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How many pounds

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by AliceIn, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. AliceIn

    AliceIn New Member

    Do you typically gain during a 1 week Disney vacation?

    Do you find that you are doing a lot of walking, swimming, running around in the heat that you lose weight?

    Or do you find that you eat a lot more because it's vacation and come home to an unpleasant surprise on the scale?
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  3. pepe of ohio

    pepe of ohio New Member

    We typically lose weight... We're not foodies, rarely eat sit down meals... Can't stand them or the price... especially in the Florida heat...

    We eat at WDW no different than we do at home... We enjoy a good breakfast... Hardly eat lunch but when we do its a sandwich we made with grocery items picked up in route... and dinner can be any food court meal easily shared ..
    So that and walking 5-8 miles a day ( pedometer readings) we lose weight!
  4. dis_guy

    dis_guy New Member

    As anyone who has gone to WDW knows, there are plenty of opportunities to over indulge. DW and I had been eating paleo for a few months before our last trip. While challenging to do, we managed to stick to the plan reasonably well while at WDW and only gained about 2 pounds, or so, each. Yeah there's lots of walking but it doesn't make as much difference as you'd think.:)
  5. mousefan73

    mousefan73 New Member

    We have the DP and i know I am at least doubling my cals per day as I eat alot of calorie dense crap (hello cupcakes) but it must be the walking and heat as I never gained.
  6. mousefan73

    mousefan73 New Member

    Though I must add compared to other vacations i drink ALOT less beer and wine. Either its not aval. (MK) or just too damn expensive
  7. lajspeech

    lajspeech New Member

    At least 5lb each. The food is half the fun for us!
  8. LisaCM614

    LisaCM614 New Member

    We don't do the DP so we don't eat dessert too much although we do tend to enjoy at least one Mickey Bar a day.
    I have never noticed a change in the scale when I come home. But our trips are usually 6 days or less. I think if I were there for 2 weeks the pudge might begin to show!
  9. pepe of ohio

    pepe of ohio New Member

    We go the opposite... Drink more beer than water, throw in a 3 liter jug of wine and a fifth of Hack Daniels Ali g with the beer.... Always having a cocktail during pool time... But we pick up our booze in route... Disney prices are outrageous !!
  10. sephorachick

    sephorachick New Member

    Last trip we gained 5-7lbs but we had a lot of ADRs & F&W LOL
  11. willowsnn3

    willowsnn3 Tagless not by choice but by circumstance

    When we do the dining plan I usually gain around 8lbs. Eating more than usual & I'm usually swollen after the 7 hour drive home.
    I usually do a liquid fast the day after we get home (lots of water, juice, protein shakes) & that gets rid of almost all the gain in one day.
  12. married2mm

    married2mm Active Member

    I 've actually lost weight on our last few trips with qsdp-14 and 15 nights.

    Looking forward to augusts trip of 17 nights,for the weight loss alone :lmao:
  13. married2mm

    married2mm Active Member

    I need this now!!

    Please share what's in your juice and protein shakes.
  14. OKW Lover

    OKW Lover <img src=http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/images

    We don't gain weight while vacationing at WDW. We still mind what we eat, but do allow splurges. We just don't make over-eating an every day thing while on vacation. With all the walking we do at WDW our occasional splurge gets balanced out by more exercise.
  15. melissafox18

    melissafox18 New Member

    I stayed steady last time. That was with DDP and being very full the entire trip (and too many desserts!) We averaged about 10 miles every day. I would guess without DDP and eating based on hunger, I'd lose weight.
  16. OklahomaTourist

    OklahomaTourist New Member

    A few tips in this regard....

    With one breakfast in-room in the morning, we generally have only one more substantive meal the entire day. We rarely do a "big" lunch AND dinner. That helps a lot. As a family, we've essentially eliminated sodas from the repertoire, and that helps, too. If you hit each day thinking you'll only have two meals, and couple that with LOTS of walking, and you're starting out ahead of the game.

    All that said, and after having lost 68 lbs over the last 12-16 months, I have already decided that I'm going to enjoy my vacation and some good "cheating" indulgences over the next week, then go back to the normal drill back home. If day-to-day is balance leaning toward caution, I think the key is balance leaning toward mild indulgence on a vacation.

    Among the biggest cheats I'll enjoy are a share of a Ghirardelli's hot fudge sundae (split four ways), and fish and chips at Yorkshire. Not going to worry about the calories either place.

    Have a great trip.
  17. savannahcat

    savannahcat New Member

    I have never gained weight on any of our WDW trips, but our Disney cruise last summer was a completely different story!
  18. excitedfamof4

    excitedfamof4 New Member

    Hubby and I both felt like we lost weight on our last trip to WDW! We walked our tails off literally! Our family of 4 are fast pace walkers too.. so we were moving! I guess that helped us burn off those margaritas we had at night at Epcot! :)
    We also didn't eat much during the day b/c we would rather be riding rides and exploring the parks than sitting in a crowed restaurant. We still enjoyed turkey legs, Mickey bars, Mickey pretzels and such...but would share it among the 4 of us...we didn't want to be stuffed and then go ride the Rockin Roller Coaster! :rotfl:
  19. DisneyDmbNut

    DisneyDmbNut <img src="http://www.wdwinfo.com/images/silver.jpg

    I tend to gain a lot of water weight.. the amount of salt in the food makes me swell. My DD and I do tend to share many counter service meals just because neither of us need to eat a whole meal. It keeps our prices low and we can indulge in our sit down meals!
  20. Waddler

    Waddler New Member

    I always gain 2-3 pounds in a week-long vacation, even though I try to avoid the treats most of the time.

    It's not very difficult to eat an extra 1000+ calories a day at WDW. Even the "healthy" counter service foods are more calorie-laden than what I'd make for myself at home. Same goes for the table-service foods. Most entrees seem to have extra butter and oil. That adds up quickly.

    I'm a runner but I usually don't run much at WDW, so the walking mileage doesn't make much of a difference for me.
  21. shannonstar

    shannonstar StarGirlJapp

    I stay steady or lose. We tend to do a big breakfast buffet in the morning or an early dimmer. We do a lot of walking too, often being at a park open to close.

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