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Help Continental

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by salbythec, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. salbythec

    salbythec Mouseketeer

    I noticed that my flight price dropped and called to see if I could get a voucher. They said no problem and issued one for 60.00. When I checked my email today, the reissued our tickets with a new date. So now we have to pay the first bag fee, both legs for 2 bags. So the vouchers are eaten up by the baggage fees! I wasn't told that the tickets were being reissued. I called this morning and they said there wasnt anything they could do. Does anyone have any advice??? :confused3
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  3. snarlingcoyote

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    I hate to tell you this, but you're just going to have to pay the fee if you check your bag. You asked them to re-issue your ticket, so the ticket is now officially issued after 10/6/08. :confused3 You have to pay the fee. It's $15 a bag.

    The only way I know to get around this without being an Elite (FF status) is to have a Continental Airlines Credit or Debit card. If you hold this card, you get your first bag checked free. (Second bag is still $25.)

    Here's Continental's web page explaining the fee structure and exemptions.

    Continental Checked Bag Fees
  4. CarolA

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    Nope, this is the risk you took on the voucher. It is a re-ticket which makes you subject to the new terms and conditions!

    However, the fee is ONE fee regardless of how many "legs". So if CO is $15 then you pay $15 regardless of how many times you change planes to MCO and $15 coming back.
  5. salbythec

    salbythec Mouseketeer

    Thanks for the replies. Well lesson learned, it would have been nice if they told me.

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