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    Jul 13, 2004
    I'm hoping that I can get a few thoughts that might help us out. Our family of four (DD 9 and 7) will be traveling to DLP this week. I've been terribly lax at planning (which isn't like me), and need some thoughts on food.

    We are an American family (living in the UK) that has been lucky enough to visit Disney World (Florida) many times, as we have relatives nearby. We've done the character meals, etc, plenty and don't feel a real need to do it here at DLP.

    I know that since we're going on off season, many food places might be closed/have different hours, etc etc. We will probably have dinner outside the parks after they have closed. We're staying at the Sequoia Lodge (if that really makes much difference).

    Our goal for this trip is really seeing the parks, and we aren't focused on food. I'm wondering if you can recommend some places to eat dinner (we'll be doing counter service in the parks for lunch) that aren't the expensive sit down/character meals. We're looking at not AS expensive (it won't be cheap, I know, it's Disney), but still decently yummy food.

    And, no, NOT McDonalds ;)

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. Tink'sMum

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    We ate at King Ludwig's for dinner last time we were there and it was nice. The Rainforest Cafe is good too. We all loved Cafe Agrabah in the park for a late lunch - it filled us for the rest of the day.
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    We are staying in sequoia lodge in December and are considering eating at the restaurant inside the hotel, beaver creek. You get the option of starter buffet then order entree from menu or order entree from the menu and desert buffet. I think they offer it as a 3 course as well. This sounds perfect for us and looking forward to trying some where different.
    Here's a link I found on
  4. HFJohnson

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    Apr 2, 2011
    There's also the Hunters Grill in the Sequoia Lodge which is a full buffet restaurant and generally gets good reviews. We're eating there one night when we visit in December and I've booked for 8.15 to allow is time to get there after Dreams finishes.

    The buffet in Newport Bay also gets decent reviews as does the Park Side Diner buffet in Hotel New York, although it sounds like that one has a smaller selection of food.

    There's also Annette's Diner in the village which has a US diner theme and is quite popular and not as expensive as some of the other restaurants. You can't book ahead though so it will probably be busy after the parks close.

    Earl of Sandwich in the village is very popular too but not so ideal if you're looking for a proper dinner.

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