Honeymoon Help!!!!!!!!

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    Aug 14, 2011
    Hey guys,

    So im new to this but in planning such an important holiday i need some help. We get married 9th August 2013 and have both decided on a WDW honeymoon which is up to me to plan. So far we have booked

    August 11-15 - disney dream bahamas
    August 15 - 24 - wdw saratoga srings resort with dinning plan
    August 24-27 - Universal studios staying on property
    August 27 -30 - Sea world and orlando area.

    I need ideas of how to surprise him and also make it the best holiday ever.
    If I can get reservations I hope to go to victoria and alberts.

    Help, tips and ideas would be much loved

    Thank you

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