Help this spazy mom with a couple kid questions

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by brookepi, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. brookepi

    brookepi Earning My Ears

    Aug 11, 2011
    I have a couple kid related questions I hope you fine folks can help me out with. We are leaving for our 7 day cruise in less then a month. Whoo hoo!

    1. We are flying with a 3 year old and a 1 year old. The 3 year old will do great on the plane. But I am starting to freak out about the 1 year old. I had thought my older son was active but he has nothing on his sister. She doesn't like to be held because she is ALWAYS moving and climbing. She isn't very interested in anything on a screen (like sesame street or ipad apps) and she won't sleep in your arms. She likes to eat but I probably can't stretch that out over our 2 1/2 hour flight. Any tips for experienced fliers with such children?

    2. I am planning on taking our 3 year old with me on the San Juan Rainforest Hike. But being a 3 year old boy he still likes to find the most inopportune times to tell me he has to go potty. I plan on making him go potty where ever we see one on the excursion but I am assuming that "watering the flowers" is highly discouraged in the national park:headache::rolleyes1. For anyone who has done this excursion is there some place during the 3 hour hike to hit the restroom?
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  3. Weedy

    Weedy DIS Veteran

    Jun 2, 2008
  4. emtmom0104

    emtmom0104 DIS Veteran

    Feb 14, 2010
    Ok as far as keeping the little ones's what I did. My kids are just a little bit older but it as our first flight. I asked for a window seat for them, the least they could do was climb around in the seat and watch the clouds. See what animals or objects are in the clouds...make a game of it. I also went to the store and bought a few new, smaller toys or games for them, small stuff I packed in my carryon, I brought their ds's and any other hand held games I could find. They also brought movies on my iPad....I think the longest part of the flight was waiting for takeoff.
  5. brookepi

    brookepi Earning My Ears

    Aug 11, 2011
    Unfortunately I made the plane reservations back when southwest first released them (and she wasn't walking yet) and thought she would be ok on my lap. So now I am stuck with her on my lap.

    But with it being on Southwest I am hoping to snag a seat near the window for her and her brother to share once we take off.
  6. caitlinS9

    caitlinS9 Earning My Ears

    Jan 2, 2013
    Here's my flying tips ...
    1) since you're flying southwest, they will let your lap child have his/her own seat if they have at least 5 empty seats on the plane. We would gate check our carseat & that way could use it if there was room on the plane. I prefer my children under the age of 4 to be restrained in a car seat because they don't mind it & it means i'm not chasing them all over the aircraft! (note to use the car seat on the plane it has to be in the window seat, so if you are using 2 car seats you will need 2 adults & will have to split up).
    2) we do nine million snacks throughout a 2+ hour flight. I bring some & the flight attendants are more than willing to provide as much as you need.
    3) Southwest has cups with lids & straws.
    4) I have spent most of a flight back in the galley/bathroom section bouncing a screaming child & the flight attendants haven't been bothered one bit. Some have even tried to help.
    5) Bring dum dum lollipops -- great for takeoff/landing (and anytime in between) for ears
    6) I find that the snacks & dvd/ipad keeps them entertained. I try to avoid things that might be projected 10 seats up (yes, i have *that* kid).
    7) RELAX. You honestly can't hear more than 3 rows in either direction (i've tested this) and as long as you're trying most people are understanding. And after the 2 1/2 hour flight, they won't see you again!
  7. SnipsNSnails

    SnipsNSnails DIS Veteran

    Jan 22, 2011
    We have flown a lot with our kids over the years. They are 3 & 6 now. My ILs live in AZ so we go out once or twice a year and it's a long flight from MI or IN 3-4 hours. Our bag of tricks include lots of snacks, portable DVD player(s), Nook Tablet, books we can read to them, coloring books, small toys that don't make noise. I'm still nervous before we fly but usually the kids do great no matter how old they've been. We always flew with them on our lap under 2. They always liked to look at the magazines in the seat pocket too. You probably won't get a restful flight or be able to do much that you want to do like read etc because you will be entertaining them. 2.5 hours shouldn't be too bad for you. I would suggest seats to the inside by the window as they like to look out.
  8. lorenni

    lorenni DIS Veteran

    Aug 27, 2012
    I fly solo with our kiddo all the time on Southwest.

    1. You'll board right after the A's so you'll be able to sit together anywhere in the back half of the plan which should still be wide open. I typically move to the back and grab a window.

    2. I pack the following in the diaper bag: snacks, snacks, drinks, more snacks, cars, plastic animals, a blanket, 5 of his current favorite books. I am certain that the folks around me would rather hear wheels on the bus 1,753 times than listen to the alternative.

