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How many more days until your trip to WDW - Part 7

Discussion in 'Doing the Happy Dance!' started by pinkerbell, Oct 15, 2013.

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  1. kaylasmom07

    kaylasmom07 New Member

    :cool1: 14 days!! 2 weeks! yay!!! :cool1:
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  3. KittyKat1978

    KittyKat1978 New Member

  4. GrimGrinningGhost25

    GrimGrinningGhost25 New Member

  5. Cinderella1122

    Cinderella1122 DVC member since 2008

  6. Bee2u

    Bee2u ImJustBeeNme

    23 days:banana:
  7. rmom50

    rmom50 New Member

    Same as KittyKat! 13 days..:cool1:
  8. xipotec

    xipotec Grinning Ghosts

    Single digit dance.....danced....9
  9. dizneeat

    dizneeat Active Member

    :yay: :woohoo: 64 days until we return to DLRP for a long weekend :woohoo: :yay:

    :yay: :woohoo: 107 days until another February cruise and some WDW days :woohoo: :yay:

    :yay: :woohoo: 471 days until another February cruise and some WDW days :woohoo: :yay:
  10. hsmamainva

    hsmamainva New Member

  11. wdwnut61

    wdwnut61 <font color=blue>Wish I could get my countdown tim

    13 Days
  12. KNovacovschi

    KNovacovschi New Member


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  13. grumpyemt

    grumpyemt New Member

    WE leave in two days and arrive in the happiest place in three days!:cool1:
  14. yankee3366

    yankee3366 New Member

    15 days!! :banana:
  15. Coconuts

    Coconuts New Member

  16. sjs314

    sjs314 "Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and

  17. mickeystoontown

    mickeystoontown New Member

  18. LucyBC80

    LucyBC80 New Member

  19. pigletto

    pigletto New Member

    43 days to go!!!:santa:
  20. Cree629

    Cree629 New Member

  21. jnfr2424

    jnfr2424 I'm Tink I got my Peter Pan and together we love t

    I'm practically bouncing off the walls!!
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