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How Does One Get On A Waitlist?

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by fauntleroy53, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. fauntleroy53

    fauntleroy53 If It Weren't For My Mood Swings I Wouldn't Get An

    I'm interested in buying either at WL or the new eventual Poly.
    Who do I call to get on a waitlist for those?

    I actually belong to RCI & can share points with about 5 WDW resorts, as you know, but I think I'm liking DVC more......
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  3. disneynutz

    disneynutz <br><img src="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/i

    If you buy resale, there is no waitlist.

    If you want to buy VWL direct from Disney, you can contact DVC through their website. I wouldn't think that there is a list for the Poly yet since the project is a couple of years off.

    :earsboy: Bill
  4. supernova

    supernova Between genius and insanity

    If it's a matter of who do you call, I would presume it would be either Sales or Member Services (if you already own DVC). Wouldn't that be the logical first step?
  5. JustTinking

    JustTinking DVC Member since 2002

    If OP is a member he can call his guide and get on a wait list for WL. Or on a call list for Poly. Doesn't sound like OP is a member, so I would suggest he do some research on this website and understand more about how DVC works before calling and talking to the DVC guides. Or he may decide to go resale, in which case he needs to start looking at the resale broker websites.

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