Have you EVER noticed at WDW (Part V)....

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    Magic Kingdom
    Tony's Town Square Restaurant
    The ‘Tony’ of Tony’s Town Square Restaurant show façade was influenced by the Hotel Saratoga in New York. Tony is the Italian chef who serves spaghetti to the title characters in the film Lady and the Tramp.


    A monument to the love of the title characters of Lady and the Tramp is carved into the pavement in front of Tony’s Town Square Restaurant.


    Living with the Land
    Mail box address of farm house is 'B. Jones 82' - Park opened in 1982


    Magic Kingdom
    Minnie's Country House
    'Twolips' plant (aka Tulips plant)

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    No, I never noticed! Thanks for the post.
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    Ya know, with all the special details at Disney, this could end up bein' a daily post...for years. :goodvibes

    Thanks for postin' these cool pics. :thumbsup2
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