    3. iPad helps for us so that comes for longer flights. We have Bluetooth headphones - my 16 month old wont wear them yet but your 3 yr old probably would.

    4. Since the baby is in your lap, be sure to bring proof of age.

    You'll be fine!
  9. tgch123

    tgch123 Mouseketeer

    Feb 25, 2009
    I bring clorox wipes to wipe down the seat area, I know I'm a germaphobe! lol:rolleyes1
  10. 4redheads

    4redheads Earning My Ears

    May 22, 2012
    I had a sit n stand stroller. It let my toddler wiggle but he was still trapped. Also I had two preschoolers who had handles on the sides that they hooked their hands into. The sit n stand folded up enough to go on the plane with me. We took lots of training walks to get them used to the fact that they were locked to the buggy. It was better they learned before we were at the airport. I guess time erases how long it took, but there were a few meltdowns until they can to accept the stroller rules. But I didn't feel so bad since they could wiggle and jump all they wanted. I know I couldn't sit in a stroller for an hour. If your son is in daycare then he might already be trained on a rope. Best wishes.
  11. jbuckent

    jbuckent DIS Veteran

    Nov 8, 2006
    It was 8 years ago when I traveled with a 1 year old, but we remember afterwards telling our friends to bring lots of cookies. LOL Those hard cookies like arrowroot or whatever they are called, messy but last a long time. Books were good. How old is the 1 year old? LOL Early 1 or later 1? Would she be able to do beading on a pipe cleaner with Cheerie-os or fruit loops? It doubles as another snack. Ear plugs if there is someone fortunate enough to sit next to you. Sippy cup. Color crayons.
  12. vcunning

    vcunning Mouseketeer

    Mar 9, 2001
    Snacks and Drinks during takeoff and landing will help relieve any pressure in the ear.
  13. TinkerBelle920

    TinkerBelle920 DIS Veteran

    Dec 30, 2008
    We've flown with out son who is very active as a lap infant serveral times. I bring a bag full of tricks as I call it. If you have a prtable DVD player or Ipad bring that. If not I bring window clings because they stick to the window and the tray tables. I also bring a coloring book and stickers and just let him put the stickers in the book. I also get food in the airport and wait to eat until we board that occupies about 30 mins. Also bring a lot of snacks. I know I'll be judged for this but in a pinch if they get really fussy I have a lollipop on hand.
  14. brookepi

    brookepi Earning My Ears

    Aug 11, 2011
    Thanks for all the great tips and words of encouragement! My DH words of advice...bring ear plugs and cash to buy the people around us drinks in case things get out of control. :rotfl: (not a bad idea though).

    So has anyone done the rainforest hike and can offer some info on the restroom situation during that excursion?
  15. kcashner

    kcashner DIS Veteran

    Dec 4, 2003
    If there are seats available, buy the kid a seat. It amazes me that a parent who would never think of driving with a child not secured in a car seat will do it on the plane because the airline says it is ok. The kid is used to being strapped into the car seat and will generally behave better there...and he/she is confined, so can't create too much disturbance other than sound. In addition, in the event of an actual emergency, your child will be much safer in the car seat than in your arms.

    Yes, if there are enough unsold seats, SW will give you a seat where you can place the child and the car seat, but you sure can't count on this happening.

    If you do your on line check in early enough to get an A group boarding, you can board based on the numbers and sit anywhere you wish. If you don't get that group, you'll be allowed to board between groups A and B. Sometimes they enforce the seating in the back 1/2 of the plane at this point, other times not.
  16. lindylou2_2002

    lindylou2_2002 Mouseketeer

    Apr 18, 2004
    Kids suprise you sometimes, they are more wriggliy if they are on your lap as they get hot and so do you.

    2 hours isnt a long flight, get a little bag packed for stuff for the plane. You wont be able to take seatbelt off until you are up in the air so that takes car of about 20 minutes at the beginning and 20 minutes towards the end same again so you wont have that long to occupy them.

