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    Jun 21, 2010
    (Posting this in the trip planning forum too, to cover my bases lol)
    HI!!! My name is Niki and on 10/30/10 I get to marry my best friend/the bestest officer in the world lol. My fiance has never been to Disneyworld, I've been to Disney 3 times although the last time was 6/7 years ago so it's been a while and I'm outta practice. We have booked our 7 night honeymoon in Disneyworld starting 10/31 and we need all the helpful tips we can accumulate!
    We have secured reservations at the desired restaurants that he should/wants to eat at as a first timer and made a tidy little list of the rides/attractions that he's expressed interest in (plus the critical first timer must-do's). We are total Nightmare Before Christmas fans (we have a Jack and Sally figurine as our caketopper and buying each other Jack and Sally tats as wedding presents) and the fact that we will be in Disney for our favorite holiday, Halloween, has us all fired up. Of course we're hitting the Haunted Mansion since it's getting the NBC treatment BUT I want to know what more we can do to take advantage of the park as NBC fanatics. HELP!

    So I guess here's the main points lol; we need to know how to take advantage of the park on Halloween (besides the parade, we have that covered), as NBC fans, a first timer and just any little pearls of wisdom that you lovely folks are willing to share! Thank you!!
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    I am so sorry to burst your bubble, but the Nightmare Before X-mas Haunted Mansion makeover only occurs in Disneyland and not @ the MK at WDW. :sad2: However, a fantastic event is Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at MK. You can dress up to Trick or Treat around the Magic Kingdom and the parade and fireworks are great. There is a section in Hallowishes featuring the boogie man too. Plus, while you're there you can go to Epcot's food and wine festival and this year, in celebration of the 15th F&W fest, they are hosting a dessert party. It's $45/pp, held every Friday night, and includes desserts, cordials, wine, and a private viewing location for Illuminations. You have to book ahead of time though. You've picked a great time of year to visit "the world". Congrats on your upcoming wedding! :goodvibes

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