How does Stay & Scream work?

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  1. AllyElly

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    Apr 7, 2011
    I just found out last night that I will be going down to Universal this weekend! I am trying to get everything squared away,but am trying to figure out stay & scream. We have 2 day park to park tickets and want to attend hhn on Sat. Night. I was planning on purchasing the stay & scream tickets but don't know how they work. If hhn opens at 6:30, but you are in the stay & scream holding area do they let you in early or do you go in @ 6:30 but are just ahead of the crowds. If we are in IOA when should we leave to line up for stay & scream? Any help would be appreciated, i've never had to figure all of this out in such a short time period!
  2. vinvader

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    Aug 5, 2007
    To do Stay & Scream you need a ticket for Universal Studios so you're in the park before 5pm (4.30 to be safe), then any HHN ticket (S&S Upgrade, Frequent Fear, Rush Of Fear etc) will allow you into the holding area by Finnegans Bar & Grill. Whilst those not staying for HHN leave the park you can get drinks and food at the bar. Then around 6pm you're let out to get a head start on the houses before thoses queueing outside get let in.
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    Just to add to what you said...I found out the other night that the outside gates open as soon as a "park clear" is announced so it could be before 6:30pm when the gates open. That was certainly the case on Friday. We were released right around 6pm and so were the people outside.

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