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How Many Days Do You Have Left #3?!?!?!

Discussion in 'Countdowns and Live Reports' started by PolynesianLily, May 12, 2011.

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  1. chefmb

    chefmb New Member

    DH and me at the BC!! :hug::hug:
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  3. Lemonademouth

    Lemonademouth New Member

    312 more days until our first stay at CBR. We actually changed dates which took away about 40 days so yay!!! Can start making reservations 3-31-2013. Hope to get an illusive Be Our Guest res.
  4. wdw lifer

    wdw lifer New Member

  5. PAGAS

    PAGAS New Member

    64 days!
  6. DsnyMama

    DsnyMama New Member

  7. disneychic2

    disneychic2 New Member

  8. snowwite

    snowwite New Member

    We are flying on Thanksgiving Day. My DD is a CM and works for Guest relations in the Magic Kingdom. Since she could not come home we are going to see her.;)
  9. mickeystoontown

    mickeystoontown New Member

    Congrats on booking the CBR! We love it there and will be returning in May, 2013 for our 9th stay there. I have lots of CBR pictures in my trip report if you want to have a look around. The link is in my signature.
  10. momto3boys+aprincess

    momto3boys+aprincess 2014 Family Time Resolutions Sweepstake Winner!

    So very excited to be able to say......

    party: 1 party:

    We leave tomorrow around 3:30pm and will be getting into Kissimmee around 9pm Thanksgiving night. We check in POP(the best resort ever) 7am Friday!!!!
  11. mommycal

    mommycal New Member

    freaking out. Only 20 days left. YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Maybe I should start packing?!?! :D
  12. jimmiej

    jimmiej <font color=blue>Quite unintentionally, I invented

    235 days to go. Was just there, so that's about right.
  13. Allieran3

    Allieran3 Live in my magical Disney bubble with Grumpy and a

    Me too :))
  14. grumpyfannypack

    grumpyfannypack New Member


    Guess what that means...
  15. MikeinBoston

    MikeinBoston Stockholder

    [​IMG] Getting close!
  16. tasp1

    tasp1 New Member

    5 days! !
  17. NBFUN

    NBFUN New Member

    Getting so close :dance3:
  18. Magic2000

    Magic2000 New Member

    Three more days for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Karabee

    Karabee New Member

    8 days!!!
  20. Lemonademouth

    Lemonademouth New Member

    127 days!!!! Really 310, but my husband decided he is driving me down for my birthday!!!!!! We are only going to go to the MK, but I am ecstatic!!!! I thought I was going to have to wait almost a year to experience the fantasyland expansion. Great surprise!!!
  21. mickeystoontown

    mickeystoontown New Member

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