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How I Survived 11 Days at WDW with a Disney-Resistant Husband **2/20 THE END **

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by cdotla, May 23, 2010.

  1. cdotla

    cdotla Trish

    First off, so sorry I haven't gotten too far yet on this Report. My plan was to accomplish 2 or 3 updates over the weekend, but a busy long weekend and super hot, sunny weather interferred. :rolleyes: I hope to correct that in the next day or so!:)

    Thanks! So glad you joined me!

    Welcome!!! :welcome:

    Thanks for joining me!

    Those doll Mickey ears can only be purchased with the My Disney Girl Doll that you can buy in the parks (and likely online too). Unfortunately I have not been able to find just the ears alone. You have to buy the doll too.:sad2

    You know, DH and I were talking about just that very thing! What he doesn't enjoy are crowds and lines. What he likes is relaxing and sun. So I think a Disney cruise just might be a perfect compromise for us!

    Great minds think alike!;) Thanks for joining!:)

    Great to see you here!:goodvibes

    Thanks for joining!:)

    OK Christine...you asked for it!:laughing: "The good, the bad, and the ugly" coming right up!:scared1:


    Yeah....I guess if you can handle marathon running, this will be a piece of cake!:laughing:

    Great! Welcome!!!:welcome:

    Sounds like we can definitely comiserate with one another!:hug: Good luck in your planning...from my experience, the combination of a Disney resister and extended family does not bode well for magical vacation!:laughing:

    Are you sure you can't change your trip to a vacation with just you and the kids?:rotfl:

    Thanks Michelle....hope to get this rolling shortly!;)

    So great to have you!!!:goodvibes
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  3. cdotla

    cdotla Trish

    Actually, the resorts were the one thing that DH loved about the trip!:laughing:

    Although it sounds bad (3 resorts in 11 days), it was just our 1st and last nites that we stayed in different reports, and travelled with an overnite bag each time. The rest of the luggage stayed at bell services. So it wasn't too bad afterall.

    I wish there was an explanation as to why DH didn't fall in love with WDW so that I could correct it on the next trip. But sadly, I think it is just that he is "...just not that into" the parks.:sad2:

    Sounds like we have a lot in common! Thanks for tuning in!:)

    Thanks and Welcome!:welcome:

    Thanks! It has already been so great to see that I am not alone on this!:hug:

    Thanks for joining!:goodvibes Look forward to chatting with you!

    Then I think you have the perfect scenario!;) You have full say on the planning, and he follows along happily once you arrive! Hold onto that one!!!:goodvibes

    Thanks Katie!:goodvibes Glad that you are here!

    So glad we are not alone on this Katie!

    Too funny about the Dad on the bus!:laughing:

    Yes, be prepared. But, hopefully you will be fortunate enough to have a husband who gets bitten hard by the Disney bug once he arrives. Fortunately, I still think people like me are in the minority.;)

    Thank you!:goodvibes Glad to have you along!

    Yep...you helped prompt me along in deciding to carry on as planned with the good, the bad and the ugly!;)
  4. cdotla

    cdotla Trish

    Thanks for joining!!!:goodvibes Good luck with the RN...you will really have reason to Celebrate on your next trip!:)

    Sounds like a great compromise! I wouldn't need to be arm-twisted into enjoying great meals and segways!;)

    Glad that you have joined me!:)

    Welcome!!! Great to see you here!:goodvibes
  5. cdotla

    cdotla Trish

    Thanks and Welcome!:welcome:

    Yes, you are a lucky one indeed! I would so, so LOVE that!:cloud9:

    Thanks and Welcome!:welcome:

    Great! Glad to have you along!!!:)

    Yay! Fortunately you won't have too much to catch up on yet...:laughing: I haven't gotten too far yet, but hope to correct that soon!;)

    :welcome: Thanks for joining!!!

    Thanks and Welcome!:goodvibes

    Aw...thanks so much!:hug: I appreciate it. Happy to have you along for the ride!:)

    Hmmmm....I am not familiar with that one. I will have to look that up!

    Wow...there seem to be more of us with Disney-resistant husbands that I would have thought. Maybe this will be more of a support group!:laughing:

    Yes, Michelle. Sadly, I think we are in the same category on this one! At least our children so far are taking after their mothers!:rotfl:
  6. Jenn51421

    Jenn51421 New Member

    I'm in....Can't wait to hear more!:)
  7. cdotla

    cdotla Trish

    Great! Thanks for joining Jenn and welcome!:goodvibes
  8. cdotla

    cdotla Trish

    The Back Story on why this was our "Last" Trip

    This trip was born of compromise. A struggle of wills between a bona fide Disney fanatic and a spouse eager to strike out on new adventures.

