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How bout that silverseas cruise ship and the cdc

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by Kendal, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. Kendal

    Kendal New Member

    If any of you search the silver seas cruise line and the CDC ( center for disease control) fails health inspection over food and cookware and various others... It's my understating that these cruises cost up to 5000 per week for one person.. I know Disney cost more than most other cruise but they say u get what u pay for I agree fully!!!! Except this case I am glad Disney cruise line is who they are. They may be in it for themselves but I believe that also look out for their customers to a certain extent!!!!' They know without us there would be no Disney!!!!! What was that cruise line thinking that is down right wrong!!!! We love you Disney!!!!!!!

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  3. MillauFr

    MillauFr Buzz & Woody

    I've searched the restaurant inspection reports for King County Washington and some of the worst offenders were often the high end places. Not what I would expect.
  4. Kendal

    Kendal New Member

    This is really non sense who would want to cruise on that cruise line after this in my opinion that's worse than the stuff that went on with carnival carnival was a accident thi stuff was on purpose

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  5. OKW Lover

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  6. Kendal

    Kendal New Member

    Thanks for posting this I am not smart enough to do that lol thank you

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  7. mhconley

    mhconley Califloridian

    Very interesting reading...

  8. Tonka's Skipper

    Tonka's Skipper New Member

    We have to remember that the health departments are a government agency and you can fail one of these inspections with after you read why, you would think it minor and easily fixed or repaired. Even for just paperwork.

    I do not now why this vessel failed.

    Now with all that said, should it happen...NO........but the issue can be blown out of proportion.

  9. mhconley

    mhconley Califloridian

    I agree... Reading the reports of what happened on the Silversea Silver Shadow failed inspection and the actual report it looks like someone in-charge panicked in a surprise inspection during a meal service. It was definitely a management / training issue.

    Nice to see the Disney Fantasy with 100 scores but the comments in the Corrective Action Report still makes you go hmmmm...

    I hate to see a write up of an inspection of my home. :rotfl:

  10. Kendal

    Kendal New Member

    Now that you have read the report now google this and see what u find there was meat put into sinks of the steward cabins there were all kinda of food and vegetables being stored in the workers corridors an 10 steward cabins... Take the time to google this am u will see pictures and not just a repott

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  11. jennylyn_b

    jennylyn_b Disney Fan for Life :)

    Yeah it's pretty nasty! Food belongs in the kitchen, fridges and pantry not cabins of the workers. Gross
  12. My honey was playing it on the computer and I overheard it. Why in the world were they storing food in the cabins? I just don't understand it at all.
  13. mordecai

    mordecai New Member

    This reminded me of the last day of my cruise last September I was sitting at Breakfast as they were doing an internal inspection of some of the display cases in the Royal Palace, I looked over at the one cast member who was swabbing the very back inside of a food display case with a cotton ball and carefully inspecting it with a UV light (or some light thing). I must have caught his eye and he says to me "We take cleaning very very seriously".

    That said they weren't making a show of what they were doing which made me feel pretty good about their internal health regulations, let alone when they're inspected by outside sources.
  14. Microbe1936

    Microbe1936 New Member

    Disney takes food safety and public health to a level not realized by the rest of the cruise industry. A colleague of mine in Atlanta works for CDC Vessel Sanitation, and this individual expressed to me Disney Cruise Line is at the top when it comes o food safety and public health. This gives me great satisfaction, as my DDs 4 and 6 along with DW will be on the Disney Dream in just 62 more days! Good Job DCL!

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  15. I was impressed by all the efforts to keep spreading things down, like the Wipey Patrol outside of all the food venues. Yay for vigilance!
  16. Kendal

    Kendal New Member

    I agree every time u turn around there was someone with a wipe or some kind if anti bacterial stuff witch is nice knowing what happens on other shipa

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  17. jennylyn_b

    jennylyn_b Disney Fan for Life :)

    I think it was to hide it from the inspectors.
  18. maria-fan-22

    maria-fan-22 New Member

    After reading all four of DCL's most recent reports and that of silver sea¬Ö

    Silver Sea failed because food should NEVER be stored outside of food storage areas(i.e. not in crew cabins)
    They also had clean utensils hanging near hand washing stations allowing for contamination.
    incorrect or missing food temperature log information
    allowing possible insect contamination
    many undocumented crew illnesses(they are supposed to report illnesses after a certain amount and cross check with possible food born illnesses)
    and not performing additional cleaning due to increased illness

    not these are all items that are there to protect the ship from an illness outbreak, however it is a bit nitpick, most land based restaurants would fail these tests. Ships are held to a higher standard due to the close proximity with other passengers.

    DCL's major issue(Magic and Wonder) was corroded paint allowing for buildup of mild/bacteria and one soiled spoon in a clean spoon bin. If I had to guess that spoon had been washed(sanitized) and was 100% not contaminated, but there was dried on food. I can assure everyone that once dishes are sent through the machine, they are clean clean clean, in a sanitary sense, but they may not be clean in an aesthetic sense.
  19. Kendal

    Kendal New Member

    I can understand this cause the heat they use nothing at all could live through that!!

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