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HELP! Art Ltl. Mermaid not avail!!!!!

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by klsurfer76, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. klsurfer76

    klsurfer76 New Member

    Art of Animation Little Mermaid room is not avail. for my dates in May this year 2013! There is avail. one day later and one day earlier for arrival but not on my date! Cast Member said to call back for cancellations. What is the REAL probablility of that happening? Should I just book the one day later, Tuesday, rather than the Monday that I wanted just to get me in at least for most of the days and figure the Monday out later? This way I'll at least have those as apposed to no days at Art? My dates aren't really flexible. If I couldnt get Monday at Art, then if worst came to worse, I could book Pop, Music, Sports, for that day and then transfer. What would you do?
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  3. HM

    HM <font color=red>A tag from the TF is better than a

    I've heard people reserve more days than they want when this happens. Then they call back in a few days and delete the days that they won't be there from the reservation.
  4. klsurfer76

    klsurfer76 New Member

    Thanks for the info HM. But I asked the CM at booking and they said that is costs 50-200 dollars to remove or cancel days from your trip or canceling stuff depending on how many days in advance you cancel. That isn't something I'd like to pay.
  5. kaytieeldr

    kaytieeldr Reserving the right to make jokes out of typos - b

    You can change a package at no penalty until 45 days before arrival. You can change a room-only reservation at no penalty up to five days before arrival with no penalty.

    Book the Sunday arrival. Call back in a day or two and make the change you need.
  6. DevonsDisneyMom

    DevonsDisneyMom New Member

    What if you booked the Monday night that you were planning on arriving at POP, then walking over to AoA and check in there for the remainder of the stay?

    Once you book the pop room, just keep calling Disney every day till you go to see if a LM room opened up for that one night.
  7. Steph2527

    Steph2527 New Member

    We are going for a short trip April 10th-13th to look at wedding venues, and were going to stay at POP with the Spring discount, b/c rack rate wasnt available to AOA (LM), and I checked again today, and AOA was available, and i booked immediately!! I'm a little nervous with the distance to everything else, but we walked over to AOA in January when we stayed at POP, and fell in love with AOA, its beautiful! Don't give up, keep trying!
  8. lurkernj

    lurkernj New Member

    Yes, keep checking. I booked this week for April, last week it wasn't available, then it was, then it wasn't, then it was and I booked it. My 45 days is this weekend, so I'm guessing people who are uncertain, wait til this point and cancel before the penalty kicks in.
  9. klsurfer76

    klsurfer76 New Member

    Thanks everyone! I ended up able to find a LM at AoA for the Tues. through the Fri. that we want to leave. I'll just have to book our Mon. (first day) at one of the other Value resorts and transfer over. Of course, I will keep trying to get that Mon. at AoA night if something opens up. Thanks for the encouragement and the info from everyone!
  10. jlk806

    jlk806 DanceDisneyGirl

    Often it does. Definitely book POP, since you can just walk over the bridge if you have to switch. I was waitlisted for my first night (wilderness lodge villas) this coming August and a week later someone must have cancelled and I got it. (Only DVC does waitlists though, not Disney Reservations). People cancel stuff all the time!
  11. klsurfer76

    klsurfer76 New Member

    Oh man... this looks like it might be harder than I thought. I really hope I can find an opening for my Monday at AoA! I just realized our next day, Tuesday, starts the day of our package with our tickets for the parks. (no parks on Monday... just arrive and sight see) I like to get to the hotels' first bus in the morning to take us to the park and be there for rope drop. Now, it looks like i'll have to wake up even earlier to run over to AoA and check in there to get our tix? Can I check in at 6:00am? Can I leave our bags there till our room is ready? We don't plan on coming back till about 3pm.
  12. klsurfer76

    klsurfer76 New Member

    I wish there was a "like" button! I would "like" all your comments. Thanks!
  13. dansdad

    dansdad New Member



    Just to throw this out there, you can pick up the tickets portion of your package up to 3 days early. The below is from the "Everything About WDW Tickets" Sticky located here.


    Picking up Package Tickets Prior To Start Of Package

    In cases where Walt Disney World Resort Guests would like to begin using their Package Tickets prior to the day of check-in (up to three days in advance), the Guests will be directed to visit any Theme Park or DTD Guest Relations location and request Early Ticket Pick-Up. (Note this cannot be done at a water park.)

    It is only valid for people with packages at a Walt Disney World owned and operated Resort. You can be staying off-property at the time you pick up the tickets. Note that if you have a package which includes Dining, although you can pick up your tickets early you cannot get access to the Dining until you have actually checked in to your Resort.

    Note that since August 2011 the Call Centers have been telling Guests this cannot be done. However it is still a valid procedure and can be done with no problem at Park Guest Relations Windows.

    There is a possibility that if your package and the stay prior to the package are at the same Resort that you will be able to get the tickets at the Resort and not have to go to a Park Guest Relations Office.

    And the tickets issued will be valid for the entire stay; they will not receive valid tickets when they actually check-in to their resort. There is a strong possibility that the tickets you have received prior to check-in cannot be added to your KTTW on or after check-in.

    I would suggest you copy down the following information if you are planning to upgrade promotional tickets. If the person in the window is hesitant to upgrade these promotional tickets, ask them go go into The Hub >> WDW >> Work >> Ticketing >> Processes & Business Rules >> Early Ticket Pickup For Resort Packages where they will see the procedure.
  14. klsurfer76

    klsurfer76 New Member

    Oh thank you dansdad!!! That info helps me out a lot. Okay, now I'm going back to that it won't be that bad if I don't get The Monday AoA room I wanted. It would be easy to pick up my tix a day ahead of time.
  15. klsurfer76

    klsurfer76 New Member

    Guess what everybody? I room opened up and I got our first day at AoA! Pheww!!! Does anyone know if I'll be able to get the same room for both reservations if I call and ask? It would stink to have to transfer rooms but I'll take it instead of transfering hotels. If we do have two dif rooms, I'm wondering how that will work. We wont have a car and we'll be heading to the park for rope drop and back to the hotel by 3ish for a break. In the morning before we get on the bus, would we be able to check out and leave the bags with the front desk until we get back and check in to our new room for the second part of our stay and get our bags then, or they might bring them up to the room?
  16. stargazertechie

    stargazertechie Toy Story Midway Maniac

    Yes to all of the above.

    If you don't need your dining until Tuesday afternoon, pick your tickets up early at guest relations, let the resort handle your baggage transfer, and check in at AOA at 3PM.

    Definitely book at Pop- and walk over to AOA in the morning.
  17. klsurfer76

    klsurfer76 New Member

    Got it all taken care of. Disney said they linked my two reservations and they said there is a 95% chance we'll be able to stay in the same room.

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