    In the end, Disney won. But the deal was sealed with a promise....that our next family vacation would involve expanding our horizons and setting off on holidays where the code on our luggage tags wasn't going to read "MCO".

    The jury was out on exactly long it would be before we would be getting back to Walt Disney World. So I knew this trip had to be a good one.

    Our agenda included a week-long day stay at the Beach Club Villas. After two years of trying unsuccessfully to trade into DVC, we were able to secure a trade through RCI into both a 1 Bedroom unit for us, and a Studio unit for my mother-in-law.

    Then another healthy dose of pixie dust conspired to further extend our trip. Pixie dust is really the only way I can explain how my Disney-resistant husband decided that we would be adding a day to each end of the trip so that we could take direct flights to and from Orlando. (When you are married to someone who spends a better part of their year in airports, the draw of a direct flight can't be overestimated).

    With the extra days, we were able to add a stay at the Contemporary for our first night, and the Polynesian for our last night.

    For good measure, we plussed the trip some more by adding the Deluxe Dining Plan during our 7 day DVC stay at the Beach Club Villas.

    By this point, I was giddy with excitement over how our 11 day trip to the World was shaping up.

    Finally, after a year of planning, plotting and anticipation, we were almost ready to jet off to the World.

    Our last couple of days before the trip were extremely busy. Five days before we left, we hosted Katie's 7th Parisian Birthday Party at home.














    Needless to say, all of the prep and work getting ready for the Party put me a tad behind in getting ready for our Trip.

    Four days after the Party, Katie turned 7. One of the gifts she received was a note from Tinkerbelle with a Disney giftcard for our trip.





    Then, the very next day, we set off for Disney!!!

    NEXT UP: We're on our Way!!!

  9. lumpy08

    lumpy08 New Member

    Love the bday party theme. Everything looked so cute. She must have had a ball.
  10. Queenofallthings

    Queenofallthings New Member

    Love the Parisian theme for her party...great pictures and the cake is beautiful!!!
  11. MadiMouse

    MadiMouse Member of the 2011 WDW Moms Panel

    Beautiful party! Whew!! Glad to see those who value birthday parties. DH thinks I'm the only one who puts in a lot of work for parties. Lol. I cannot wait to read more!! ;)
  12. tinkgurl

    tinkgurl <font color=magenta>Life is what happens in betwee

    Love that envelope and card you used to surprise her! :cutie:
  13. dismagiclover

    dismagiclover Mrs. Darling: Mom to Wendy, John & Michael

    There are those great party pictures again! They are just awesome. I love the Tink envelope too. Too cute!
  14. Charlefours

    Charlefours New Member

    Great party! :goodvibes
  15. kate_wdw

    kate_wdw New Member

    I'm really enjoying your trip report and looking forward to reading more.

    The pictures from Katie's birthday party are gorgeous! I especially like her (partially) toothless grin!
  16. luckylady

    luckylady New Member

    I'm in. What a fun party she had. A belated happy birthday Katie. We were at the Polly last week.Ahh I love that resort.
  17. TwistofLemon

    TwistofLemon <font color=green>I laugh til I can't breath<br><f

    Wow, Can I jump in?

    I can totally relate to having a Grumpy DH. Mine was not impressed when I took him for his first trip at the age of forty-something! (he doesn't get out much)
    Maybe MVMCP was a bit too extreme for an introduction to The Magic? I dunno. *sigh*
    Anyway, you might notice he's not in my siggy? We're separated now.

    But, Let me say your family is beautiful! I've enjoyed your intro, and am looking forward to more!

    Oh, Very Cool Party!!
  18. PrincessInOz

    PrincessInOz <marquee><img src=http://www.wdwinfo.com/images/sm

    Can't wait till you get to the World! Love the Tinkerbell envelop and card.
  19. sstewart

    sstewart New Member

    I can't wait to hear about your trip! Your family is beautiful and I just love the pictures of your daughter's birthday party! Gorgeous!
  20. CdnCarrie

    CdnCarrie New Member

    I'm in! One a fantastic looking birthday party!

    We're thinking of buying into RCI. DO you recommend it?
  21. jillianml

    jillianml New Member

    Cant wait to read this!

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