    I took my daughter at 18 months from the uk to florida no problem at all but wouldnt have wanted her on my lap for 9 hours book a seat if there is one available
  17. gel_erp

    gel_erp Earning My Ears

    Nov 18, 2010
    I travel with my two children by myself a lot. My DD 5 has always been a lot of work. She has only ever slept on the flights that I had her car seat with me Between the ages of 2 and 3. It was a pain to carry it on since I was by myself but well worth the effort! On all of our flights there has only ever been 1 person who was a jerk. Other than food, toys and videos there is not much you can do. I did spend 20 minutes watching for Peter Pan out the window once. Poor DD she never was quick enough to see him but Mommy definitely did. Cruel. Maybe, but 20 minutes is 20 minutes. I'm sure the time will go by quicker than you think. You could bring your DS car seat on board and after take off switch the children. Your 1 hear old would most likely sleep but you would have a 3year old on your lap.
    I once ended a flight with her shirtless and laying on the floor eating dirty Cheerios. I've never been as uptight since! We always make it through and I keep going travelling alone with them so it is definitely worth the effort. I fly to Orlando in February and my son will be 25months. I am planning on bringing the car seat ( I have the wheel attachment to use it as a stroller in the airport) and I will check the stroller as I will be without DH again.

    You will be fine. Have a great trip.
  18. stacecakes

    stacecakes loves acquiring info as much as fastpasses!

    Dec 3, 2012
    here are thoughts from my own experiences ( and web searches). I have a 4 1/2 yo dd and a 2 yo dd and have done many flights witrh them, both solo and with DH:
    1) if you can afford another seat, buy one- since it's southwest, seats aren't assigned anyway so you can decide to do it at any time.
    2)ergo carrier: I carry my daughter often in this carrier so she's used to it restraining her. Helped me "hold her" hands free and she was comfortable enough in it to fall asleep during the flight. You are not supposed to have the lap baby in it during take off and landing but that wasn't an issue for me since I was pushing food/ sippy at that time to help little ear adjust.
    3) on ear adjustment:sucking, chewing, swallowing, etc help. give a snack that takes a little work- my older DD likes the little applesauce packets that you can suck out of the top (kinda like the new baby foods). Or a sippy cup with the little regulator valve, or a lollipop (if you're Ok with being sticky). Plan on enough for takeoff AND landing- for many kids landing is tougher.
    4) amusement: color wonder markers are great because they wo't wreck the plane. It may sound a little OCD of me, but I actually use yarn and tape to put a leash on the markers so that when they fall off the tray DD can pull and retrieve them herself- I tie the other end oft he string to the zipper of her pencil case. We've lost a few to rolling in landing, never to be seen again.
    5) more amusement- blue painter's tape or post it notes. Won't set permanently or leave residue on the plane but can provide entertainment- stick to baby's nose. She'll pull it off, now stuck to fingers, then tray, etc. Post its can be colored on by big kids before being stuck.
    6) more amusements: take the time to wrap any toys or snacks you bring in some tissue paper ( no need to tape or be especially neat about it) but getting to open "presents" is an adventure on its own, and make tshe pack of fruit snacks inside that much more fun... can make a mess but it's a tradeoff.
    7) food as amusement- stringing cheerios or froot loops on red licorice laces is fun and a snack. pretzel sticks and mini marsmallows do an impressive job of simulating tinkertoys (learned that as a chemistry teacher building molecular models) Also the munchkin brand snack cups where they have to get food out past the flaps in the lid tends to draw out snacktime.

    8) Remember that while your baby's fussing/ crying is heartbreakingly loud to you, it doesn't elicit the same gut-deep reaction from others. They may be a little disturbed etc but don't let your fear of their being upset make you more stressed- it just makes everything harder.
    9) the inflight team is usually pretty accomodating if you need to stand back there with a little one, just try to exhaust your other options while they're busy pouring drinks and snacks for beverage service. I've had stewardesses who opened and closed a bunch of those little doors which fascinated DD2 for a good half hour. Note- you can't "hang out" in the area near the front as a post 9/11 safety thing.
    9) reminder:Southwest does open plan seating. Unless the one next to you was the LAST available seat on the plane, they were able to survey the scene and choose to sit where they did. i usually choose to sit a couple rows deep into the empty seats at the back when I board to provide a buffer space. If someone sits right next to me that's their choice. Most flights are close to full but I feel like there's fewer likelihood of dark looks in my direction this way- people wou would be more likely to be upset don't sit there.

    10) kicking the seat- my older girl was a seat kicker- she did it less if I took off her shoes and she felt each kick in her own toes as well. Ouchie...
    I've never had anyone give me a hard time, even the one trip where DD1 projectile vomited during takeoff and twice more before passing out midflight on our way home from WDW. I have never been happier to see my clothes-filled suitcases roll off the belt.

    that's my buck fifty of opinion there. Hope some of it helps.
  19. brookepi

    brookepi Earning My Ears

    Aug 11, 2011

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Some of your ideas are pure genius...painter's tape! markers with attached to strings....excellent! On the final countdown so I wanted to make sure I took notes on your ideas :scratchin:scratchin:goodvibes

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