saved $90! Well mom thought that was the greatest and came home to tell Waldo how she saved him $90 today. Yup, fuzzy spending and fuzzy savings.

    So there you have it. Our happy group of 6. I suppose you’d like to know all our stats, right? Here’s a rundown of accommodations and such.

    Vacation dates: August 20th – 29th
    Disney Resort: Saratoga Springs Resort – 2 bedroom villa
    DDP: Nah, we don’t need no stinking dining plan. NODDPpeeps
    Restaurants: Akershaus, Narcoossee’s, Biergarten, Tusker House/Donalds Safari Breakfast, Jiko (hopefully without kids;)), Mama Melrose’s, Crystal Palace, Spoodles, and Kona Café. Hmmmm… I think that’s it. :scratchin:

    Well, we’re about 20 minutes now until our ride comes, so I better head on out. Can’t wait for our trip and to see all our old friends and meet all our new friends. See you all in a few weeks!!! Adios, amigos! :grouphug:

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  3. Disneyland_Mama

    Disneyland_Mama <marquee><font color=peach>His head instantly infl

    For your viewing pleasure: :teeth:

    Chapter 1; Part 1 - I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane "here"
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    Chapter 3; Part 2 - Pineapples and Dreams for Waldo! "here"
    Chapter 3; Part 3 - Fockerfest, Waldo-style!"here"
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    Chapter 5: Part 1 & 2 - Waldo and The Rock Star! "here"
    Chapter 6: Part 1 & 2 - Waldo Misses Out On A Dream! "here"
    Chapter 7: Part 1 & 2 - Waldo, The Doctor and Cheeseburgers!"here"
    Chapter 8: Part 1 & 2 - Funky Smells and The Best Dream Ever!"here"
    Chapter 9: Part 1 - The One Where We Go Home. "here"
    Chapter 10 - Final Thoughts."here"
  4. kykatt2

    kykatt2 Karaoke Queen

    Saving my Spot ....popcorn::
  5. Muffinygood

    Muffinygood Proud DVC owner at SSR

    Dude! I'm here! Going back to read....should be packing.........

    You're on your way!!!!

  6. LurrrvtheDuck

    LurrrvtheDuck Mouseketeer

    Ooooh!!! Love it already!! :thumbsup2
  7. cmp1111

    cmp1111 DIS Veteran

    Ya know I'm with you every step of the way. Hopefully starting tomorrow morning at ME. :goodvibes

    Oh, I SO can't wait to meet you, even if we'll be soggy. :banana: :banana: :banana:
  8. Hedy

    Hedy <font color=blue>I'm <s>22</s> 27 and I still kind

    I'm in.
  9. princessjv

    princessjv Mouseketeer

    OH My goodness! I'm the first picture! :scared:

    Have a great trip and I'll be here when you get back. Please don't let Jen get in too much trouble! :cool1:
  10. carrieannie

    carrieannie Mouseketeer

    I`m in Tracy!!!! :cool1: I think your in the air flying as I type this!! :banana:

    BTW Katt,,you cheated!!! theres no savesies!!!!! :lmao:
  11. lazydoxy66

    lazydoxy66 Live, love, and laugh!

    Tracy, you are a great looking bunch. Here's to hoping you have a blast!!:drinking:
  12. askelton

    askelton Disney Cosmo

    Hi T! :wave2:I'm looking forward to meeting your lovely family on SATURDAY! :cheer2:Have a great time until then.
  13. sharkB8HooHaHa

    sharkB8HooHaHa Mouseketeer

    :woohoo: :yay: :woohoo: The Waldo saga continues. :thumbsup2 Think we can get him up there yelling RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCCCOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLAAA:rotfl2: I can't wait.

  14. boysmom5150

    boysmom5150 Mouseketeer

    In in. I certainly wouldnt miss this for anything.
    Ill be here waiting till you get back:surfweb: :surfweb:
  15. dlwharp

    dlwharp Member

    Hi, I'm subbing! I loved your previous "WALDO" TRs and am looking forward to this one! I've been following the Wienerfest PTR with gusto. We're in the World next month this time. If it was this month, I'd have jumped on the bandwagon in a minute ;) . Have a WONDERFUL trip!!
  16. puggymom

    puggymom Mouseketeer<br><font color="00a0ba">The Tag Fairy

    OK, checking in and marking my spot, see at the wienie bar;)
  17. PrincessV

    PrincessV <font color=peach>She squished her baby on BTMRR!<

    How excited am I that you decided to write a TR after all?!?! So excited, you get not one, not two, but THREE creepy dancing men!

    :dancer: :dancer: :dancer:

    ::yes:: :grouphug:

    Shall I repeat the mantra?

    It's all Jo's fault!

    :rotfl: LY Jo! :hug:

    We'll have to ponder, while there, what teh next key ingredient should be. What other WDW foods are weird, er... different?!

    Y'know, I'm pretty sure if we all work together, we can hold Andy down and make him sign. That or feed him 21 Lapu Lapus and hadn him the contract. ;)

    I believe you should be landing about now, so I'll see you very, very soon! LY/MI!! :hug:

  18. askelton

    askelton Disney Cosmo

  19. PrincessV

    PrincessV <font color=peach>She squished her baby on BTMRR!<

    Breaking news...

    T has landed at MCO!!!! :banana:
  20. Muffinygood

    Muffinygood Proud DVC owner at SSR


  21. OhMari

    OhMari WDW PreTrip and Trip Moderator Moderator

    Mod. check in.
    I needed to do this, so I can find it easier.

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