1. andyman8

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    Mar 17, 2011
    I pretty much "know it all" about WDW and have been to UOR many times. One thing I've never done is HHN.

    Well, the kids have two days off in two weeks and we were thinking of taking a 3 night trip to PBH. We already have reservations but still need to buy tickets. The kids have expressed much interest in HHN. I understand the basic premise of it but was wondering the details? How many haunted houses are there? Where are they? What are no scare zones? Are rides open during it? Do I need a TP or Express Pass for it? And is there an altered version of the Cinematic Spectacular they show?

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  3. xApril

    xApril DIS Veteran

    Nov 10, 2005
    The HHN website should help you out bunches: http://www.halloweenhorrornights.com/orlando/index.html

    There are seven houses. Some are in soundstages at the front, a few are at Sprung Tents in the back, one is in the parade building, and one is in the queue for Disaster.

    In previous years, there would be desginated scarezones, example: Acid Assault in NY. They only stayed in their set area in NY, they didn't roam around or anything. This year, there is no set zones for anyone, so you're never sure who you're going to see when you're walking around. There's different hoardes - vampires, traditionals, warriors, beasts, prisoners, walkers, etc. They roam around the park throughout the night, scaring people as they walk through the streets.

    There are four rides open, but if you can do the scream early or come back at another time, I'd recommend doing the rides then. HHN is only a few weeks a year and once this year is done, you won't have the chance to see the houses again. Despicable Me is open this year since JAWS closed, along with Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, Revenge of the Mummy, Men in Black, and the Simpsons.

    I think it would be good to have somewhat of a touring plan so you can hit the houses in a convenient method, that way you're not running all over the place.

    So far this year, the lines have been pretty crazy, so I'd recommend getting an express pass so you can guarantee getting everything done...unless you're planning on going multiple nights.

    They utilize the lagoon for a show, but it isn't the same as Cinematic at all, really. There's no fireworks, but they do utilize the water screens, along with the fountains, and lasers. It's pretty cool. I've heard it happens about every 45 minutes and it's a 5 minute show.

    Speaking of shows, there is also Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure, where they parody pop culture of the past year. It's pretty funny if you've stayed in touch with what's happened this year. For the first time, 20 Penny Circus is at HHN. They're magicians more or less and they have a show that they put on with different tricks and what not. It's pretty good, but a bit on the risque side, but that's how HHN is...they don't hold back.

    It's a lot of fun and I love the event. Hope this helps! :)
  4. Metro West

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    Apr 12, 2005
    Can't improve on that April! :thumbsup2
  5. PammyK

    PammyK DIS Veteran

    Aug 28, 1999
    Other than having to disagree about the quality of 20 Penny Circus (overacted and underwhelming) I concur that April provided an excellent overview but if you have specific questions, the folks around here are one of the best resources you'll find.
  6. andyman8

    andyman8 DIS Veteran<br><a href="http://www.disboards.com/s

    Mar 17, 2011
    Is it true that there are "No Scare Zones." Also, if you don't have a particular interest in the houses, is there anything else to do?
  7. brooker

    brooker Mouseketeer

    May 15, 2005
    Not trying to hijack the thread..but this our first time going on Halloween night no less. My question is how long should you stay in a house...do you just walk on through or go at a snails pace?
  8. donaldduck352

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    Mar 16, 2008
    It is what we call the conga line:crowded:,if you fall back the flashlight people will ask you to move along.
  9. macraven

    macraven Proud Redhead

    Apr 21, 2003
    Going during helll week means larger crowds.

    Express passes will be your best friend!

    I posted a few nights, on something about nothing thread, about some of hhn events this week.

    Now that my hhn nights are now over, I will just be enjoying the parks during the the rest of the week here.
  10. the Dark Marauder

    the Dark Marauder <font color=red>Proud Redhead<br><font color=green

    Sep 14, 2002
    There is ONE designated scare zone: at the end of Disaster, where the zombies are. The whole park is a scare zone. You never know where/when one of the roaming hordes will show up.
  11. BrinkofSunshine

    BrinkofSunshine DIS Veteran

    Apr 3, 2010
    If you don't go into the houses, you'll encounter the roaming scareactors on the streets of the park. The entire park is considered a scare zone, with no "safe" places as there were in previous years. There's also two shows: Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure and 20 Penny Circus, as well as short, horror-themed clips on the lagoon using the tech from Cinematic Spectacular. IMO, the houses are the best part, especially this year.

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