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    We just returned home from HH after staying a week. August 15-22. We stayed in building 22 which is close to the pool over looks the marsh somewhat of a blocked view but also is behind the playground and shadows point where the movies are shown. We had a first floor whic h was great. We met my Mom whom is 81 and my cousins 5 of them who, stayed in the villa. The other group stayed at the Westin. This was our second time staying. I booked this in Sept after our last trip. We did part on points and cash. I tried exactly at the 11 months to get in and could not so did a cash reservation $416 per night for a 2 bed room. We live near the beach so that is not that important to go to the beach.

    We had dinner at Giuseppe's the first night. I is very close and you can get a Disney discount. We got there at 7pm and had to wait close to 60 min. Te food is very good with something for everyone. I had the Greek salad which was good other had meatball subs and pizza. In the same shopping area is also a Piggly Wiggly which is a grocery store with lots of choices and even a nice salad bar and nice pastry section. The hottest thing selling is the Pig t shirts. They sold over 4000 last month. I got a Tye dye one. Last year we bough a lot of items that we did not need. This time each person in the villa bought different items to use throughout the week. We did cook out 2 times and had left overs a few times. We also order Pizza to the villas a couple of times and went to Skull Creek boat house and San Miguels. The Mexican place offers a Disney discount and is right across the way in shelter cove. Skull is really good but did not give us the happy hour price even though we were all there by the time. There are 2 quick service places to eat one is by the pool at the resort and the other is by the beach house. Decent prices and if you get the kids meal it comes in a sand bucket. The first part of the week they were out of Mickey Bars but did get them in. At the beach house there is also a bar too.

    You can get bikes at the resort can get them for length of stay for $30 or $10 per day. They come with a basket and lock with bike racks by the pools and resort villas. There are many activites with everything from vacation pillows to Tye Dye to photo lessons. We did kyaking one day it is $30 per person and it leaves from the resort and last for close to 2 hours. You go just behind the resort in broad creek. We saw 2 dolphins while on the tour.

    2 nights a week they do a pirate party with Buffett at $22 per person and a shrimp boils which I think was around $25..we did not do either. If you want a relaxing vacation this is it. If you are type A personality tht has to have something to do all the time thus is not for you. From I-95 it is about 45 min to get there. I is 5 1/2 hours to disney. We just live it there and can't wait to go back.
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    WOW- I am shocked you could not get in at 11 months. We own there and always get in, for both a 2 bedroom and a studio...at premium July time. That is wild.

    Glad you had a great trip. HHI is truly Disney's best kept secret :)

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