how can I get a promo code?

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  1. marymaya

    marymaya Mouseketeer

    Feb 2, 2013
    I feel like I'm on every disney trip planning website, but I never get these fabulous offers that you speak of. Who do I sign up with?
  2. iheartjuppy

    iheartjuppy Mouseketeer

    Jan 23, 2013
    My only advice is to sign up with as many Disney company sites/email lists as possible, not Disney themed things, but Disney directly. Sign up for contests and click the "send me info" links on Disney sites, log in to your disney account and start planning a trip (don't proceed to book) - this can trigger reminder emails with resort pics etc and some have mentioned this may increase your chance at a PIN or offer because Disney thinks you are thinking of a trip and this may incentivize you to book. It's a bit of a mystery how they decide who gets what, but good luck! If also suggest calling disney reservations if you are really planning a trip, and ask if you have any PINs or offers on your account. I've had PIN offers that never came by mail or email but the CM could see them. Both times this happened, the PIN I didn't know about was a better deal than anything else out there and I booked on the spot.

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