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Help with a few details please :D

Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by lwilkison, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. lwilkison

    lwilkison Mouseketeer

    Aug 24, 2010
    Hello DISboards! :wave2:

    We are down to our "leaving on Friday" countdown.:cheer2:

    I think we are ready but a few things are concerning me and I am hoping after reading previous posts on the boards that someone can offer a nugget or two of wisdom...:thumbsup2

    I am traveling with my DH, DD (4 yrs old), BIL, and our DN (she is turning 12 while @ the parks) and myself. (3 adults 2 children)

    I am wondering about CL...in particular what rides will be spectacular for my DD. She likes GGC in DLR so I am pretty sure she will like RSR. She is 103 cm tall (40.6 inches).

    We are there from October 6 to October 13, 2012.

    We have Ariel's on Monday morning for the birthday niece and my DD. WOC for the Tuesday evening.

    We are staying @ Hojo.

    What would you do for RSR? Get to DCA first thing in the morning, use the "stay right" as mentioned by ppl who have done it and get DH to run for fastpasses while we wait in line? My concern comes when/if DD sees the ride and doesn't want to ride the first time...can I do the rider switch if I get to the front of the ride and DD doesn't want to ride? Let my BIL ride with niece?

    We have 6 day park hoppers...got them JUST before they were "outlawed" lol:stir:

    Thank you everyone:goodvibes:hyper::worship:

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